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  1. doesn't feel like i'm playing with fire still. as far as that is concerned it's a flop.
  2. saw the rework on dev stream. it just left a bad taste in the mouth.
  3. imperator, phaedra want a talk.
  4. no. i was talking about his comment regarding ideas for augments lmao. down with that system.
  5. would rather not keep supporting a bad system by feeding it more ideas. They need to make sure the stuff has everything it needs at the get go instead of just put a patch onto it.
  6. lmao good number of mooks defending this lousy excuse of a trading system. Guess they enjoy sitting in front of the screen for x hours a week filtering through messages to trade.
  7. that's implying the game lasts that long. At the rate they going at would be surprised if it makes it past 10 years.
  8. nah kill accelerant too. give us back overheat and a new kit 😄
  9. sad but true. And not just a bunch of ppl claiming to care like they did with the chimp *wukong* rework. We saw how that went.
  10. oh yeah. I did reformat that Insatiable Flames rework so it should be alot easier to read. Give it a looksie if you didn't see it's reader friendly format. @myunhealthyhobby you too incase it was too overwhelming with it's old format.
  11. her only issue is being lighting reliant otherwise she could probably give chroma a big run for his money given how her eclipse calculates like a bane mod instead of serration like vex armor does.
  12. Even tho i run Ember on nightmare Kuvivals that's such a small exception that it can't be the norm. Most are just being tards. Heck used to be that player who'd run Wukong pre rework without defy. The pro duders are just hurting the game overall.
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