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  1. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1098587-conductor-of-the-pineapple-brigade-vauban-rework/ Sharing is caring xD Take from it what you like if at all :o Still adheres to combat engineer antics but a lil more focused on making the enemy wish they didn't get out of bed this year.
  2. too easy to fail... *seen countless groups fail it many times* even mooks with stealth frames eff it up. no if anything they need to be much harder over all, not just spy missions. ppl need to just stop sucking.
  3. because it's part of how attacks with warfans are irl. In fan forms the person would do that to mock/aggravate others into attacking them. Had they not left out an aggro draw on the stance ppl wouldn't be griping about it.
  4. the option would be nice tbh. Hearing nora trying to be sassy all the time gets old after a while.
  5. one more thing. If we had an auction house we'd be very likely to access it through the wf app as well. Meaning we could do our shopping for what we need in game even away from our consoles 😄
  6. 2-5% of the plat for the transactions is fair, 25% is way too steep even compared to Auction house taxes I've seen in asian mmorpgs. Locking something behind prime access though would be a poor choice, would make DE look greedy asf and get double backlash from the community. Keeping the trade cap works for auction house just keep it as is but lock it to transactions with the same seller. One seller selling lots of stuff you like? Go ahead load up that cart and buy it all. Auction houses don't function well if you restrict selling of items. That's part of what helps them flouris
  7. an auction house would be nice. Save so much time from posting in trade chat when I could be playing the game or working on something else. Timewise it's way better for the players. Outside groffiters but eff them. More time to play the game, plus you get a pleasant surprise when something you posted in it gets sold while you were offline or in a mission or something. This game is already pretty resilient to rmt just for the fact you can't mine for plat like you could premium currency in other games with dmt. lil trade tax in form of plat that de pulls out instead
  8. we shall all mourn for monkey. He deserved so much better.
  9. Or they could just make her ripline more useful overall. As for harms way operator mode is a thing to avoid that o.e
  10. :o didn't know they posted that lol o.o. ah mb for assuming those would stay endless like survival. That just stings x:
  11. well never said nm defense exclusively for my nm enjoyment so mb bit hard not to assume the worst when you enjoy running nm survivals cause chaos o.o touch another nm endless mode and think they did it to all lmao
  12. What's wrong with liking nm mode's scaling?
  13. Could just be it's half right and half wrong. Like some said nm survival still is endless thank goodness for that. But defense, interception aren't. Will have to wait for defection and excavation to nm before checking those too. O.o
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