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  1. OH YES! xD something that would totally break are Hitscan weapons that "might" shoot past some parts of the environment. that is, they do this already 😕
  2. A bit of a diffierent example, i sometime like to do spy missions with no powers as if i was playing a splinter cell game ( i have issues i know 9) but the current camera does not allow visibility around corners. A dynamic camera will be confusing and buggy so that's not what WF needs, but a "Z axis" slider would solve it ... that is if that doesn't break the game xD but if the collision check on the camera for geometry happens later i don't see many problems implementing this.
  3. well, i don't mean to change ur mind as we can enjoy different things, but imo that's the most realistic and thus to me enjoyable combat scenario to be in over and over. If we have no tools to engage at long distance, we are destined to have our railjack: 1) forever in the middle of a swarm of ships going "slow enough" so we can shoot them, boring and stupid for enemies to behave like that 2) being forced to move from point A to B JUST to be able to shoot enemies, that mobility does NOT change how we play, which leads to 3) doing every time the same thing, popping a Void Hole and shooting enemies that cannot defend themselves ... so fun In combat you want to find an equilibrium between the distance from your enemy to be safe and how much damage can you do to it. Currently, we quite literally bump into them xD To me Railjack as it is can be long-term-engaging only if i drive like a madman pretend i am avoiding dozens of missiles like this All of this results in TANKING ( or cheesing Geometry ) being the only way to survive, which causes all enemies that "could" be felt like a threat by the player, become nothing more than an annoyance at first (with no gear), then a nuisance in the "endgame".
  4. c'mon xD more seriously, these kind of "cheats" like magnetism and smoothing with the console controllers are not there to make the game easier ... it can but not necessarely. They are there to attempt to compensate issues coming from the design of the input itself. With the PC specifically, without any help you are requiring all Tennos to track and shoot 10 moving pixels out of 1920*1080. (i play at that res) Given: -Lag from the host -inconsistent fps -dpi of most mouses skipping pixels It's not difficult, in my opinion, it's un-fun and long range engagements are flat out non incentivized. Currently, you are instead rewarded if you just close in and use that Arca-Plasmor like gun, AND u even get the rewards! u'll be of course also tanking all incoming projectiles as if they didn't even exist ... if not meta, i would like a full " offensive drifting build" was equally viable as the Void hole one. I asked for DE to copy that Bat mechanic from Sunless Sea as well, to Vacuum all lot on a cooldown. That would alleviate this issue as well. It can even be a chance to introduce "Cloacked Enemies" into Railjack, as we would have a tool to detect them, if we choose to put in in our builds, merging an utility module with an offensive one.
  5. Maybe one cheesy/better optimization can be this ( but that depends on how you can determine the following ) it would require only 2 rays being cast i have no idea which one performs better, casting 9 rays togheter vs determine if an enemy is close enough, then handling more enemies close togheter oof maybe it can return true and target just the first enemy that satisfy a condition like being closer that a certain amount of units, then shooting the other (ORANGE) ray in that direction.
  6. I don't play cuz i don't like it ( Apex, not Railjack. Railjack is cool 😄 needs more incentive to play like a kuva railjack mission or a relic one for instance) but ... in Apex there's this mechanic where physical bullets are inreased in size the lengore they travel. That avoids players having to try and shoot 4 pixel on a screen. In Railjack, most weapons but primarely the hit-scan ones suffer from having to shoot enemies at long ranges ( 1500+ meters ) this is a BIG problem, as we have currently entire classes of weapons built for dealing with ships at a distance that flat out do NOT WORK! I encourage you to copy that mechanic, in specific: - "Physical Bullets" have their collider increased, very simple - "Hit-scan" Bullets can be changed like this ( this is what i would do to code the new system without breaking other stuff): Current: Hitscan sends 1 single ray ( or i assume that's why i can't hit anything further than 1000 meters in railjack and some normal weapons sometimes miss) New: Hitscan shoots an Array of rays at a slight angle ( for example i'd go with 9 rays like i've shown in the image) IF 1 of these rays registers a hit, THEN the enemy receives damage ( as hit is true ). Nothing changes, weapons function the same the input is the player wanting to shoot and the type of bullet and the output is the enemy getting 1 instance of damage if true. The only thing that is to change is handling of rays-cast of hitscan weapons as an Array instead of a single ray from the camera.
