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  1. Final Update: This is just for anyone who actually cared to follow this thread. I have decided to uninstall WF and thus will not be completing this challenge.
  2. To be honest, what can't you say that about? The playerbase is broad enough that almost anything DE would do would be loved by some and hated by some. Personally I see the game as becoming way too casual-centric and overly easy, but I have been playing for 4.5 years, so most things seem casual at that point. The big issue is how long they've been inactive. It's been 3.5 years since they've been decommissioned, so a third of people having tried it is actually an amazingly high amount. (Definitely some selection bias due to Forum users being more likely to be more veteran players) C
  3. Patch notes seem to indicate that Kelpie and Kappa just switched gamemodes, I would assume Gauss is now farmable on Kappa instead.
  4. Update 6: 4 new Augments from update 30.2.0 have been added to the list, 2 have already been completed with built up standing.
  5. I'm quite certain the implication is bigger maps with more content to explore. As you've said vast emptinesses is not fun, but that is assuming the roughly same amount of time was spent compared to a smaller map. I see similar to the last survey there were requests for wildlife zones, vast spaces would solve that if dropships and enemy spawns weren't based on your location. (Not something I particularly care about, but others seem to have brought it up). I think the desire for larger maps might also be bound to a desire for something impossible... An openworld that you can spend days to w
  6. I only have 1 request. Force players to play their first void storm solo aswell as forcing them to collect the 10 reactant to unlock the relics. I've had to for every single party I've been in tell them to stop blowing up crewships, otherwise we get no reactant and thus never open any relics. Anything to get people to understand that destroying all the spaces at which enemies can spawn is a bad idea.
  7. Razorback finally came around, so I got the 5 Auger Strikes I needed. I think the drop rates were bugged, though. I was able to get them all in only 11 runs. The probability of that happening randomly is a mere (5.53/100)^5*(1-5.53/100)^6*11!/5!*6!*100=0.0169836563% chance. About a 1 in 6000 chance of that happening, way too weird. I see also that Bore, Breach Loader and Piercing Caliber are most easily obtained from RB. so I should probably get back to farming that. No idea why, but I was forced to add a tag to the thread to submit the latest edit.
  8. Never had any of those in my 1200 days either, forma is the closest and that only dropped on set days eg. Multiples of 50. I've got weapon BPs before, but that was long ago before I built all of the weapons. Other than that rare occasion it's been resources and boosters for me.(excluding milestones)
  9. Just like to add my own experience in here: I agree that these missions are destined to be abandoned. I played a few of them obviously trying to get the weapon parts, but still wanting the relic rewards, but no void enemies spawned on the only ground objective and the rest of my crew just blasted all the crew ships before any reactant could be collected. Afterwards explicitly stating that they don't care that they caused us to loose out on the relic reward and that their only goal was to obtain the weapon components. So, yes, these are not set up in such a way that players seem
  10. Are you sure about this? I'm quite certain the update to the reward scaling was for both MR and days logged in. Although, testing this alone is basically impossible.
  11. Indeed, if we were to judge based on the actions of the rest of the game, however that is due to how there needs to be conflict for there to be gameplay. This however is a scripted quest event where you can fly to the other side of the map shoot in the wrong direction and the weapon will still hit the corpus ship. Having the rocket hit them does not contribute to gameplay, but is obviously giving the corpus more of a reason to hate us. Given how nodes on a map can be infinitely repeated I do not consider things happening in them to be lore/story, but this is a set event in the timel
  12. A bit off topic, but I'm not too certain it is luck, the whole ship is filled with granum gateways, that's the quickest escape possible. Yep, disappointed by the actions we were forced into.
  13. I do not see this as that horrible, he might be playing the odds, quite similar to Alad, I guess. He's creating powerful machines and does not care about the risks, sure, might have devastating consequences, but he is not actively affecting the lives of others(as far as I know, only joined end 2016, so I wasn't around for lore before then, like the gravidus dilemma, I think that's what it's called). He's basically just letting a self adapting AI run free. Not the best idea for safety reasons, but if all you care about is making an effective combat proxy it's not too insane. There is a discussi
  14. I didn't see her as someone longing to end it, they obviously went that route with Sevagoth, but it felt like Cy made up a goal for him too quickly. He saw him once, read from some corpus databases and he instantly had the plan to give Shadow the chance to save someone. If Cy had this knowledge, wouldn't the corpus aswell? Her survival indicates to me that she didn't want to go down with the ship, where she ended up makes 100% sense. She's on a corpus ship filled with with granum gateways and she most likely has the ability to easily obtain granum crowns to enter the granum void. Going th
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