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  1. But it doesn't do anything, so it doesn't make sense now. And this is sad. Need to make that these functions are not lost. It's not difficult. Just good patch and the problems that you have described will be solved. Everything is solved. In any case, some pets will run away only because of their skills, and not as now they do it. This will be less unfortunate even if they die because of it. There are combat breeds for which it makes absolutely no sense to disable the attack function, but the players should have a choice! To rush into battle without having the strength and health for this, especially when it does not help the owner, but on the contrary hinders, since you constantly have to be distracted to raising your pet - that's what the real problem is. This is insane and it is happening now with the pets in the game.
  2. Garuda's Specter can't use its Mirror skill (
  3. All right, all right. And what if the reward is made less valuable than a very rare one? There will be a small bonus, but it will still be nice to get it.
  4. ...thank you for your feedback. Your words also make sense. There is something to think about.
  5. I have been asking myself the same question for a long time. I would also like to assign buttons for quick navigation through the menu. For example, assign the R button to start of the completed mission on the screen with rewards when you are already on the Orbiter.
  6. Colors of Garuda's Claws with the Successor skin are still broken. (( https://gfycat.com/ru/grossunsightlyladybug
  7. As a bonus, DE could give out the same Legendary Core as a reward. The reward should be really rare because the chance of triggering such a jackpot is very small.
  8. Let him run for "gifts", BUT! He shouldn't attack the enemies if I don't need it, it's simple, and the topic is devoted to this issue. I want my pets to use their skills, but not get into a fight. I want to have a choice on setting up the behavior of pets. To get into a fight with enemies or to be always close to me - I want to determine this myself.
  9. Also a good idea for pets. But at the moment, they are constantly attacking enemies. The idea of the theme is to force your pets not to attack enemies when the players needs it.
  10. As far as I can remember, they always runaway trying to deal damage to enemies. Always. You just haven't noticed it before, most likely.
  11. Did DE mention this repair? Or will it be like with MOA? ...
  12. Colors of Garuda's Claws with the Successor skin are still broken. ((
  13. I didn't pay much attention before, but after running through several speed missions, I noticed that my pets were lagging behind me by several locations while I was already standing at the finish line. DE, you've done the exact opposite. It is necessary to teleport the LIVING pets to their owners and not the fallen ones. The same goes for MOA.
  14. I agree. The energy for the ship should not be tied to the pilot - this is correct and logical! DE destroyed another good interaction of the team's with the ship. This is wrong! The game is getting boring...
  15. Enemies constantly beat me and my frame suffers from this. DE, please cancel the damage from enemies! -------------- OMG Bro... use special mods to solve your problem.
  16. What for? It can be easier to do this... Remove attacking mods and damage mods, thereby causing pets inaction. These mods will still be unnecessary if you want your pet not to attack enemies.
  17. It fixes It --> Good patch 🤪 Thx Baro for patch!
  18. Then why do the dogs in the game behave in a similar way? And what does real life have to do with it? We are talking about the convenience of using pets and about various opportunities for interacting with them in the game.
  19. It seems that there is a problem of interaction of pets with the Khora's grid. They get stuck in it. Has anyone encountered such a thing?
  20. Have you tried using anti-radiation mods?
  21. I would really like to run with the [Charm] mod, but not using Smeeta. I really like the dog pets in the game. And it seems to me that in vain they removed the opportunity to petting our pets. It was necessary to add various BONUSES for petting both, cats and dogs, and not what was before. It was not necessary to remove this interaction mechanics. It was good in itself, but not thought out. Now the mechanics of interaction with pets are irrevocably erased from game and unlikely it to will return to us again, as it seems to me. And I always wondered why there was no need to petting cats? ..it was strange, I would even say, not right. Cats initially "tried" to dominate the attractiveness of use for players. It was wrong. I would like more refined mechanics of interaction with the in-game environment that exist at the moment instead of completely removing them.
  22. Still, I really hope for the speedy release of these edits... Smeeta - the most dominant breed at the moment, is not right at least and DE need to do something with it.
  23. I setup my Cavat so, that he will always bee near by me and give me buffs and not get into a fight. I have removed all attacking mods and damage mods from cat. And he does everything other way around and as a result dies in a crowd of enemies! Why don't you give the players the opportunity to make their pets passive to attack the enemy? Anyone who wants to make an attacking pet, let them set the appropriate damage mods and other mods for it. ..and this eternal teleportation of fallen animals from room to room will not be needed anymore. In any case, it looks extremely ridiculous and even annoying sometimes. Do animals suddenly have superpowers for teleportation after they receive damage incompatible with life? This is stupid absolutely and nothing is justified in the game. (...and this is like a legal cheat for players! It's wrong.) Mod [Charm], as for me, should already become a universal mod for all pets, as it was with the mod [Vacuum]. I don't like Smeeta from the word "absolutely!", but I have to take her on missions. This breed is popular at the very top of the top among players and you, probably, understand why... but not everyone likes to take her with them on missions. I'm one of them. For balance, I suggest making the [Charm] mod a passive ability for Smeeta - this will do free 1 slot for mods in this Kavat. I really hope that the developers will turn their attention to these problems. T.Y.! +++ +++ ------------------- ... I completely forgot when the last time touched my pet on Orbiter. I even stopped looking in his direction. Now he is just a thing for me. Enough time has passed after the update and the awareness came that something really was cut out in vain from this game. It is sad ...
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