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  1. il y a 4 minutes, Animma a dit :

    So, anyone that’s done Railjack and/or Kuva litch farm just gets spat in the face as the content is now over 10 times faster to complete and 0 compensation to the people that played it prior to the dumb down patch. these changes might be great for the casual community but anyone that plays it for the sense of progression might as well gtfo. at least I know I won’t be playing any new content released until 6 month after the patch that is if I still remember this game exists.

    K. bye. Good lord entitled Kids these days need a slap of reality.
    Just go get some fresh air and leave the adults alone.

  2. il y a 4 minutes, SQUAKO a dit :

    Hi, I’m SQUAKO.


    You may have read my posts as the guy who posts bugs in patch updates or someone who lowball offers on rivens but that isn't the point- currently, I want to address a what majority of arbitration players are thinking and their opinions before this update on the current state of Arbitrations.


    Basically, to give you the rundown, Arbitrations suck for various reasons:


    • Because arb rotations are 2 normal rotations, mission types like defense are completely not worth doing (10+ minutes) compared to literally everything else (10 minutes survival, 10 minutes interception, 8 minutes defection, 6-10 minutes infested salvage, 4-8 minutes excavation).  Every main Arbitration spammer can agree excavation was the best one to run (bonus points for infested), and defense/survival took too long (or were too ‘boring’).
    • Rotation rewards all suck, pure endo that can be earned three times faster doing a couple runs of vodyanoi.  Cool mods and ephemera I guess.
    • Vitus Essence rewards turn out to be only buying the Ayatan Amber Star Blueprint, Power Donation, and the Veiled Archgun Riven Mod. (Excluding cosmetics of course, because ThE ReAl eNdGaMe iS FasHioNFrAmE).
    • Arbitration drone AI sucks because they cause enemies to get stuck across the map (unless someone uses a form of enemy radar).


    And with this update, solutions I have to solve most of the reasons why Arbitrations suck can be summed up to:


    • Change arb rotational rewards to be 1 normal interval with the reward pool being AABBCCCCCC… to match the ABCCCCCC….  This would make playing arbs more worth your while and earn more rewards for your time (especially since without the reduced level scaling I wouldn’t want to sit around for an hour with a bunch of level 200 enemies)
    • Add ALL types of rivens, Primary, Shotgun, Secondary, Kitgun, Melee, Zaw, redeemable for Vitus Essence in Arbitration Honors.  Actual tangible rewards are pretty lackluster and there would be no reason to do them unless you wanted a bunch of the cosmetics.
    • Add Kuva to be redeemable for Vitus Essence in Arbitration Honors.  Add Kuva to the rotational reward pool.
    • Have arbitration shield drones permanently under the effects of an enemy radar so they function properly and run to you (solving the “enemies stuck across the map” bug)
    • Bind Vitus Essence to account like how cracking relics do so crashing or aborting the mission early doesn’t throw out all your hard earned work.


    If you feel arbitrations can truly improve, I highly advise checking out my future post (I will add a link ASAP here) to check out and upvote or give me an argument about.  But until then, we can ALL agree arbitrations right now are pretty cut and dry.


  3. I am the evil here and I want Desecrate to have 10 second cooldown muahahahah

    Or, change desecrate to duration based AOE that cannot be recast. Auto reloot enemy corpses within range.

    That will stop the spamming 3 machine. But anyway, remove LS from desecrate to leverage Nekros demand is a good suggestion.

    • Players will now be disqualified from end-of-mission rewards if they've been dead or AFK for over a minute.  This will not affect players that are waiting at extraction.

    This is too harsh. I mean, my teammates have fought to the end and die in the last minute, we cannot run to extraction fast enough and they receive nothing? They fight for 39 minutes and die, for example, no revive left. Is that fair? Now we have to equip full revive all time?


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