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  1. The light showing tumors gets stuck in certain tiles and never despawns leading to infinite ligth building up. This also causes the tumors to stop spawning making the stage impossible to complete. Light getting stuck in stairs: You end up getting a black screen when watching it :) Gif of how awful this looks (seizure warning!) https://gyazo.com/2912c0210ed1d40e5de88e92a200de17
  2. Sometimes the marked enemies during stage 2 Isolation Vault spawn too far away, making the objective near impossible to complete.
  3. I've had probably over 10 missions tonight where you're completely unable to even start a Granum void. The terminal by the golden hands are grayed out and you can't interact with them. It has occured in assassinations, rescues, sabotages etc. It seems to always happen when I start in the following room: Example of an unavailable terminal:
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