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  1. So since they were announced I ran around the map with Helios and Thief's Wit, searched all the caves - to no avail. Has anybody had any luck finding those? Are they outside, in the caves, Corpus facilities?
  2. Not OP, but I have some screenshots - unfortunately, without map locations. I will run through the caves again and update the album with locations. https://imgur.com/a/noRv18y There's one more fragment in the Ustara Crater that my Helios scanned, but I wasn't able to find the debt-bond itself. Two more are in the caves north and east of Orokin Dig Site. Note that the fragment names listed weren't the ones unlocked - it just unlocked the number of fragments I collected starting from 1. For example, you can see I got Ticker's 4 and 5th fragments, but 1 and 2 unlocked instead.
  3. Found several fragments by running around caves and two were outside, one in Ustara Crater and one in Orokin Dig Site. However for some reason I received not the fragments I got prompted, but the amount of fragments per each character starting from 1. Found 3,4 and 5 for Biz, got 1,2 and 3 instead. Weird. Here's where I've found the fragments, marked on the map in turquoise: http://imgur.com/wxMRcsL
  4. Well that's interesting. Amazing how the mistake had it sent to everyone. Imagine this happening on PC- man, the outrage and the time the script would have taken... Good thing they noticed. However, the mentality of "Taking away free-given shinies is bad customer service" is understandable - who wouldn't like an exclusive badge for free? It's surely upsetting, but there's the thing. The commonly proposed solution, "leave it for all and give raid veterans something else", would cause more issues than it may solve. There's the entirety of PC community that will get very upset over not getting that "something else". The devs reasonably would never risk such an escalation. However there still is a way to handle this in a way to not leave people bitter. Just release a little alert with a catalyst\reactor\forma as an apology, and those mourning their loss will at least have something in return.
  5. Merry Tennobaum everyone! My wish is... For you to have a good day :) If anyone feels generous though, any gift would be like a Christmas miracle to me, really. It's so wonderful that such an event exists, spreading mutual kindness and making people smile. My wishlist is whatever anyone feels like gifting, but the following items would be most desired: -Ship decorations, especially Argon and Orokin cells- both separate and packed, and Noggles, because gosh they're adorable <3 Thank you, @Arachnid-Scorpiones, for the Polymer Bundle- a good reminder that I need to farm these :D Hope you like your little gift! -Artisan decorations- if only they could be bought separately, would've turned my ship into little Cetus in a heartbeat. -Twilight color pallete, its colors are amazing, Thank you s o much @CephalonShy for the Christmas miracle of a gift! Hope you enjoy yours <3 -Provvok shoulder armor, because who wouldn't want to have a free Cleaver badass trophy worn like that? -Syrinx armor, it's the coolest looking armor so far. -Kavat/Kubrow Kuva Armor- my poor Kavats freeze without armor, especially on Europa. Poor little pudgefaced earless kitties -Manduka/Vahd armor sets- the little edgelord Kiddo needs some fancy. (I've no hopes for anybody being so generous, but one can dream, right?) -Irkalla/Pneuma Skin Bundle, or anything else from my in-game wishlist. IGN is TheDarkness506, on PC. Happy farming to all!
  6. Sigh, so our special reward is Primed Disappointment it seems. It's so disappointing that it's an unranked x10 mod.
  7. I usually dislike missions with tons of Nullifiers and such, but I have to admit this time it was somewhat unusually fun. It's fascinating how feedback is either "this is frustrating and outright unfun" or "This was a breath of fresh air and an exciting challenge". Since the alerts were technically the same for everyone, this shows the vast difference between "right" and "wrong" loadouts and tactics. When I went in with an ability spam-oriented build, I was screwed the second I got a magnetic proc. But when I picked Frost, took a good weapon and was lucky to have a nice team, even when Darvo was nearly dead, we still managed to survive. But when it was a bunch of MK1-Excaliburs (basically newbies), we failed instantly. Since I wasn't doing it solo, my tactic is not the key to winning. I put slowing Globes in the middle and where the enemies go/wherever Darvo is, killed every Nullifier as soon as their bubbles appeared, marked Hyenas. The easiest run so far was with a Nova and Ash. Slova basically does Frost's job, and both are not reliant on constantly having energy. That's the thing with Warframe: the success rate skyrockets as soon as you have the right loadout, not even talking about "cheese tactics".
  8. Interesting. But if the error returns, the support may actually help, just in case.
  9. 32 bit. That's what was most reported. I'm unfamiliar with win10, so I suggest actually try to get help from Support.
  10. Oh boy, someone else has this issue! Are you using Windows XP or/and x32 system? If so (and especially on XP), no matter which settings or specs you have, you won't be able to play the game properly. Here is a very detailed and dedicated investigation on this that is for some reason neglected. If you're on XP, upgrades won't help you, support won't help you. I finally got into a Relay only after upgrading to Windows 7 x64.
  11. Because it was just like old Spy: Get here, press x, extract. The aim is to make missions more interesting, but usually before removal a rework followed. It seems that the compression of the Starchart pushed them to remove this gamemode. Shame I didn't hunt Kurias before. I want that fancy Statuette on my Liset, but this would probably take a while to fix.
  12. With the removal of Deception gamemode several tiles became unaccessable. It wouldn't be a problem if Kurias haven't been in some of them. More specifically, kurias 1-3, 1-4 (Corpus Gas City deception) and 3-4(Grineer Galleon) are currently unaccessable. Please, take a look at this issue and inform us if Kurias are moved somewhere else.
  13. I know nobody reads this page, but still. With the removal of Deception gamemode several tiles became unaccessable. It wouldn't be a problem if Kurias haven't been in some of them. More specifically, kurias 1-3, 1-4 (Corpus Gas City deception) and 3-4(Grineer Galleon) are currently unaccessable. Please, take a look at this issue and inform us if Kurias are moved somewhere else.
  14. Nobody knows what to do with the connectivity issues besides waiting, but you should write a ticket to the Support to resolve such resets.
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