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  1. It's Razer Chroma again. This time I'm not seeing an update for it so it looks like even I'm stuck this time digging for a solution EDIT: Forgot to edit in afterwards: I restarted my pc and it started working again. I...got nothing. Weird.
  2. So I fixed mine and here's my tips: 1) Check your event viewer and go to the errors area immediately after causing the game to crash. Look for an application error that is mentions Warframe and see what it says on the line titled "Faulting module path". Mine said RzChroma, which means it's Razer Chroma causing the problems. IF that is the issue try this: Open up your Windows Update application and check for an update. If there's a Razer update update that and restart your PC. Then open up the Razer Control Panel and check for an update there. If there is update that too, and after that check AGAIN for a windows update. Basically bounce back and forth till neither have an update. Once everything is up to date RESTART your PC (I made the mistake and thought it was still broke). For me the restart fixed it and I have now logged in twice.
  3. Nope, just started happening to me today too. Enter password, game loads a bit and crashes. Seems to be linked to Razr Synapse which means one of the programs needs to push an update.
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