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  1. It's a guess from my part, but the lag has nothing to do with how powerful the host pc is. That's all down to the connection. All the heavy work is done by the GPU in WF. Even when you have a mirage or vauban, the lag on the CPU is only felt by the user alone ... MAYBE, but just maybe, if DE didn't implement a way for copies of scripts/coroutines to execure only at "x" ticks, so that the cpu isn't forced to finish rendering all the projectiles for instance before sending the data to others. This to spread the calculations alng frames, so that you know for certain that the networking has 10 milliseconds every refresh. But they know what they are doing, it's probably already in use.
  2. That's why i suggested the shader idea :D They could start even selling them for plat, loke one corpus themed, one tenno ... one with clem And it would consist of maybe not more than 10 animated sprites. it fades in and out while you are modding. The obly thing the camera renders from the environment ia the character of course.
  3. I am hoping it will comw to PC thanks to the Mobile port, but ... These are the most obvious things that this mode can bring: - forced lower res of Texture streaming, even if memory is available - Disable transparency in Mod Screen ... I have seen increased GPU usage - Diaable Orbiter rendering when modding, replaced by a still image (cam still be animated a bit with a shader) Disabling too much of the rest can lead tk the game really not working anymore, like enemies and Level Geometry (Low feels already too agressive ... but I like that!)
  4. It's not silly. It's ( un-intentionally ) a very important life lesson on Life being ultimately out of your control! :) Whatever DE's intentions, this system is only valuable in how the players ultimately use it ... or NOT use it, tho DE's internal data/statistics would be nice to be sure. It's a fair mechanic, cuz the cost of "us bad players wanting to have fun" is the increased resource cost to get the override sooner. Currently, changing an ability after having reached max rank feels incredibly bad and wasteful. And Infusing frames just to get the point (in my case at least) didn't make me use them! Revenant with + melee damage ... or Hydroid with +75 efficiency ... they all sat there, still un-used. Plus, think about the future ... these players have NO INCENTIVE to interact with it after they inevitably put Khora's whip on everything. :( That experimentation NEEDS to be rewarded ... just like those mobile games do for clicking a button -_- The fix is just a line of code. It can be a reward after reaching max rank ... yet another incentive for players to progress through it.
  5. As in, you get ONE TICK towards the OVERRIDE feature, same as if you used a weekly infusion as it is now.
  6. DE, you do the math, to figure out how much resources "Ability infusion" are to " Weekly frame flavor-thing". That would make so players don't feel their resources get wasted, and players that enjoy the helminth system for the Override-Meme part of it ( think Youtube videos about it ) can more easily engage (and enjoy!) this system ... ... even if it would go against the intended purpose.
  7. Simple solutions: "Ghoulish Fuel Mechanic" Ghoul saw overheats as you attack EVEN WHEN not HITTING anything!!! Exlecially, while you do the riding combo, you fuel/overheat meter/buff increases drammatically. When you heavy attack, the weapon catches fire and "BRUMS" like an old car or farming vehicle (Scott's car anyone xD) gaining a flat base crit chance and crit damage! This mifht just retain the ghoul slowness, that wven if people don't like it, it does maje the weapon feel unique. Alternatively, make it work on Combo Count instead ... but that is so boring i'm almost putting myself asleep. Coding required ... very little ... maximu value, as the weapon will be forever unique and has a place in every Tenno's Arsenal.
