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  1. When buying any Helmet Blueprint from Nora Cred Offerings, it will prompt the actual helmet purchase screen instead of just the blueprint. This can lead to accidentally buying the helmet with plat if you are not cautious enough I think the Purchase and the Gift options should not be there if you are just trading Nora Creds
  2. This is a reminder that the silent majority is not here complaining but actually playing and enjoying the game! Exploiter is by far the best boss in the game right now, I enjoy every stage of the fight, and the drops are fair, kudos to the team! I (and the people I play with) seriously want more fights like the Exploiter, fun, cinematic and epic fights of our frames with rewarding drops at the end.
  3. I'm overall happy with Hildryn, but there are a few things I like to be changed/fixed: A. Shield Charger doesn't work if Hildryn's 3 or 4 are active, I feel this shouldn't be the case. Specially for her 3 since it's not a channeling ability and having your 3 active with a companion means constant shield draining. B. Why is Balefire making you walk? Even without charging it, it stops any kind of movement, I understand if it makes you walk while charging, but it should reduce/stop your movement if you are shooting uncharged, this really discourage me to use the weapon C. Remove Line of Sight from her 2 and 3, specially for her 2, it's already useless against infested/corrupted or in a full Corrosive Projection party, having her LoS requisite removed would make it easier to catch at least one of the armored/shielded enemies. D. Shield Pillage and Infestation as it is now, Shield Pillage is useless against infestation or enemies with stripped armor (4 CP or Saryn), The basic solution would be for Shield Pillage to steal health if there are no armor or shields to absorb E. Haven and 190% Efficiency/Duration, for some reason, Haven, which is not a channeling ability, is being affected by duration and efficiency beyond 175% F. Aegis Storm is slow, make the sprint key move Hildryn faster while in Aegis Storm, it's painfully slow to move around. G. Melee Channeling right now Hildryn can't even activate channeling, one solution would be to use shield instead of energy to do the channeling H. Please DE make it happen! Make primaries work while on Aegis Storm, maybe at the cost of more energy drain. Balefire is already pretty powerful, so I suppose this restriction is just there to make you consume shield while you are on her 4, but I'd like to have some variety on my weapons while flying around!
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