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  1. Please grant Hildryn the ability to give shieldgate to Pets, Companions and VIPs
  2. Will Haven provide Shield-gating to defense objectives? If not, can at least provide it to Sentinels/companions?
  3. I know Hildryn was only a Shield-gating test, but she's still the frame I enjoy the most, unfortunately, after the "shield-gating4all" update, Hildryn received some bugs that I wish they were fixed: 1. Haven no longer gives shield-gating to companions, pets, sentinels or VIPs. Since all frames have shield-gate now, at least let Hildryn protect the party companions. As it is now, Haven is not worth casting, the benefits of it are really small and if Hildryn has a sentinel, it means a constan shield drain for her. On top of that, party members complain because, well, frames with shield-restoring capabilities (Mag, Volt, etc.) prefer low shields so they can reach max shields and restore shield-gating faster, while frames relying on Rage/Hunter Adrenaline prefer not to have a 3 seconds shieldgate. 2. Initial cast on all Hildryn abilities modified by efficiency is not being shown in the abilities descriptions as seen here: This happens with all her abilities, and only hers, although the shields drained when actually casting them is the correct one. I hope you can fix them, specially the first one, since it can lead to some awful arguments in matchmade squads 😞 King regards. A Hildryn main.
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