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  1. This woyld be a small thing, but would make the creation of a lich more dynamic and natural. currently i go alone on saturn capture to get mines. If the player converts it, he gets the usual message while the other squadmates can get a message from lotus saying " this reading ... one of your tenno brethren is in grave danger!" or something similar ... or even the kuva "big mothers" taunting the player as usual, but to the squadmates saying " you better watch your friends back!" or " next time it will be you ... tenno"
  2. The tragedy of the inevitablity of fate ... condensed in 2 words. ... and an emoji ;-; u just don't get my shakespearian level prose. I'm still sad about it tho ... i got so hyped and stuff
  3. oof ... i am too busy with my own things, that require structural change and attention to detail that I can't do this as well in a reasonable time, or better I will eventually so it but in a very long time. In any case, one of the pvp and story co-op missions rooms i was meaning to create is a shifting room (like dishonored 2 mansion) Picture this: pvp= the room would change during a match, starting with nothing, then teleporting/sliding in from the wall an acid grineer tile (no roof) and then a lava vulcanic hazzard AND THEN near it a corpus platform with corpus u
  4. what ths hek ... my expertise is quite minimal, in comparison to required industry standard even borderline non-existant ... but wouldn't a quick and dirty inplementation of this be the following: Just take UVs of "mesh1" and move them to "mesh2" texture, already in memory 0_0 ?!? (just take bikini bottom, and put it somewhere else ) Now, this assumes that the UVs have same or similar unit_multiply of scale ... but still, even if they didn't, the player wouldn't notice even notice. No complex shader work, no new texture generation and de-compression on
  5. I was thinking about it, and it's attractive, but I ended up disagreeing. Having 3 types of damage ( ips ) has the ability to make weapons really feel unique. Both from a in-game world building perspective, as the stats themselves reflect how a weapon behaves and how it compares to others, AND for gameplay, as the effects of such a split actually translates in the enemy being afflicted by one specific element more than others. Problems tho are several: 1) Warframe is fast ... too fast for letting the player experience this system, and the player might b
  6. yo, guys... My idea for puncture rework was that puncture damage conpletely bypasses armor and shields. They would become suddently a completely new type of weapons, that incentivizes you to drop the usual corrosive element, as they can finally deal with armor in a different way. What do you think? Fart or Fartn't? Regarding impact ... I liked the idea of a status that increased the parazon chance, but it feels bad. Maybe, because it's still too RNG. A possible fix is to simply enable the parazon finisher while the target has the impact sta
  7. even me who likes them, it would be hard for me to believe that people exist out there, that were actually satisfied with what was delivered. The potential just isn't realized, regardless of what one could have gone in expecting. The hype-trailers cdrtaibly don't help ... and even when DE shows a gameplay Live at Devcon, it's a completely different product ... I would say that i hope DE doesn't do that in the future ... but really, what else is the marketing Team supposed to do xD?
  8. I don't wanna say " the famous last words" xD but I am truly hyped for the primary/melee changes. In the best of outcomes, it will result in the entire community having days and weeks of experimentarion and farming to figure out (hopefully) which of the new-found freedoms build-wise are more fun to use. And we have (debatably) actual new content to test it :D ... instead of the simulacrum. What's the word ... " carefull optimism" ? no ... "exited as HEK can be!", yeah that's it :3
  9. Thanks for linking that game! I really missed what happened in all these years xD in any case, that seems to be a stencil/projector, probably baked to texture when the round starts to save performance. DE clearly knows what they are doing and could figure it out ... only problem is the age old return on investment. The community seems to love Fashion so much ... but I never see this topic brought up. My vision of a truly jaw-dropping implementation, would be Warframe being capable to compute mix RGB operations between different shaders. This way, we cou
  10. And if we could hide Garuda's Talons that'd be fine too ... too much movement on the screen makes me dizzy >.<
  11. Basically, the mix and match of certain fashion is lessened or even ruined by meshes using different materials. Could DX12 give the possibility to add/mix shaders at runtime with near-instant loading and processing, and efficient memory management? Meaning ... what usually is used in Blender to add 2 shaders togheter ... only, done in realtime and feeding the result of that operation to the original mesh? Basically, the player can be given the option to make one shader prioritary, so it is applied to all elements on the Warframe. You can even sell specific sha
  12. I despise it ... please, even if the drawback is to make self-damage work as it did once xD ... even triggering at random I'll take it :D For real tho ... make the drawback an INSANE +Recoil funniest "stuff" I've NEVER seen, lol ty
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