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  1. Unless you are going to go the Damage 3.0 route, tweaking damage abilities as ults actually mean diddly against high end content. The way the game works right now warframes are separated in two. 1) Warframes with fixed number damage abilities (RJ, ash bladestorm, etc) 2) Warframes with scaling abilities The first group tends to be ok for people running trash missions and mobs and since they never actually push into the challenging content they think the warframe is good. (See: Iron Skin Rhino) However if you are pushing difficult content this means that warframes that are solely in the first group are useless. This can be offset by building frames with their other powers (CC, team damage buff for rhino for example) and ignoring the non scaling powers. Your iron skin will go from full to zero against that level 100 mob in a single hit, your CC will still be useful. If we look at excal currently, he has ONE ability that is useful in difficult content, and that is radial blind. Without it, this warframe is truly a starters frame, and to be shelved asap when going into further content. So we are moving into making this ONE ability less useful and tweaking the other abilities in what actually seems to be useless directions. Super jump, invis while in the air and small stun... this sounds like it means you get to live 2 count em 2 more seconds in a situation you would die immediately in. There is no need to take this ability into your build over a mod that would improve RB. The way RB is, with a duration and range, you actually need all the slots to make it good and useful well into hard content. There is no way you are dropping that to add any mediocre ability. Slash dash, useless, radial javelin, useless. The latest 'revamps' have been messy. Unfocused messy blob that feels like it was done with people that don't really play the difficult content in game. These changes will only take away the single use excal has in any high content play and further push him to be used in bottom of the heap content. Sure he will feel stronger for that content, but you know, it is filler content anyway, not like you needed any help in those areas. There will always be the "I like iron skin so I can walk around lasers in corpus missions" players and they will think heaps and bounds about these changes. But anyone pushing deep into endless will just think, oh there goes excal.
  2. -IX-

    Update 14.10.0

    The Deja Vu update. Here's update 14.5 again but now we're calling it 14.10
  3. -IX-

    Hotfix 11.5.7

    Thanks for the fix. I still don't see how you can consider a 2.5 or 5k credit reward for a survival tier anything but a slap in the face. Credits are given out at mission and and in alerts in abundance. We should not have them in survival tiers at all.
  4. Great Thread I think the biggest problem in warframe is that the game, and controls feel like a chain of animations. This is the problem of parkour and melee. It is expected for fps games but highly unusual for third person action games. I do not know much about this but it feels like warframe is an FPS game based on a fps engine, with some animations thrown into it to make it feel like a third person melee/platform/action game. The problem is the game feels very artificial. Melee swings, jumps wall runs are a series of preset animations that play one an event occurs (contact with a surface or the click of a button/key). It is not dynamically generated from a physics engine. Your swings will be the same thing weather you are running forward, walking sideways or backwards. Your body momentum, direction does not affect anything. The set swing animation plays, thats it. Same for wall runs. The example images show games which the animation played is determined through the physics/momentum of the character model. I'm not sure the warframe engine is capable of assigning animations based on physical status/events.
  5. -IX-

    Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    I only noticed this when comparing your spreadsheet to dpsframe.com since most other things lined up. When I read your post I actually tried to contact Gogge who maintains the site to tell him of the potential error on crit numbers and how most of the crit based weapons would be wrongly calculated in this case. Glad to see it helped in some way.
  6. -IX-

    Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the info. Guess crit damage being wrongly displayed should be added to another thing that is wrong with the in game information displayed in the arsenal for weapons. I would have thought that crit damage would have been displayed correctly at the very least in the arsenal.
  7. -IX-

    Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the clarification, bout would that not cause problems with mods? Soma does 300% damage on crit. With Crit damage mods that increase the damage, this goes up to 660% (afaik) not 440%. This can also be seen in the in-game display. Soma with vital sense has 6.6x damage multiplier not 4..4
  8. -IX-

    Damage 2.0 Spreadsheet

    Soma Crit Damage is 300% not 200% base afaik. It is listed as 200% in the spreadsheet. This is the reason the supra is looking better than the soma in the spreadsheet.
  9. -IX-

    Update 11.1.0

    It should be the other way around. Mods shoud add ips damage like elementals do. NOT as a percentage of the already weak ips innate damage. This not only makes mods useless unless your weapon has already a good corresponding ips damage (think weapons without one of the three types, do not benefit AT ALL from the missing damage type mod) but also weapons with weak sides cannot be played/improved upon. Mods are there for variety and this change shoehorns us rather than enabling us. Bad design choice imho.
  10. -IX-

    Drop Tables 2.0

    Sorry but this was a terrible job. Do you not use drop simulators on your tables to see the results and spread of what drops over thousands of times? Some internal testing would have been welcome in this case.