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  1. Why would they rush through the event, that'd just leave us with another 6 month intermission.
  2. Mastery rank doesn't actually correlate with strength. As long as there's new stuff in lith relics occasionally, there'll still be reason to go there.
  3. You're saying that like you don't already have to farm a heap of every single type of relic every time a prime access rotates. It's exactly the same amounts of each era relic to get all the primes, the only difference is the distribution of rewards. As it is already, you don't just get those 3 existing axi relics by default. In order to get all of Titania Prime access items, you need 3 different Axi relics. In this rework you would need 3-4 Axi relics, except that they would be the same name. And it would be very easy to put primes into the lith section. All of the evergreen primes would easily belong there, like Lex, (Ak)Bronco, Paris, Bo. Most frames don't have a mastery requirement, so there's no harm going there, and many weapons have a fairly low requirement.
  4. Speaking of, kind of surprising that there were no new alt helmets added. Octavia and Gara are in the next 4 primes and neither have received their second yet. Don't think a frames ever made it to priming without 2 before.
  5. I never saw it as "go try conclave," because we know nobody will, it's more of "here's these interesting concepts we made that are dead because conclave is, so might as well make them available in the rest of the game even if they're terribly balanced for PVE." They seem to have given up on actually trying with conclave thank god. Up until this week they were doing really well at keeping the new mods/skins in low enough numbers to be able to afford them, but this week there's like 120 creds worth of brand new S#&$ and no possible way to earn that many. It's not like Conclave is actually a good option for getting them, the prices are exorbitant. All it does is annoys people who are collecting them with no benefit.
  6. Today's rotation of the Nightwave store has brought a pile of the converted conclave mods. From the start of this season of Nightwave I haven't spent a single credit on anything that wasn't a brand new skin or a converted conclave mod, yet I'm still left 30 creds short to pick up this week's haul. Would it be so hard to space out new releases so that it's actually possible to collect them when they show up rather than having to wait another whole set of rotations in the store for them to come back, which will likely be over a month at least?
  7. This is at least their third thread of "I'm playing on public and nobody plays the way I like." Trying to reason with them is pointless.
  8. They're much easier once you swap the option for "Invert Tap/Hold Abilities." Unfortunately Khora is the reverse of every other frame so whichever way you prefer, she'll be the wrong way, and for some insane reason Gauss' thermal sunder swaps with it as well.
  9. I just feel like an extra school would be a bad idea overall. 1. Focus is already an obscene grind when players reach it. Adding a new school adds a whole new set of lenses to build and a whole lot of nodes to grind, way more than just adding to the existing trees. 2. It seems like it would just be there so vets couldn't have it leveled day 1 from excess focus lying around. 3. It would need to be strong enough to compete with Zenurik (and Naramon) which would likely just push other schools even further out. I really wish we could build our own tree from our unlocked nodes, still requiring 2 void dash nodes, 2 void blast, 4 passives, 2 void modes. It would give much more incentive to level up different schools and would give them relevance beyond "energising dash beats out all other bonuses."
  10. I don't think it would really change much in the slightest. When a new batch of primes comes out, they spread them anyway. Titania is on one of each era, as is Corinth, and Pangolin is on one of each of the three higher tiers. Instead of farming ~3 different axis, neos, mesos and 2 liths for parts of 3 different things. (11 different relics for 3 prime weapons, all diluted with existing parts.) You would instead spend your time farming ~3-4 of 3 different eras still, except they would be the same relics. ie, Rather than 1x Axi T5 + 1xAxi G4 + 1x Axi T4 you'd simply be farming 4 Axi Titania relics, numbers multiplied for attempts obviously.
