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  1. ... and it is doubly sad ( It is necessary to repair similar troubles first of all, as for me, otherwise the people will stop buying something in the store for real money.
  2. This bug exists with the appearance of Necramech in game. Please fix it.
  3. Another problem with NYX 1-st skill... This "RailjackCrewlGuy" always kill her minion. I can't call both of them at the same time. Minion can also be killed by radiation status if he was present in the gun of the shooter.
  4. Such actions of developers are normal for free games. I think that it is also time to leave this topic... I collected a sufficient number of views. DE should have noticed because Hinsa Claws were fixed ~2021.03.24. There was no information about the edits of Garuda's skins in the patchnoute, but there were edits. It's a pity what DE missed the Successor skin. It remains only to wait. That's all that remains.
  5. For what Garuda was punished for? (ಥ﹏ಥ)
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