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  1. Atlas prime metallics looks like plastic, they don't shine and they have not shadow.
  2. Ships and dojo metals not fixed properly, i think.
  3. Now everythins is shining but that is ok, also tennogen skin preview is still doesn't work.
  4. New rendering upgrade broke metallic surfaces, they are look like plastic now.
  5. Tweaked lighting/exposure in the Orbiter to alleviate reports of overly bright metal. The Orbiter will now appear close to what it was pre-Update 25.7.0. Not fixed.
  6. Same, I think some colors are bugged also melee secondary color bug not fixed.
  7. After Jovian Concord update, there is a bug with melee secondary energy color. You can't see secondary energy color in new melee VFX.
  8. Please DE slow down, fix bugs, new content can wait.
  9. K-Drive mastery point is still 3000, I did not get 6000 point.
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