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About Me

"He's just this guy, you know?"


Mastery Rank: 25 (Pants on head.)

Focus: Zenurik / Naramon / Vazarin

Warframe of Choice:

+ Commonly Used (AKA Trainface McCready): Vauban (Prime)

Defense / Excavation: Frost Prime / Nova Prime / Oberon Prime

Survival: Excalibur Prime / Trinity Prime / Mag Prime / Saryn Prime

+ Fun as turd in a tumble dryer: Mirage Prime / Inaros / Octavia

+ The Spy Who Loved Me: Loki Prime / Banshee Prime / Ivara 

PVP: *Shurgs Prime* 


Clan: That Feeling (Ghost Clan)

+ Clan Recruitment Page: That Feeling

+ Requirements to Join

  - Activity is key, we expect you to be on at least three to four times a week.

  - Don't be an arse, 'nuf said.


Alliance: G.I.F.T.S.

+ Recruitment Page: <Pending>

+ Requirements to Join

  - Accepting Ghost Clans Only

  - Active Member Requirement is Four and up (Full Cell/Squad)

  - Activity is Important! Dead Clans will be Removed.

  - Fresh Start-ups from within the Alliance are endorsed, but be aware that Activity is still important. 

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