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  1. Without Lantern Titania becomes less helpful in some missions which reduces shes variability. I use skill 3 often, it is really useful. I don't see the need for the first skill, only if you don't use an augment.
  2. It’s very interesting to know about it. + Volt in party, and.... https://gfycat.com/ultimatehilariousbrahmancow
  3. Agree. Completed the Steel Path's missions with Titania. 80-90% of completed missions are her merit.
  4. Better fixing this already: https://gfycat.com/ignorantfarhamadryad https://gfycat.com/briskwelldocumentedasianporcupine https://gfycat.com/waterygooddoe https://gfycat.com/faroffimpureafricanelephant And about her power... maybe Helmint's +50 strength instead of the first skill helps you? I use this varian.
  5. Another good ideas about Garuda: +++
  6. There are missions in which only melee weapons can be used, but Garuda cannot use her claws on such missions - this is not right in my opinion. And visually it looks very ridiculous when the Claws are removed from her hands. It's not just visually unacceptable. Garuda uses her Claws when you activate the second and fourth skills. Claws should ALWAYS be on her hands, absolutely always regardless of mission constraints! The fact that her claws disappear from her hands - is a visual bug for me.
  7. ...and about Mirror of Hinsa skin: And my opinion on her Claws:
  8. To destroy your minions - press and hold the skill button. Same action as Titania with her Lanterns. DE, why not?
  9. Garuda's Claws skins... when will you fix it?
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