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  1. eeh suena algo confuso xD
  2. I'm not sure, I'm waiting to see this warframe ready and introduced in the game before making up my mind. However I do agree with the name thing. What I'm more interested is how DE will handle the creation process of future warframes based on the Design Council's choices -if any- considering what they have learned with this one; or if there'll be any new 'frame created like this one :L
  3. The issue is money, warframes cost server space as far a I know, and DE is a small company
  4. I'd love to have more outdoor maps, feels quite claustrophobic sometimes - although I guess it's something good sometimes, makes me want to take breaks from the game :P new planets or even more solar systems sound great too - more galaxies, damn they're way too far xD
  5. I support this - I always check past alerts and feel quite angry that ceramic - and pangolin sword seems too- is always up late for me :/
  6. I'm all for new weapons, specially if they're not meele -we need/want more primary and secondary :P
  7. ooh I dont want to know >.>; I just know it's a bunch, like really a lot; grand master pack, I used every 50% discout -which have been like 3- and many times I bought 1000 plat - I'm not sure what I spent it on, at least now I have over 1000 waiting for affinity booster to end :L
  8. There have been a bunch of threads like this in the past minutes, better make support ticket, seems like this bug got much more regular
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