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  1. I think i have already asked somehting similar for weapons in the arsenal ( each weapons having fire mode, elemental, ecc ) but i would appreciate if in the lich tab of the codex, you could write " kuva karak" and it shows all the lich-es that have that weapon. I'm using the codex to know beforehand if i want to convert the lich or not, by looking at the buff of the kuva weapon and see if it is higher. currently i can see the raw damage but not the percentage.
  2. How to Aquire the frame Seeing how many people disliked the grendel missions (i personally enjoyed them but i may have been carried a bit xD) i'm thinking on a quest that would fit in warframe's style of mission design but is still connected to some plot elements. Example: -Lived as an orokin -‎"killed" to build a Warframe -‎Used to win the old war -‎Rebels alongside other frames -‎Isolates herself because of guilt -‎Ends up in a settlement ( Earth ) that shelters her while the rebellion takes place, she does missions elsewhere with this settlement as a base of operations -‎Before falling in cryo sleep, she helps the settlement escape( The new trailer makes it look like cryosleep was sudden, it would be cool if she went to sleep "because" she had no more people to fight for). I think Earth would work as it could be with the help of the silver grove/ new loka syndicate that her presence is located, allowing the tennos to find the blueprint and parts. [in my head, there is already a moment where vey hek comes up all angry you are on earth again going "Tenno, this is my air as well, stop at once!"] ... in any case ... Map: It can't be too big or complicated, must mirror Warframe's mission design. It would be a nice opportunity to make a proper village/settlement along the lines of palladino and clem's place, but used to actually play the game and fight. This map would be the settlement where she stayed (Landing and 2 missions), the cave where she went to sleep(3rd mission), and the tunnel where the settelers escaped(Extraction). A cool additon would be in the settlement, small pieces of lore are present and souls of settellers are floating around, phasing in and out, created by the pure intensity of the bond of gratitude and affection the Warframe and settelers felt for one another, maybe she dreams of those days during cryo sleep and dreams manifest in shadow-y/liquid-like shapes. The methods of course vary depending on how grindy you want to make it, but i think plat should be spent by players on cosmetics, formas and potatoes to max her, while letting them enjoy the quest, not pushing them buy the frame and skip it. In addition, i know that making maps is hard, so i will suggest another way of doing it that uses already present tilesets. After all, it is just one map that hardly can be used for anything else, maybe Sanctuary onslaught. Finally, to avoid the usual problem of having to go in and out of missions, wait for loading screen or hope you don't get the 5th neuroptics in a row, you will have the opportunity to ger all 3 parts without leaving. Let's begin. Enemies: All will be standard grineer enemies but will take the form of shadows (red/dark colored to distinguish them from settelers) created by Vivian's dream/memories. (1) Neuroptics Mission - Demolition This mirrors the chaos of the day the settelers were attacked and forced to escape. Around the settlement consoles are spawned as usual and disruption plays out for 4 waves. (2) Chassis Mission - ViP defense Closer to the cave entrance (still closed shut) a standard defense with vip target, will play out for 10 minutes, vip being a settler's memory. (3) Systems Mission - Survival Inside the cave, this mirrors the last stand she put up to give time everyone to escape. It plays as a standard survival mission, taking 15 minutes. Setting it inside a cave makes it claustrophobic, with enemies coming from all sides After completing each challenge, a puddle of water will appear and interacting with it will drop the respecting part's blueprint. The other alternative, if the settlement can't be made to work with the missions, simply is that the settlement is connected to 3 earth tiles, generated as usual that will let people do those missions. In any case you are locked into that tileset until you complete it. At the end the tunnel leading to extraction clears and you can extract. The blueprint can be given at extraction, meaning that during the mission (story-wise) you did not retrive the parts but the she gave you her blueprints, as she both wants to fight (via you crafting frames on her image) but is unable/unwilling to wake up and prefers dreaming with the people she couldn't save. (i know too litle of WF lore tho, and what i know is confused, this is what I would do). [Alternatively the tunnel clears and the puddle with the systems is on the extraction platform, meaning she was destroyed there (although how did the other parts go outside of the cave and what powers the shadows if she is dead? not ideal, would require something similar to silver grove, maybe the individual parts still live or are reactivated and want to be put back togheter to fight once again.)] Cool would be that randomly or in key locations, puddles are spawned for a brief moment and if interacted with, an orb from her 3rd ability spawns to give the tennos a bit of help and a preview of her ability. Warframe is getting a lot of dynamicly rendered effects, so i would hope making these enemies is as simple as adding a effect pass and some particles specific to them., but it's never that easy xD ... usually. Just some ideas, stat-wise she would be similar to mirage, can't say right now, i'm sorry for mistakes while writing.
  3. Doraz_