  8. Optimizing this is a MUST tho for it to ever come to WF. There shouldn't be nothing faster than switching UVs, right? I would try and do it like this: 1) Store additional UV maps in the model itself 2) name/connect the new target texture accordingly (Wet_metallic.png and Wet_metallic_UV# where # is the number) 3) player is presented with a list of materials that calls a uv and texture change event 4) The texture gets swapped to the new one, and the material is told to switch the UV_0 (normal) to the corrisponding one. I say to switch them, instead than enabling it and keeping it, cuz I fear that the additional uv is processed as an additional vertex attribute .... to avoid that, I'd find a way to simply not send that information to the GPU . But if that happens only for things that are "actually rendered" then there's no problem. For even more performance, implement a MegaTexture/Atlas system so that the GPU doesn't evem need to switch and load new texture, tho the problem of loading stuff u don't use is sadly there ;_; I never did that, cuz I havs yet to need it (I'd do it in blender manually), but maybe the shader can have a "UV offset" proprety, where instead of changing the uv map, the uv map stays the same, but the coordinates of the face are moved, with a texture that has all possible materials in the game. (again, beware memory usage). Alternatively, simply write a new shader, that acts as an override to the default one, with extended and exposed propreties, with every possible texture loaded "hopefully" just as references xD (but i have yet to use or make such a system). That way you can reliably say exactly how much memory and resources a single frame using this new shader is going to use.
  9. I'm loving u so much right now. So glad to see these changes (ad I assume other ones) happening BEFORE the new war drops. As a reminder, areas to improve are these ones in my eyes: VERTICALITY This affects both sentient enemies AND the tileset they inhabit. On one hand, Sentient Enemies float around slowly, sometimes too high for melee to connect and feel wierd, plus make transitions between areas on different height ( ex. grineer jumping) too slowly and awkwardly On the other, the verticality of the tiles is completely wasted, as it only makes navigation harder, farming becomes clunky as enemies get stuck while pathfinding their way to you ... for absolutely no reward ;_; (in the form of damage dealt, as no obhect can be interacted with, or loot to find) For the second problem ... I really wish you luck, cuz the amount of memory, vertices and areas with nothing in it that the player needs to go through might just break the experience for someor even many. FINISHERS We "need" parazon finishers on sentients. I'd say weapon, but I also want the sentient to be unique ... plus, it saves the animators a hell'of'all'lot of time! New, less strong, solo players can then have a more easy time ... plus, for once we are actually incentivized into building for impact, or bring impact-proccing weapons. I already assume some sentient enemies will require it just like the new Jackal. [ SIDENOTE ] Navigation. Connecting far away tiles. The sentient tileset is the perfect opportunity to test and implement "shortcuts". It's a bit old, so there might be some opinions/desires I don't want anymore in WF, but ... It solves backtracking and forwardtracking (?) ... as in, going to extraction faster or to reach tour teammates already there. Plus, it makes survival and endurance runs more interesting. In the sentient tileset, these can be really whatever space-magic you want ... puzzles kind-of, like jumping between platforms and the like. And before the fear of this breaking the map generator .... it really can exist completely separate from it. The "Shortcut rooms" can exist as their completely separate tiles, the player presses "x" near an exit, animation plays and you try and go through it. It can even be on a limited time, and the player gets tgrown out from the entry point if he fails ... so if you are worried of the memory requirement breaking the map generator that way, it can be loaded and unloaded as it's needed ... but that should be a non issue, as I see many materials and assets get re-used, and never leave the memory. Plus, not having to render the rest of the level, might allow you to make some cool stuff ... like in a corpus parvos tileset, you enter a vent and as you jump from platfrom to platform you can see space and the railjack ouside while you go through it!
  10. To the NON-fellow-tennos of culture ... that's nova's leg ;) ( lol )
  11. given, if that's actualy what they are xD Maybe they are called "Detail Texture" .... in Unity, those can be used in the Complex_URP_Lit Shader. I legit never noticed ,,, and i have 5k hours on steam LMAO Alternatively, it might be a bug ... maybe one texture from the shader of the Big Statue is kept and assigned to warframe one.
  12. OMG Picture this ... next halloween ... We have to fight off hordes of vasca kavats level 9999 xD We already hunt every human and non human being in existance .... what is one more? We're the good guys btw
  13. Ah .. and it goies without saying ... I've already put those tags to good use.
  14. Mind you ... this is with no booster of any kind cuz i'm cheap like that
  15. As i used all 3 to reach the "override stage", now i'm unsure wheter if I override an already consumed ability I actually get to apply it, or it remained consumed ;_;
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