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  1. Having the exact same issue on PS4 except I have 2 of this exact same challenge type at the same time. They both keep resetting after about 100 enemies on excavation, survival or defense....
  2. Sorry it took so long to respond but as a whole our founders decided to start our own alliance. working on logos and setting everything up took more time than expected. Thank you for replying and I do hope you succeed with your current venture. I really appreciate the response and hope we get a group such as yours to be part of our team. Again thank you for your time and consideration
  3. Hello everyone, the clan I belong to is shopping around to possibly change to a good active alliance. We are a PS4 mountain clan with all research, ignis wraith included (Well except for literally just a couple pigments.) that pride ourselves in being a good drama free environment for all members. We would like to join an alliance that shares this mentality. This isn't region chat 2.0. We have high expectations of everybody, but at the same time understand that sometimes things happen and do what's possible to make sure we all enjoy ourselves. We do have restrictions to members of our clan so we can can keep the bar at a certain level. We have a discord and have access to, and use a decent public Riven bot that is open to everyone worldwide. Plus if they want to know, we have no issue with sharing anything we know, or in case they want to research their rivens privately and don't want to constantly ask for price checks we can give them the discord bot info. It's also pretty accurate for console users but we still suggest to do some research as trade prices fluctuate and we never want to scalp ourselves or anyone else we try to advise. If you feel that your alliance might be a good fit for us please send me a PSN message with any info about your alliance structure, rules, active community etc and I will certainly try to get back with you in a timely manner. I'm sending as many messages as possible so I can get all available options. Thank you everyone and I hope we can be a part of your community.
  4. Hydron, then running bounties in Fortuna they seem to come whenever and are marked when they spawn. So far it's been on the outer edges of whatever area I'm at. And mission types have varied. I believe they are connected with the new nightwave broadcast. If you haven't seen it yet check it out. It's pretty insane where the Warframe lore is going.
  5. Just saw to zealots and nobody has any real info about them. They look kinda like red veil followers with something similar to the nightwave rewards operator outfit mask. They gave me nightwave standing after I killed them. Was not expecting them to spawn on hydron either.
  6. I just encountered two zealots on hydron. First time ever...they are kinda tanky for what I had equipped (battacor) and was not expecting to see them. Thought they were the last stragglers from the round until I saw what looked like 2 red veil followers from the chains of harrow quest
  7. Just crafted quatz and noticed that it will reload on its own before the magazine is empty. I made sure I wasn't pressing reload or pressing in thumb sticks and I noticed that after 12 rounds it reloaded in full auto then another time after 8 rounds (2 shots in semi auto). This will happen consistently too and seems random so unfortunately i can't say it happens at after performing something specific. I haven't seen anything online or in forums so it might need to be looked into.. I sent a ticket in just in case because I'm not sure if this is just a user forum or if developer techs use this also...
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