    Grendel Feedback

    It felt lower than doing direct damage by going against enemies or jumping with them in your gut instead. Plus you can vomit them all and (i think) cause a toxin prox on enemies you didn't eat that are in fron of you. But you are right, i've seen how powerful you can make meatball from other builds. Maybe i'll keep a range build, but i would work (as manage energy and eat and store enemies) for something i don't like using xD Plus, with kuva liches, i just didn't have the time to play anything that wasn't over level 80, so the issues of 1)being forced to make it into an efficiency monster to make meatball scale well with enemies and 2)meatball simplistic controls were a bit annoying.
  4. AH ... or even better!... On the ground: she summons and puts away by fishing it and submerging it On the Air: She "prays" it into existance and yeets it into the ground from a distance. (particles effects turning into water after the explosion). That would make the usual problem of abilities requiring frames grounded ( old Trinity) a situational feature insteag 😄
  5. Doraz_

    Grendel Feedback

    i didn't know, didn't care to look fo it, i'm sorry maybe mods can move the post.
  6. Yeah, in my head i imagine 1) the sword being liquid first then solidifying and being pulled up with great strenght, and then 2) the sword being rotated once to build strenght in the hand and being pushed with force in the ground generating an explosion, then turning to liquid again and disappearing ... although the second option, going "I don't need this anymore" and yeeting the sword to the poor souls in front of you ... i really like xD, the first one would be ripped from excalibur so it's the worst of the three for now.
  7. What build i ended up using? Umbral where possible (approximation, i'm away right now, i'll fix them later) -40 range, +200 strenght, +130 efficiency and/or P. Flow + positive duration Why? I unfortunately really dislike "Meatball-mode" ... the best use i found for it (thus the negative range) is to eat heavy targets and bounce until the armor is removed, vomit them and finishing them off. Ragdolling them prevents me from damaging them further and i can kill them quickly with my weapons. Keeping them prevents me to generate energy and even lose it too quickly. On the other hand, that gameplay of 1) eating enemies at close range 2) go closer to teammates to buff them 3) causing toxin procs with 1st and 3rd strong enough to matter is really good 😄 (even if a bit noisy, lmao). So, thing that will improve even titania is to make the buffs work in a hierarchy, not based on the enemies. Meaning: Buffs are ordered on the base of power or importance, that for grendel would be: 1 energy (to enable him to cast abilities) 2 armor (to tank while he eats enemies) 3 damage (to reataliate) each buff before the first would be activated only if the previous is active, refreshing the previous ones as well. Or you can visualize this as a clock with multiple turns, each turn meaning an additional buff is active (this would resolve the issue of having to keep track of 3 icons at the same time). This way there would be no need to increase the duration of buffs as many are asking (although i wouldn't complain), as YOU are in control of getting those buffs not the "enemy spawn system" or your teammates leaving you only mobs -_- ... After that, i think it's reasonable to give grendel a small health regen if at least one enemy is in his gut, and if the enemy dies in his gut a small amount of health is gifted to him (even just an health orb). This not because he needs it, but it would make sense theme-wise, to contrast it with his 2nd ability that gets more health out of the enemies because of the energy spent to cast it. Meatball-wise, usual warframe controls are taken away, but that means that space is free for other imputs: 1) a dash mechanic with the fire button 2) a sonic-like charge with guard button (c'mon am i the only one seeing the potential of this?!) 3) a downward slam with the crouch button ... are just some ideas.
  8. ok, now that i have the quartak i can say that only the tonkor doesn't work. the quartak works fine, maybe it's just a projectile-weapon thing 😕
  9. Couldn't use the pc but still wanted to work on this. Exalted greatsword is something i want too much to reaplace so here are some ideas to make it fun to use and make it have a good place in the new changes/mechanics melee system is getting. I'll defenitely try to post a more appealing version of the entire frame concept as soon as possible.
  10. Change it so it works like the snistol aka Arca Scisco I don't mind it being critical chance, but an additive one instead of a multiplicative one would be more fair and interesting to play with low crit weapons. Some want straight up damage but it is boring to me xD crit chance is more fun to play around with. A status chance buff would be cool as well, that aero(or something)-mod seems well received, and nidus could become the frame that has that feature inside his kit( in augment for that is) With that mod, an umbral setup and the larva augment if you want it, nidus gameplay resembles space john wick, killing the most enemies it can, rushing because of the need to keep the buff up. Currently the set enemy requirement is annoying, as tammates kill them before you can hit them and sometime enemy count is not high enough.
  11. one of the most thorough hotfixes that i remember :D fells like all hands are on deck
  12. Oof defenitely NOT 500 ENDO. xD I'd rather keep it as a souvenir. "Cubb Lemm" i'll never forget you.
  13. It might alleviate the issue where the lich steals the very requiem relic you need to farm xD ... Problem is ... being in a relic fissure, why choose kuva when i can just choose a fully charged mod instead? I Think them expiring and being turned into endo is ok, as long as the endo you gain is considerable, after all it's something you have farmed relic, thralls, missions and being killed several times to obtain 🙂
  14. mirage clones do not shoot projectiles
  15. mirage clones do not shoot projectiles
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