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  1. Man, this comment did NOT age well.
  2. Such as? I'm curious as to what sort of meta things you mean. Like Hildryn's Blazing Pillage augment combined with maximized Strength and Range being absolutely busted as frick? Or maximum Strength Gloom being equally stupid because of 95% slowdown? Or perhaps the Melee Meta, where Condiuon Overload, Weeping Wounds, Body Count, and Blood Rus are commonplace?
  3. I mean, like, at what point does the game go from being "casual" to being "meta"? We all know Condition Overload is a... Notably strong mod, so is that meta? Or is it casual?
  4. Yeah, I know. It hurts me just as much as it hurts you. Unfortunately, I brought this topic to life on the work clock, so rip in die, me.
  5. Well, there are still a good number of strategies around 95% of players use in everyday practice. The Melee Meta of Condition Overload and Viral/Corrosive+Slash, for example. What say you of these?
  6. It probably means that the game is balanced in regards to the most common denominator- In this case, new-ish players and the Star Chart.
  7. So, I've brought up, from time to time, a concept I've come to call the Casual MetaTM. This is a thing I've been thinking about for a long while, but I'm curious what the general consensus about its existence is. What is the targeted area of the game that envelops it? What is considered the meta to the casual player? What IS casual in this game? If anyone has any input they'd like to discuss, this would be the place!
  8. That seems to be the general consensus, which is why I've slowly been working on a project in my spare time- The Casual MetaTM. The focus for balance should be on the Star Chart's level of difficulty, which admittedly, isn't a lot, but it exists for those who don't own the proper mods. Hell, I even get knocked on my butt every-so-often due to an unexpected spike in strength.
  9. It would be easy, yes, but DE isn't exactly known for doing things the easy way, now are they? They don't always put band-aids on the issue, but they sure do find weird workarounds to their problems...
  10. I see several quotes and messages highlighting Yareli's stats some more, and yeah, you all sum up my points to a T. Someone remarked that Inaros is worse, but I still stand by the fact that, even if it's irrelevant in 90% of the game, being able to just say "No, you." to Nullifiers with no downtime in your defense is immensely satisfying. At least Inaros has one build that can pull anything out of his stats, and Helminth can save his useless 3. Yareli, on the other hand... Not even Helminth can save that poor girl.
  11. And that's exactly the reason everyone says she's bad. She has little to no scaling damage, her abilities are bizarrely mod-resistant, she has no synergy between any of her abilities, and she doesn't even have the tankiness to survive very well, despite Merulina's 75% DR.
  12. Actually, unlike Yareli, Inaros can at least do SOMETHING, that being facetanking level 1-200 enemies without giving an iota of a damn. Yareli... She can barely handle level 60, let alone 200.
  13. See my previous comment, Khora is, thematically, pretty spider-based.
  14. Actually, design-wise, Khora is themed after a spider. Heck, even Strangledome and Ensnare have elements of spider-isn in them.
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