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  1. We have no idea yet. They will share more information in the future. I know merges would be a headache but I would love to merge everything into one big account.
  2. Haven't been this hyped since Fortuna days. I wasn't even that interested in New War and now I can't f*cking wait! Hopefully crossplay/crosssave isn't far away. Can't wait to share my progress between platforms.
  3. Yes! I actually can see DE teasing a new PvP mode with these types of missions. They did a tremendous amount of work making the gameplay of each faction be something unique, it would be a shame if we don't get an expansion of this content down the road. In my opinion the new PvP should be merged with the Invasions (right now, they are not the most popular game mode). Choose your faction and compete with other players. It would be absolutely AWESOME.
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