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  1. all bosses can drop orikin cells as far as I know
  2. :0 really? How effective is it? And how do you do it, meele while reloading?
  3. As long as we have reload cancel :D I've been using the strun and it feels great to one shot mooks on low level void, so I support this idea
  4. It'll stack for another week, I got a couple myself that will last three weeks :B
  5. 'twas fun, thanks for coming in :D
  6. IGN Nebulosa Add me and join my game I won't be adding if you post here because I may not read your post in time It'll be three or four void runs :P IMPORTANT: I cannot connect to the chat, I'll be a silent player lvl 30 gear please
  7. I have lobby right now, lvl 3 Exterminate add me and get in :P
  8. it's a server side thing, I haven't been able to connect either for months https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/entries/23625663--2-Chat-Is-Not-Working- Sadly there's no ETA on when it'll be fixed if I recall correctly :C
  9. I did the reset like five minutes after it got announced and it went great. I heard though about people not getting their platinum back or missing prime items
  10. I'm from southamerica too xD el lag no será tanto, tengo una conexión de 15 MB y he jugado con gente de Europa que apenas sienten lag, de qué país eres? Since I can't use the chat I can't send messages. If you see I invite you to a game it's a void missions :P I usually play normal levels with randoms or alone Added everyone else :B
  11. I'll keep re-using this theard, I've got some lvl II and III keys, I'll keep doing void missions during the next days, just leave you IGN here and I'll add you if you'd like. I'm done for today :B
  12. IGN is nebulosa add me to do one Exterminate and one Raid missions in the Void. Wait until I invite you please, last time the game crashed while loading, it wroked better when I entered alone and then invited people - my computer is not that good :P Note: I cannoct connect to the chat - I get error 10053 or something, I cannot send or receive messages. I'll invite once I'm inside the mission so please have your gear ready - lvl 30 or so prefered :B If you have your gear ready just add me and join my game once my status changes to "In-game" :)
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