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  1. It's probably too much, and i think warframe generates the final texture procedurally without saving it, but ... I had the chance to play Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, and I was very impresssed by what I assume is an implementation of a fork of Photoshop or similar software INSIDE THE PROGRAM ITSELF! It lets you draw the texture with all the usual tools ... among those are decals that you can paint wherever you want. Then, the texture is saved and used in game. There's the problem of the host having to receive and send texture data each mission ... but,
  2. Also, there's a problem with the current system: it seems to "write" the same texture multiple times if 2 "layers/distinct parts" overlap.
  3. I'm making a new fahsion for Gauss ... and now i just think that if we had the ability to add "tatoos" and decals it would be amazing. The only issue is making it work for the entire model AND the attachments as well. A more in-depth customization would let us even toggle between the projector ignoring attatchments or not :D I Think i don't need to prove how RAD it would be if gauss had Sports Car decals ... so this would be a pretty good upgrade for the fashion system. Some new cosmetics can be sold for plat, so unlike other thinga the incentive
  4. Yo .. do this for that Savagoth signature weapon. If your hit is a headshot, instead of the reload animation a particle ( the soul or negative feelings of the target xD if his lore is going to be as edgy as him) flies back into the gun, halving or even being immediately ready to fire, without playing that animation. To incentivize not missing shots, add that every headshot done after a successful headshot ( so after reloading quickly in such a way) has an AOE similar to the Amalgam Sniper. Really cool, finally we get a sonicor that can actually ... work :/
  5. no :( it does nothing but thanks, I forgot that option existed and it's bound to help with performance in other areas
  6. This is a thing for as long as i played WF. And it was so obvious and (hopefully) easy to fix that i thought it would have been tackled naturally, but no. It makes hard to see sometimes :( Also, missing texture :D
  7. devs! ... excalibro umbra's in-out of operator is still broken :( most of the times you are teleported back to very far point of the map, and not the position of the operator as it should. ( tho i didn't report it, cuz time and thought it was pretty obvious xD) A bit sad cuz Excalibro is one of the few frames i actually enjoy playing with. Also ... when is that " umbra mode" for all frames coming ... even if it's just along the lines of specters AI ... liches already do that, and they seem to work similarly to warframe? Maybe creating that system m
  8. On a "re-think" ... In truth, I now think that a new modding screen, where mods go into different places of the gun, with us being able to rotate it if we want it just for fun would be amazing. I must stress tho, i would never do this even if someone payed me well xD cuz the current system is just so intuitive, universal and " it just works". There are wxamples of this having been done in other games, like Escape from tarkov or Mass effect 3 ... Another aspect of the current mod system which is great is that it doesn't require the game to load an
  9. As much as i would love a skinny grendel, i think this is the skin that is the most likely to work in Warframe as a whole. It can be integrated in the story of naberous, for instance, a tale told by the orokin to scare the population and children of the warframes, telling how grendel is always lurking about to eat someone. Material wise, it's perfect for snimation, as it's soft and stretchy, solves the usual proble of WF where metallic parts bend with the Armature It can have some sound effects of cloth and soccer/football balls bouncing on the ground when i
  10. My Corpus oriented brain tells me there's so many stonks to be made into selling space roombas for outer space cleaning :D
  11. Warframe has some of the most unique weapons ... but it's a shame we can't appreciate the ditails i think a "view weapon mode" with that can be even packed with lore, where we can spin and zoom the weapon model would be a great addition It can be placed in the CODEX :D THe cherry on top would be a button on the bottom where we can even choose to apply our own colors ( the one we are using in layout A,B or C) The other way was to include it in a very flashy "Upgrade Screen" Tab ... but i think that's too much work and return on investment w
  12. case and point it's so beautiful i'm gonna cry ... lol
  13. While if seen from a distance, the borders fade to nothing as any other reflection method i've seen. while in the photo's case, if seen from above, the reflection cuts off abruptly, in a circle around the camera. I've never seen this artifact, and i was wondering if there was someone knowledge-able here that would have fun explaining it :D in any case ... waaaaaay better than the previous method ... updates at every frame, upscales with high shader quality ( including/excluding small props or non-static ones maybe) and it feels more performant, even if it is
  14. I'm worried about that too. But, in WF case it would be really simple ... only because ( i assume) the damage tick is a result of the weapon actual path ( not collider, maybe ray-cast for each tick of animation ). So what would happen is that the frame would orient either the entire body or the upper spice only along the Camera Forward Orientation. Case specific problems can be the twin sword stance ,,,, where it throws and sticks the weapon on the floor. I'll have to check if the problem exists even without my change ... when you do that stance in mid air.
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