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  1. NEW MISSION: Event introduction: Heirs of the Tempestarii = Rescue/Defection By rediscovering the railjack and following the distress signal from Sevagoth's body, Cy recognizes the consequences of void storms for normal space travelers. When Cy notices a disturbance in the Cephalon Weave, he sets out to find the disturbance. As a result of the search, Cephalon Simaris asks for your help. Simaris has sent his agents on a research mission near the Void to collect important data. Simaris asks you to help him find his crew. Requirements: Quest: Call of the Tempestarii After this q
  2. 1. tasks that build on each other. Why? Railjack is so far just a back and forth in a large space with several small and large enemy ships. All tasks are disconnected from each other. You always have to kill a number of enemies and you have a few tasks on the side. Solution: As the problem says, the tasks must build on each other, in the following some examples: To get into the main base (mini-boss fight) you first have to hack certain codes from the other bases, or destroy something like shield generators. Also an idea would be pure stealth missions, where you have to take over
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