  7. Joking aside, the situation with sentients is very bad imo. Expecially regarding sentient "ability immunity" and "unavoidable damage" being very UN-fun to play with/against, examples are: -Baruuk being hit even with 360 degrees build using his 1 -frost, gara and volt shields not blocking the battalyst rays - Stuns having too short a duration BUT, this is very inconsistent as -Banshee Damage weakpoints works wonderfully ❤️ ( if DE changes that and Banshee's Armorstrip ignoring nullifiers i'll uninstall ... maybe, lol ) Sentient are more and more becoming a part of the game, maybe even becoming endgame when the New War comes out, with other factions just having a small presence ( like one eyed Kavor hater is currently) so the game arguably "braking down" and not functioning when dealing with them is really troubling. Hope they rework it, i'd have no interest in fighting them, outside if the rewards, and the community will inevitably end up using cheesy tactics, If it doesn't, i'd much rather just keep throwing corpus off cliffs and platforms on pluto.
  8. i know xD i just use him for fashion, don't fashion-shame me
  9. Finishers trigger-able with Sentient Faction Currently, the Finisher-Armor Arcane is Useless and my Tanky Ash would really appreciate, with other factions it's a blast and helps diversify gameplay by rewarding going for finishers, not common in usual gameplay. ( i don't like long duration invisibility, i would love to see my frame that i spent hours customizing -_-)
  10. >searches new prime access videos on Youtube *Corinth Prime has better Riven Disposition than Corinth* wut? This is probably an oversight, but it's also so funny. I've no idea if Rivens are dictated by a common formula that takes many factors ( i guess that's be the best thing for automatic balancing ), but this is a demonstration of how useful it is adding a value inside the formula that keeps track of the difference between different versions of weapons. DE's "pipeline" to release rivens and balance them ( but at this point i wonder if it isn't just done at random xD ) would be ( to be done by a script of course) 1) List All Weapon Classes in game -Example ... Acceletra ( "just the standard one) Braton ( Prime, Vandal, standard, mk-1) ... 2) Calculate Average DPS from Stats 3) --- (Pseudo-Formula) Final RIven Value = 1 * Popularity Value * Comparison Value with Highest performing weapon in class + ( DE's Decided Value to Add or Subtract) IMPORTANT!!! With this setup, DE MUST ONLY CHANGE THE VALUE ON ONE RIVEN. THE BEST PERFORMING ONE. THE OTHER VALUES ARE DICTATED BY THE AUTOMATIC "COMPARISON VALUE" IN THE FORMULA. Balancing becomes much more easier, expecially as Warframe has waaay too many weapons, every update more are added. Or maybe a system like this is already in use ... but from the results i really doubt it
  11. IMPROVEMENT! it came to me thee's a chance to actually make the 2 fire modes interact with one another ( in a sense ) 😄 you can shoot multiple orbs and they link togheter, psawning a line of eletricity from the first fiing mode ( currently the second one) damaging and zapping enemies that are touched by it.
  12. I'll be brief. THe Basmu is Awful, not for the damage ( i don't care ) not for sound and animations ( i love it) and not for coming with the event ( that i actually like a fair bit), but for - Missed Opportunity to set ALL sentient guns as special and otherworldly, lore wise behaving strangely as the tenno can't really use them/ control them to their fullest potential. - it being basically a worse acceletra + a worse nukor ... weapons released not long ago, no immagination, no step forward made, just a waste of a weapon's slot 😞 So, here what i'd like Primary Fire mode: Remove the first firing mode, replace it with the second one. - Chaining beams of electricity fire from the weapon. Kinda like the Amprex, but it has 2 beams ( innate multishot, look good ) and even the homing from the Occucor ( after all wasn't that pistol desinged by the corpus on sentient technology?) Both for new players and veterans it can become the ultimate/alternate version of a beam primary, like kuva guns seem to have been disigned (progression-wise). Secondary Fire Ability: - Spends the Entire Magazine and spawns a " RED ORB" ( the one we can see in the sentient tileset! ) travelling a fair distance before exploding, ignoring all enemies in its lath (like the Arca Plasmor.) It ragdolls at very close range ( both orb and explosion), staggers if not too close giving this mode CC potential. "But what about if the enemy is very far away? beams can't reach it" - press W -We have from 3 up to 6 weapons SLOTS! Incentivizing tennos to diversify their loadouts with mutiple guns that excel in a niche is how i keep this game fun. No need to run a weapon just to have a point and click mode 😞
  13. Here is an example ( last one xD i swear ) with the new dex armor attatchments. THey look cool but unfortunately i'll never use them as it impaires visibility too much. Can't say for sure what the best solution is: 1) Add a slider for " X camera position offset" so we can move the camera to the right ( to the left when pressing H to toggle view ) 2) make the warframe transparent Only because i'm lazy i'd go for the first one, but maybe the second one might look better.
  14. Does this mean MOA-egan will have free reign over the company? Maybe she's planning her overthrow right now 😧 ... Stream getting corrupted, she joins and as her first first act is to re-instate self damage and release limbo.
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