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  1. Hmm you right my pride of staying at MR 15 is more importent then Weapons anyway. Thanks "Buddy" All i have to do is not use that thing then ez. hmm i shouldn't even made a topic anyway
  2. But Melee Tenet Exec has MR Lock since it's from NPC Shop from what i heard that's why i only say Tenet Exec i already know the bypass since i can use Tenet Arca plasmor which is MR 16
  3. Actually... I don't know. It's a cycle if you will. Thinking about a reason to stay 15/Do other stuffs while thinking about reasons/Can't find any give up and decide to stay at MR 15 for no reason. Repeat. Saying that i don't care MR would be ironic considering i do care enough to stay at MR 15 but it seem many people don't agree so i apologize for a stupid and useless request.
  4. An EXTREAMLY selfish request from a loser who wnat to stay at MR 15. It would be a shame to stop my selfish goal to stay at 15 because i want to use new weapon. Thanks and sorry for selfish request.
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