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  1. true he was an evil dude. But so is tyl, ballas yet their voices have probably dropped someone's garments before :P
  2. true. but then again having to dance around toxic players itself is wrong. If the players weren't the problem it wouldn't even be an issue.
  3. Ordis is doing that to spite the tenno somewhat since he knows they have mommy issues 😄 If he had his original personality instead of the dad joke flinging dork now that would be fun to have as a mission giver.
  4. no that's supposed to be the tenno's job. Should they opt for it and not trying to raze the system or take sides.
  5. Let's just replace the riven system. Cause as it is it's not much different than the pet rng when doing random. In terms of luck, exploitability and terms of trade it's not much different than a slot machine/gacha that we can sell. Which last i checked is something DE was trying to prevent/discourage.
  6. Solo. Easier to see one's competency when there's no one to blame but yourself if things go south.
  7. whom also tried to kill you the supposed child of many that claims to love and all that.
  8. missing the faction that seeks Tenno independence :P And a side that wants to see all the factions coexist :O
  9. true ppl are lazy and that's not our problem xD limit that potential by locking it behind something that requires heavy buildup maybe. Deters that level of idiocy from becoming a problem. Tbh forgot that ppl being pieces of garbage is a thing. Can't have anything nice cause of them i swear. also wrong type of banish. I meant heavily reported or heavily getting S#&$ for getting near them. :o could just make Ember vulnerable to friendly fire if she can do that kind of dmg w/o restrictions.
  10. yeah. just cause one combo works ok with the setup of autoblock doesn't really mean rest of the combos on other stances are in a good spot when blocking is still involved. Also there's the obvious about ppl hating having to use autoblock when it's disruptive to melee combat as a whole. The fact they can't melee glide without having to unequip nearly everything but the weapon to do so for effective mobility. Cause melee gliding is much more versatile than aimgliding when getting around and reducing incoming dmg. Mods reliant on blocking are shafted cause of the autoblock. Bad timing of the autoblock gets players killed. All in all it's a hindrance more than an aid.
  11. rivens at their core are just another bandaid in the game. Like many augments for many frames. Some are practically required in order for things to work decently if at all. Seeing such a problem resolved would be lovely.
  12. unpopular opinion here but would be very down with seeing rivens replaced with something that's less rng but alot more grindy. So issues regarding disposition like this cease to be and ppl on forums don't attack de cause they spent 4 digits on a god riven or something 😄
  13. or punch through plus ricochet plus paralysis. Doesn't even need the crit booster since it's crit is pretty nice as is. Tho saying i'd turn it away if it had a kill on paralyzed foe multiplies crit values by 2 would be a great lie lol
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