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  1. When is something going to be done about Link-Trinity. Would be nice if other people in the group at least got to see enemies at some point during the mission.
  2. Actually now that killing an enemy outright and hitting a spore have the exact same spread range, you dont need AOE weapons at all now. Killing a single infected enemy and hosing down a group gives you exactly the same spread.
  3. Changes look good but I'm a bit confused about recasting spores. Does the 20% damage and 50% cost reduction apply for any recast, or only on recasting spore on an already affected enemy, if the duration is infinite I'm not sure why you would ever want to reapply on an enemy already infected anyway. Why not just have spore only able to target uninfected enemies? Also, does over writting spores allow you to overwrite another Saryn's spores? will we have dueling Saryns now each trying to recast spores over and over to have their spores stick to pad meters? EDIT: I should also mention that I very much like the idea that spores don't spread if they are the ones to kill, promoting active gameplay choices is always a welcome change.
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