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  1. WarBaby2


    Well, you can always get the accessories package later... I usually buy them on the last week of prime access. Also: Sabeeer Rideeer... and the Star Sheriffs!
  2. WarBaby2

    The Rise of Anthem:- Warframe Overhaul?

    ...and how predatory the game systems are. It's still EA we are talking about here. Personally, I don't give a damn out of principle, since I think BioWare should not be rewarded for for abandoning their core fanbase in favor of chasing trends... I will not play this thing, even if it should be the best thing since sliced bread. Also, should railjack really work out, Anthem and its competitors will have nothing on Warframe anymore.
  3. WarBaby2


    Still not buying the package... but hyped nonetheless! 😉
  4. WarBaby2

    Garuda Prime

    2020... ish?
  5. WarBaby2

    Easy K-Drive Standing

    I initially used the pipes behind Fortune, but the pearl is so much quicker and easier...
  6. I also think good and evil aren't really the categories DE has planned this story... even the choices in quests aren't really that. They are Yin and Yang, moon and sun, but not really the moral dichotomy of good and bad. If anything Wally probably represents Yin, the shadow, the regret the Tenno has in the events that s/he set in motion... according to chinese philosophy, that concept is not outright evil, though. What I don't get is that the sexes seem to be reversed... Yin, the darkness, seems to be the father (hence it calling us "kiddo") which would make Yang the mother (Magulous, the Lotus?)... that's exactly contrary to Chinese philosophy.
  7. WarBaby2

    Got enough knockbacks there, fortuna?

    Only one of those is actual good game design, though... I have no problem with the new enemy tactics. Then again, I mostly main Ivara in Orb Valis...
  8. WarBaby2


    Which are really cheap (only 50-60p) and the differences are just cosmetical, so you can literally wait for one that you like the looks of and never actually build one...
  9. WarBaby2

    Chroma needs a rework

    True... although, that kinda makes the glaring problems some older frames have even more apparent.
  10. WarBaby2

    Chroma needs a rework

    Probably not... too busy with mis-designing Garuda... ok, that was mean, they have much on their plate right now. ...then again, they always do.
  11. WarBaby2

    This Game mechanic SUCKS!!

    Atlas, Chroma, Harrow and Limbo... yea, I was into playing female frames only... once. 😉
  12. WarBaby2

    This Game mechanic SUCKS!!

    Torn on that one, since I actually did sell some of the frames before I knew better AND spend the plat to get them again later, but I guess I'll have to agree there...
  13. Do that... I think the focus gain is just not timed "right". It should be an ongoing thing, you know. As Raven says it: "I will consider what I have learned from this skirmish", that's what focus should be... and ongoing learning process with regular power gains, coming "naturally" as you play the game... ...my opinion.
  14. I'd be happy with a bit faster focus acquisition, replugable eidolon lenses and lower unbind costs, but that's a GREAT write up!
  15. WarBaby2

    Disappointed With Nyx rework list

    Uhhh... a mimic, huh? Nice idea... Anywho... I just think it would be worth it. Compared to newer frames, Nyx and the other oldies really fell out of style.