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  1. I figured it out! I had a revelation just when I reached adventure rank 25 and lv 40/50/40/40 with my team ... Genshin has NOTHING for most people in the endgame ... and no place where my money can be spent to get immediate value. Warframe works because it enables player expression, in fashion and different gameplay styles, and when you do spend money it values your time ALWAYS ... not after 90 times because of a pitty-system. Genshin is making a fortune NOW on the addiction of whales 🐋 ... but i think it will dry up very quickly if they don't ch
  2. it would be really sad for chroma to not be able to deal void damage without losing what make's him chroma, what makes him the reason we run him.
  3. Void proc can actually add a tactical element, instead of just more damage. But you can insteqd put both shock and smite! ... which are actually the better choice for you and your team, but are pretty boring. make xata's whisper team-wide and remove thag awful infested effect ;-; it ruins my fashion. you can turn it into a pillar of energycoming from the ground when the frame is grounded, that vets brighter and then dims away with every shoot event. It could even be a buff given to teammates only if they are in the area around you, like Gaze ...
  4. ty, there's always something about my posts ... that is, that something is usually very stupid, while the discussion generated is usually very interesting ( in my eyes at least). About the current free energy for unsepnt points .... I didn't know its existence for 4k+ hours of playtime. Having it changed either as I'd like it, to be in control of what mods gets buffed or yours as in a buff&nuisance combo ( balanced, but then why would i bother buffing if the game also takes it away) would make it a more appealing mechanic to learn earlier on.
  5. If it had to be implemented as WF is right now, DE would probably .ake a special Override Forma Polarity that gets power from un-used mod capacity points. If that's the case, ut could be a thing dropped by corpus liches ... they are supposed to be the most "thechy" of all the origin system. So it's limited to one mod slot, thus one mod, and it can be overridden bg a factor of 3, much more meaningful and you can feel it in the battlefield. Although, consider that is MUST work for railjack as well. The boring players can go with health and flux ...
  6. Overload Mechanic. Problem: sometimes you have few points left in a build you cannot use. Solution: tennos can overload few mods over the nornal limit, so those points are not wasted. why: warframe mods should already be coded to allow value to scale beyond limit Acquisition. Mastery Rank: each 10 mastery you get an "Overload Point" Caps at 3 at mr 30, as most mods have 4 points as base.
  7. It would be a way for the writing and voice acting team to have fun by creating recurring enemies. The community is full of good ideas. I think a corpus female and grineer male duo like jessy and james from pokemon would be amazing. there was that " Nef Anyo's Son" on skateboards. Squidward Perfect Grineer ( lol ) Super Attractive female Corpus ( John Prodman's wife ) Before it's illegal or not financially viable, i hope DE decides to have some dumb fun with their own tools xD As a sidenote, the original liches idea ( months long relation
  8. the cc is very good, as it so much easier to make headshots as well. the augment is just crazy good against anything that un-armored. It was either you saying this, or me talking about ball-fondling. mmmm, a max area is cool BUT once the enemy starts firing at you balls need to go after it regardless. If line of sight and being attacked can override that "stay close" behaviour (trigger that tells 1 ball to attack that target) then it would work :)
  9. I am a a solo player, so i don't have people to ask this anywhere else ... plus i'm too potato to do runs more than 30 mins :3 So, here's the thing "The map would every 20 waves have a drammatic change, among these can be: - a Section becomes hazardous, Lore-friendly, a toxic gas is released by the enemy, a void storm passes by, electronics go crazy, exx - new areas are added. Lore-friendly stuff, like a ship crashing and adding its boarding section and a few rooms as playable area, collapse reveal a new zone, ecc - Mini-Bosses would spawn, to be defeated to pro
  10. IMPORTANT: FOUND BUG The explosion DO NOT trigger headshots D: I just tested it with harrow and it's currently not incentivized, building for headshot activated effects as well. It's too cool a thiong NOT to be intended ... make shots count as headshots ... it should be easy as it's just a matter of seeing what entity has been collided with ... i thought the game worked already like that.
  11. Oh yeah, not my game, but i'll suggest this currently, both the sound and the animation of the projectile launched is very weak. Do this: -add a 0.2 to 0.4 delay to fire being shot - gun does an animation where it seems to take a breath, to then spit out the bullet - sound must have a "yuk" component, as if the gun sneezed - add a recurring "sniff" to the gun, as if it had a cold xD This gun is already what i wish to see more, unique stuff that even after reaching veteran or "endgame" content is still fun to use on itself, just needs that little
  12. Pretty straight forward. Helps long range engagements Also, remove stun from the projectile ... no reason, as it would be a "punishing" feature to a projectile which damage is very pityfull. Ty and gg
  13. I didn't write it sooner cuz i don't play vauban. but i currently love tesla nervos protea so this issue really ruins what is to me one of the best setups i've ever played. In short: - after being thrown, make ball attatch to the target immediately if collided with. currently it collides, falls, stop and if you are lucky it targets the enemy you actually wanted to stun - fix shock status proc from stopping the ball from connecting with the target currently, if the enemy is being electrified, the ball will not jumo but just push against it xD really a
  14. I just set all effects to ON and I am experiencing LESS gpu workload than before !!! what sorcery is this ?!? Before i had to disable high shader and reflections .... now i can keep them on (and they look better than ever) I tested this and i usually play at 50 fps capped. Looks promising 😻 Edit 2: to be accurate, with everything enabled, the gpu usage in Fortun goes from 33 with classic to 38 with Enhanced. EDIT: Black square with sabotage (jupiter) and kuva syphons still remains if tou have local reflections enabled, screen tu
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