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  1. i got mine today too, praise the lotus lol havent tried it on yet, but it looks great.
  2. lmao true im sorry to say but at this point it is unlikely you will get your plat...the email they sent me said the code had to be redeemed before november 25. however, i still recommend asking them.
  3. ive still yet to recieve any of my plat, have you guys gotten it?
  4. i was thinking the same lol. DE definitely owes us some concrete answers.
  5. Yeah, its not like DE to do this..i think. this is the first (and almost definitley last) time ive ordered any merch.
  6. The last e-mail i got was the automated response when i asked them a while back if the shirt was coming. ive also gotten no shirt or any other email from them. Maybe its because i only ordered the shirt and not the statue bundle?
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