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  1. As others have mentioned, this doesn't seem to be the case. My Voidrig hit rank 30 and according to my profile I do not have full mastery for it. It appears to be doing the same thing as Kuva weapons where I have to get it to 40 to get full mastery. And what about Bonewidow? Do we have to get that one to 40 to get full mastery or just rank 30? Also....25 grandmother tokens to gild a kitgun? Good grief. Why can't it just be 5K standing like gilding things in Fortuna and Cetus?
  2. Yeah no. I refuse to believe this is an unfixable problem that has to pass the burden onto players. You have access to player profiles that track progress and unlocked warframe achievements. All you should need is a script that you either run on the server or on client login that scrubs their profile for completed achivements and calls unlock on the associated PS5 trophy. I would love to know why this can't be done. That complaint aside, PS5 version looks exciting. Now I just need one :S.
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