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  1. Better than current one. I hope they take serious this suggestion.
  2. Hi, i have an idea for opening relics faster in endless relic missions, idea is relic opens when player completes 10 reactants without waiting finishing rotation, if there are more than 1 player, relic opens when all players completes reactants, if they won't, relic opens normally at rotation.
  3. İt seems like resource boosters does not working in railjack missions.
  4. Wukong's iron staff has same problem. Crimson Dervish, Swirling Tiger, Seismic Palm are bugged too
  5. Gunblade stances awful, very uncontrollable, i think you need overhaul again this stances.
  6. Kuva larvling spawning every mission and alarming enemies even after i created kuva lich. also no requiem relic from kuva missions.
  7. I did not like redemeer change. edit: forget it,my mistake.
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