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  1. Guess you not a commited gamer. Only the strong will survive and the weak will uninstall.
  2. Anything I can get plat from is a good enough reward for me. Guess that makes me a simple man.
  3. Plus I was well aware of what you meant. Absurd means ridiculous or laughable.
  4. I don't see how using the same password for everything is a mistake. Just dumb to make a new password for everything. Maybe if you're a streamer or a FBI agent I can understand, some one of importance. But what I meant by your logic is absurd is that everyone shouldn't have to have seperate passwords for everything and it shouldn't be frowned upon. I don't hate this system, in fact i welcome it. If someone wanted to get into my account they would get into it with the 2 step verfication code or not. I know I don't and probably never will. And by differnet account I'm assuming different platforms? Different games. Pretty sure DE doesn't allow people to have more than one warframe account without permission.
  5. Domztheone1


    With all the new additions, including the color combinations and UI upgrades I must be honest. I think I'm strating to develop epilepsy. My brain can't handle all this eye candy. Its an eye candy overload. All jokes aside though I loving the new visual upgrades, just have to turn the brightness down a little bit, and the contrast.
  6. Eh, i think he over exaggerating or he is the one not pulling his weight, I always hope into abritation with randos and we get pretty far, on average at least 5 rewards given. Usually people have to leave cause they can't sit in the game mode for 60 mins or 90, not because its too hard. Or maybe I'm just at the point where I can solo it and don't realize how hard it really is.
  7. Lol what? That logic is absurd.
  8. Her motes are the only good thing she has. I don't see the problem.
  9. You must be extremely unlucky. I always get great teammates who can hold down an objective on their own. And the rewards aren't all that bad. I'm just curious to know what you would consider a good reward for abritations.
  10. Eh weapon, the alt fire is just what? I get you suppose to use the primary and then the alt, but I don't get "get" this weapon at all. People claim that its for future melee updates to where you can dual wield the secondary with the melee weapon much like that ovius, but even then it doesn't really do what its intended to. Why is the mag capacity so low. Why is the reload so slow if the mag capacity is so low, and even with the homing missile addition it still misses its target about 40% of the time. The self damage is just ugh. Yet I still forma it because I believe that it can be good, maybe. I'm 3 forma deep now. Still not killing max lvl enemies as fast as I would like with as little amount of clips as I would like despite my struggles. maybe someone can help me out. At 4 forma it does pretty good damage to all units, even the nox once you pop the helmet with alt fire, but the mag clip and firing mechanism is just bad in my opinion. I guess it has good synergy with Wisp 1, the reload speed is increased, but so does every other weapon. The zakati is a better option if you want armor striping gas or shield destroying gas, or gas gas. Its a cool weapon dont get me wrong but eh. Just eh. Would definitely take main this weapon if I can dual wield it with a dagger, for appearence of course. The ultimate end game.
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