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  1. Yeah, I should probably accept that fact, but I'm hardheaded, so probably won't. I do think that it could've been more skill based and all difficulty that DE adds seems to be laughed off by many members of the community as just adding bulletsponges or removing player gear. I think it is a bit of a two sided problem, though. Players want to farm things as quickly and efficiently as possible, thus players don't want to deal with complex combos or take down enemies methodically, instead just wanting to sweep the waves of enemies into oblivion with little to no effort. DE being a compa
  2. Shh, keep this on the down-low, won't ya? You're messing with my plans to get TR to be worth a loadsum so I could make a killing on the market.
  3. Yeah, I understand wanting intuitive systems, but I would've liked there to still be complexity/depth. As the game has a longer lifespan than you would play a single player game, there is a lot of time for you to start mastering elements of it. If you reach the skill ceiling within a month, then for the rest of the time you are just slowly getting bored of that thing you have mastered.(I would atleast) This is one thing that bothers me, but is also deeply engrained, just wiping out hordes and hordes of enemies no problem. Mainly that many gamemodes are 100% focused on that, eg. ESO and
  4. Nope, as stated above I don't run explosives weapons, just pointing out the obvious logic that there can be up to 3 other players in your way while in solo there are none. "Encourage" was not meant to imply it is a main reason someone would switch to solo, but instead something that adds to the heap of straws on the camel's back.
  5. I see, it might sadly be a bit engrained into Warframe that players want to be efficient and adding complexity does not add to efficiency in any manner. I for one think that the problem is that the skill floor and the skill ceiling are basically the same currently and it's all just spamming E. I believe the higher the skill ceiling the better and that combat is there to be enjoyed and not just sped through with the least effort and that mastering something is innately satisfying
  6. You know what else the way it is currently implemented does? Encourages players to play solo to not have other run in front of them, due to frustration and not because it is difficult. That's why I'm saying they should make it all or nothing. Either you need to aim around your allies or you don't. If you do and you are doing it that way for difficulty reasons, taking down your team mates would make the game more difficult, now won't it?(at least for your teammates)
  7. That's the good thing about punchthrough, you would still do damage to allies in a radiation situation, just like how you do damage to the first guy you hit with a gun modded for punchthrough. Personally not too bothered by this either(never run explosives), but I still believe these interactions don't make too much sense.
  8. There has lately been a large increase in the discussion relating to melee being too "spam E" focused, in all those discussions I have not seen anyone bring up the most recent(been a while, but is still most recent) updates to the melee combos. Some background for those who may be too new to remember the old combos or a refresher for those who might've forgot. The melee combo system(not combo counter system) used to have sequences of varying directional and mouse inputs while meleeing that would perform a combo, a while back all of these combos were simplified to be executable by jus
  9. Perhaps this would fit better under the Feedback>Weapons section, but still a valid point. I previously suggested 99% weapons have innate infinite ally punch-through, exceptions being things that stick to players like: Castanas, Ivara arrows and Penta's(I think that's the name) sticky grenades. What are you even talking about? I agree the game is sadly too easy, but this is more QoL than anything, does it sound like OP keeps dying due to the stagger or are they just frustrated that stagger happens for something unreasonable. IMO either this gets removed or we make this a
  10. Cool, thanks for the data. I'm quite surprised to see how people voted on "What squad size missions are based around?" Seems way higher than I anticipated. Personally chose 1 since other than Eidolons the game does not seem to be balanced around teams. Many mission types do have some scaling when in a team, but (excluding open world bosses) the benefit you get from team mates isn't needed, but does make things easier. In my opinion if something were balanced around 2 or more player then with that amount of players the game would be at an optimal difficulty, not too easy, not too hard. Thu
  11. It seems that you ended up duplicating the "Fill Queue" Result instead of the "Help Queue" Result.
  12. Don't think this fits under the "Warframes" part of the forum, but that's besides the point. Leave squad is a solution, but not a fun one. Current problems: As mentioned you wouldn't want to leave the squad if you are in a group with friends If half the squad stands on the extraction it starts to extract everyone This is a big issue since it is counterproductive to openworld design since openworlds encourage long stays, but this feature can force people out of the mission. Leaving the squad as a client is fine, since you just disappear for everyone else
  13. Fair enough. Although, I think it would've been fine if such questions were added given their relevance to the topic and there could've been a comparison between surveys similar to what you did with excavation.
  14. Especially the one from the trap, might be interesting if you had to do a drone type(Such as on Plains), but one of the players had to drive it instead. I would like them to be somewhat faster than they are now, since they can be outrun on foot, and its weapons should be usable.
  15. I'm just surprised there are no questions relating to deciding to be host or avoid being host. I've seen a few posts relating to that and expected it to be mentioned in a matchmaking survey.
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