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  1. I know that feeling, I never believed they were still in the game, all previous pictures I’ve seen were from 3-4 years ago. Even when told they existed by another codex completionist I didn’t believe until that moment I actually seen it for my self. It might take me another 4 years to find the other 2 I’m missing and then another few years to find the 2 reinforced grineer storage containers and 3 Forgotten Grineer Storage Containers Im missing.
  2. I agree, these would look so awesome as decorations.
  3. Not really as I have been a map clearer for a very long time as I passive loot.
  4. haha, tasty balance, its more like trouble, easy to come and hard to go.
  5. Yes you are right because I have over 3k hours ant this is my first.
  6. They really do exist... Well we will see how long it takes me to find the other 2.
  7. The pathocyst parts are not linkable in chat.
  8. got nurfed in the last riven shuffle.
  9. Are there gonna be a reduction in the mods dropped from the wolf? In the past 3 days I’ve done 34hrs 56 minutes and still going of capture and exterminate missions. I got 2 common weapon parts, the mask and a lot on mods I already have A lot of. If no reduction of the mods dropped can we atleast get some standings with them?
  10. What does this mean in layman’s terms,When will this increase take place?
  11. I just want to say thanks again to the GOTL program as I’ve met a jr GOTL in my early days starting warframe and without them I may have given up the game as I was a clueless Tenno with zero idea of how anything worked in the game. I was even taken on one of the last partial raids the day before it was retired by a GOTL because I asked if there was any chance of me being able to have that experience. I also had the privilege of doing my first John Prodman challenge with a jr GOTL and that was truly an experience that I enjoyed. Even though not many may have had the pleasure of meeting one of these few, we all aspired to be like them in our own ways with or without the title. It is also nice to see this new system as I for one do like giving jack his jacket when it is due and have on many times been touched by many kind hearted tennos out there and had no way in showing my appreciation, even though 2 simple words like thank you would do, I was brought up differently and sometimes words aren’t enough to show true appreciation. With this new system I can now honour those honourable tennos that I cross paths with. Thank you yet again.
  12. [DE]Rebecca Thank you all @ DE for this. Praise the void🤗
  13. Close the quill shop, convert all arcane bp to arcane then reopen quill shop, would be an easy way to solve this issue of time invested being lost as many of us invested time and effort to get those arcane bps and to sell them off for creds which is not what I’m willing to do. All the resources now that are useless also needs proper addressing as that was also time invested being stolen not taken away. I chose to invest my time farming the resources to get what I needed and to just see it become redundant it not easy to swallow. I am happy for who have it easier now don’t get me wrong but my time should be valued as well and not just over looked and brushed under the rug. I grind for standings and resources to buy and craft those Cetus arcanes including the plague star arcanes, I haven’t crafted all of them as yet and if I now have to sell them for creds what was the point grinding for them in the first place? I don’t need creds! I hated fishing but in the end enjoyed it as I found fun doing it, I enjoyed crafting my bait and going fishing, not going to the bait shop, buying bait with my standings as it is in fortuna but hey I did that too. I have no problem with any of the new changes apart from the arcane bps sitting in my foundry, what do I do with all the rare fish parts? Where do I get back my time invested in grinding for those arcane bps when I should have clearly been spending it in the index because apparently I need creds not standings.
  14. Ty for the fun stream, glad to see [DE]Rebecca feeling better.
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