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  1. well, first dupes on credits and grand finale. must've found the box that was mischecked...
  2. Over an hour since the latest unlink\relink. No drop. Yeah, troubleshooting tree is growing back in your direction. Local network reset, viewing pc reset, viewing pc cache clear, two separate unlink and relink cycles. I don't think it's in my end
  3. OK, @[DE]Megan, unlinked and relinked. Again. See you in an hour or so. I don't even so much care about the drops. It's the delivery...
  4. additional confirmation on zero duplicates on ps4
  5. Current answer is: Maybe. got a relic from watching one stream for about an hour. fingers crossed.
  6. Lessee if a full local network reset does anything...
  7. Been watching since fortuna twitch promotion started, and have received only seven drops. Very inconsistently spaced as well. So what's up?
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