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  1. Observe problem with location of the secondary weapon in Baruuk's right leg. It hangs almost in the air.
  2. I have already mentioned the problem of the Altar and allied mobs - DE repaired it. Also repaired the color of Garuda's Claws in new skin. For me, this is already more than enough, but I will continue to follow to this topic anyway because problems are still many. You and your answers in this thread did much more for the game, I think, if this is so, then forgive me for my careless attitude to your advice. ...i became even more doubt in your words about the fact that you do play for Garuda. Can i do something to help you more Mr.?
  3. That's your opinion and you're entitled to it. But there are other people whose opinions too have the right to existence and such people in this thread majority. I did not notice any benefit for topic from your answers. If you are indifferent to this topic then why you are here? You really do not want to participate in the development of the project and you are ready to tolerate all shortcomings in project? Is it bad that the game is changing for the better thanks to those who have expressed their criticism toward her? I still do not understand you, sorry...
  4. This is not nitpicking. It's our words to DE that we not indifference about their project.
  5. Perhaps I spoke incorrectly. I meant that the Garuda's Claws are useless at this time for her players. Well, you start again. . . about the Altar you too expressed his displeasure, but in the end it was repaired. And Big Thanks to all people who participated in the discussion in this topic! If we will continue to discuss theme of Garuda's Claws, DE sooner or later should pay attention to problem. With your logic, WarFrame is not necessary in Vouban rework. We just have to be grateful for the fact that he is in the game and his not necessary to alter -_-
  6. If you want, then you can transfer this images from here to the top of this topic...
  7. ...players also do not know what these Garuda's Claws as a melee weapon -_-
  8. Unfortunately this problem not solved yet :( ......... This happens when you make a shot during the Talons' combo: +++
  9. I apologize for my bad English and imprecisions in my text. 😰
  10. And yes. Sometimes cures, sometimes not. The reason did not clear :(
  11. Go to Arsenal, select a Talons and wait for the animation and you see.
  12. I meant the animation bug where you stand in one place without moving.
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