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  1. Problem solved by [DE]Jameson. Thank you for the help.
  2. I've created a request describing Zymos bug using Warframe Support in August 27 and did not get answer since then. Bug: I've crafted Zymos and it is completed but I can't pick it up. I'm constantly seeing active Ready to Claim icon. Screenshots: I know DE is super busy now, due to pandemic but I'm looking forward to see bug fixed. Cheers!
  3. Found a bug: Fortuna > Vehicle > Necramech > Upgrade > Mods > Necramech overlay mods UI https://ibb.co/QcDqzvj
  4. I've been farming Scintillant to craft Xaku for three days in a row. As of this moment I have 3/5. I enjoy farming/grinding as long as you know that you will get a reward eventually. Is it supposed to be that insane to get Scintillant? I feel that I no longer enjoy farming at Heart of Deimos. I feel that DE is forcing me to get Xaku with Plat even though I got all necessary resources except Scintillant. Such a disappointment.
  5. So, it's been third day playing Heart of Deimos and I got all resources to craft Xaku except Scintillant. Correct me if I'm wrong. All of these people running with Xaku bought 'them' using Plat? or I'm so unlucky that 3 days in a row playing Tier 1 missions with Scintillant as common, I got only 3/5. In fact, we would need more Scintillant to progress Entrati Syndicate. I'm afraid I will not be able to rank up Entrati. This made me thing DE wants me to spent Plat to get new Warframe rather than enjoy farming process. Such a disappointment.
  6. UPDATE: 2 hours, playing bounty with with [Scintillant] as common in the list, I got 1 dropped! This is last resource to complete my Xaku.
  7. I encounter an issue with [Scintillant] not being dropped. I played about 5-6 hours focusing only Tier 1 bounties (level 15-25) with [Scintillant] as common in the list. Could you please fix it so we could be able to craft Xaku? Thank you
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