  11. Since "Warframe: Revised" is the big theme at the moment, does anyone else think relics should be rethought? I'm not saying rebuild the system from the ground up, but maybe just a shuffle of contents. My main concern with the relic system is the ever-growing mass of random crap filling our inventories with needless clutter. With every prime addition up to 10 new relics come in. They don't really add individual farm time as all of an era come from one location, they just add clutter. Every new prime unvaulting event combines new frames, with brand new relics combining parts of the two like the new Trinity/Nova relics. This has gone on to the point that we have Neo S13 relics, naming them is redundant at this point because nobody can actually remember what's in anything even if they know the rare starts with an S. For an example of what I believe is an exemplar relic, Baro brings the Axi A2 Relic which is the sole location of the Aklex Prime Link, and one of two places to get the Aklex Prime Blueprint. Point is, the relic is structured to contain the Aklex, the link, and the parts and blueprint of the Lex required to build the Aklex. Would this be a better way of creating relics? Rather than a new prime frame coming out and requiring a common from a meso, 2 uncommons from a lith and a neo, and a rare on an axi, there would just be a, for example, "Titania Relic" containing 1-2 commons, an uncommon, and a rare piece of Titania. Obviously different weapons and frames would all still have different numbers of required parts, the highest currently being 5 non-repeated parts on Cernos, Ballistica and Zhuge, along with Aklex and Akvasto. Since 4 is about average it would make sense to have 5 items per relic, with a forma filling the 5th slot as it does already. For weapons with less, like many secondaries and melees, something like riven slivers could be included. Each new prime would only bring 3 new relics, one for the frame and 2 for weapons. Unvaultings would return 2 sets of 3 relics. There are 2 main concerns I see with this idea. Firstly, how to convert players' existing relics into new ones. The fairest way would be to sum up the total number of parts for a given prime across currently known relics and convert that number into the relics for that item, however that would basically take your current relics and multiply them by 5-6. Alternatively, the highest number you own of any piece of a prime could be turned into that relic. Ie, you have 5 relics with a common Nova systems, 6 with a common Nova neuroptics, 7 with an uncommon Nova blueprint and only 4 with a rare Nova chassis. After the change you would have 7 Nova relics. You would receive less chances to try for a Nova part, however every roll would guarantee you a Nova part, or a forma blueprint. The second issue is eras, how to split relics between them. Would each relic simply belong to a different era? Titania is an Axi relic, while Corinth is a Neo and and Pangolin is a Meso. It would certainly leave options like making evergreen primes Lith relics. (Incidentally the "accidental vaultings" of evergreen rimes would be fixed with this system too.) Or would era be completely eliminated from the relic itself, and instead some other bonus like extra void traces be added to the higher difficulty of the mission. I'm sure for most players the era is already redundant past the point of where to farm them as the difficulty is far below what's considered 'challenging.' TLDR: I believe the game would be better, and simplified, if each relic contained parts from only one prime item. This would reduce the clutter and buildup of endlessly growing relics. It would be possible, though difficult, to convert existing relics into simplified ones at a fair rate.
  12. Also, is it still funny to call boarding parties 'optimists?' Huh, Tenno? HUH? CEPHALON CY HAS MADE THIS JOKE 15.3 BILLION TIMES NOW AND ONLY GOT A 'THAT'S KINDA FUNNY' ON THE FIRST ONE, TENNO!
  13. All male Liches have that same dialogue and personality, all female Liches have the same more serious and aggressive personality. TBH all of the appearances just blend together too. For a system that was meant to be a "personalised enemy" that felt really rewarding to face and would be a long term system, it really devolved into "kill an identical enemy 20 times to collect the weapons."
  14. Makes sense, Warframe isn't really a good game to watch. If you're watching someone play a grind you may as well just be grinding yourself and actually get something out of it.
  15. Where's the Aquila spawn? I've been all over Jupiter looking for it. Also there's some sort of difference with the dropship that only appears leaving as you enter the tile, the codex scanner doesn't even register it as being there.
  16. No, just because rocks aren't months of work doesn't mean I believe people shouldn't be paid for work. Now totter off back to your lonely twitter art stream with your chatbot viewer, and leave me the hell alone.
  17. I was expecting nothing until Steve outright promised something drastically better. Now my expectations are high that there's some big mindblowing event for the finale, because what's been released so far could be classified as "minor improvements."
  18. Why do I get the feeling you're the kind of person who responds to DElayed posts with "gee whiz, thanks for not releasing it, better to have good content than buggy content!" then jumps to defend the bugged-to-hell content that releases the next week?
  19. By all means working from home would make it difficult. It's more the 4 months of work before that happened that are questionable. All I'm saying is there better be some Octavia's anthem level of grandiose bossfight/arena waiting at the end, not like the Zealot and Wolf plopped into generic missions.
  20. "Hey guys, we're gonna start working on a scene for glassmaker." "BUT HOW WILL THE ROCKS LOOK!?!!" "Glassy. Duh."
  21. Considering how we've seen people like Skyers on stream take a lump and turn it into a pretty detailed start to a deluxe skin in less than 15 minutes, yeah, I think they do. But sadly, rocks are the peak of artistic expression and require no less than 4 weeks meditation in a Buddist temple to "art" properly.
  22. This is a game that's had some downright excellent content over 7 years. Sorry if "jump three times" isn't blowing my mind here. Also if someone is paid to work as an artist and takes more than 13 seconds and a crayon to make concept art of "generic rock asset #496" there's bigger concerns.
  23. And still none of it is groundbreaking or in any significant way an improvement like we were promised. It may have taken a couple of people a whole day to make a breaking rock, but we still haven't seen any step up in actual Nightwave gameplay quality.
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