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  1. Final Update: This is just for anyone who actually cared to follow this thread.

    I have decided to uninstall WF and thus will not be completing this challenge.


    Warframe has amazing controls and mobility is unrivaled, but I can not in good faith keep playing a game that stands in opposition to my principles.

    This video was a stepping stone, showing some undesirable traits in those running the game, but I discarded it due to these being interactions outside the game that I could've 100% avoided had I not watched the video.

    Ticker was added with its pronoun politics and now the "Pride" flag has been added. These three things have brought a political bent into something I would've wanted to stay apolitical.

    This post is really only here to let anyone who cared about this progress know that it will stop with an explanation of the reason for its termination, I don't really care if it has other effects, as that is not the goal nor will it affect my future interactions with WF.


  2. 4 hours ago, (PSN)Zero_029 said:

    The Warframe playerbase isn't fond of such things.

    To be honest, what can't you say that about? The playerbase is broad enough that almost anything DE would do would be loved by some and hated by some.

    Personally I see the game as becoming way too casual-centric and overly easy, but I have been playing for 4.5 years, so most things seem casual at that point.

    4 hours ago, Aldain said:

    I find it interesting that most people haven't played Warframe raids but have played raids in other games.

    The big issue is how long they've been inactive. It's been 3.5 years since they've been decommissioned, so a third of people having tried it is actually an amazingly high amount. (Definitely some selection bias due to Forum users being more likely to be more veteran players) Comparing this to other games with Raids(which I'm no expert on) which most likely have had their raids going consistently for those years WF has been missing out on them. All and all it makes sense that people have been more likely to do raids outside WF than in WF.

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  3. 1 hour ago, (XBOX)TyeGoo said:

    Baffled by people wanting larger maps.. probably the same that voted 'never to rarely' on visiting open worlds. It's just thousands of km's of nothingness that have to be traversed over and over. How is that fun?

    I'm quite certain the implication is bigger maps with more content to explore. As you've said vast emptinesses is not fun, but that is assuming the roughly same amount of time was spent compared to a smaller map. I see similar to the last survey there were requests for wildlife zones, vast spaces would solve that if dropships and enemy spawns weren't based on your location. (Not something I particularly care about, but others seem to have brought it up).

    I think the desire for larger maps might also be bound to a desire for something impossible... An openworld that you can spend days to weeks exploring without running out of content. Something that is more of an openworld game rather than a pregenerated level.

    When I look at the main things I would change in the openworlds is the addition of long term gameplay. Not just do a bounty and leave or get the animal/fish/ore you need and leave, some reason to hang around over multiple world cycles. A bit of this can be achieved by having larger maps with more things to explore, but only for a short while. After a week or 2 there won't be anything new to explore and it will return to having low power to hold attention for extended periods.

    Regarding the "never to rarely" claim: Data seems to suggest the opposite. Average of each level of interaction's opinion on how large the maps should be:

    1. 5.4
    2. 5.36
    3. 5.694
    4. 6.4325827
    5. 6.105882353
    6. 6.21

    Not a large deviation, but a general upward trend.

    Looking at the data backwards to see the average amount played by each group of size preference gives the following:

    1. 3.162790698
    2. 3.130434783
    3. 3.442307692
    4. 3.542857143
    5. 3.2954
    6. 3.571428
    7. 3.831168
    8. 3.703125
    9. 4.0625
    10. 3.53

    This again has an upwards trend.

    This does not take into account the sizes of the specific groups and only looks at the average vote in one category compared to a vote in another category, but it seems to show that those who believe they've spent relatively more time in openworlds are also more likely to desire future open worlds to be larger. The issue is that the first question is impossible for an individual to answer 100% accurately unless they never spend time in openworlds or are constantly playing them, as it is based around the individual's perception of the community's interaction with openworlds. The 2nd question also has limits that are based around what we currently have, you can't select smaller than Deimos, nor larger than Orb Vallis. You can see the peaks on 1 and 10 in the graphics Purzzle provides, with the almost normally distributed center, this seems to indicate a desire for both maps larger than Orb Vallis and smaller than Cambian, which my basic calculations can't account for.

  4. I only have 1 request. Force players to play their first void storm solo aswell as forcing them to collect the 10 reactant to unlock the relics. I've had to for every single party I've been in tell them to stop blowing up crewships, otherwise we get no reactant and thus never open any relics.

    Anything to get people to understand that destroying all the spaces at which enemies can spawn is a bad idea.

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  5. Razorback finally came around, so I got the 5 Auger Strikes I needed. I think the drop rates were bugged, though. I was able to get them all in only 11 runs. The probability of that happening randomly is a mere (5.53/100)^5*(1-5.53/100)^6*11!/5!*6!*100=0.0169836563% chance. About a 1 in 6000 chance of that happening, way too weird.

    I see also that Bore, Breach Loader and Piercing Caliber are most easily obtained from RB. so I should probably get back to farming that.

    No idea why, but I was forced to add a tag to the thread to submit the latest edit.

  6. 5 hours ago, Hobie-wan said:

    Looking back at that list I'm surprised I don't remember seeing a forma, syndicate medallion, or relic pack dropping for me.

    Never had any of those in my 1200 days either, forma is the closest and that only dropped on set days eg. Multiples of 50.

    I've got weapon BPs before, but that was long ago before I built all of the weapons. Other than that rare occasion it's been resources and boosters for me.(excluding milestones)

  7. Just like to add my own experience in here:

    I agree that these missions are destined to be abandoned.

    I played a few of them obviously trying to get the weapon parts, but still wanting the relic rewards, but no void enemies spawned on the only ground objective and the rest of my crew just blasted all the crew ships before any reactant could be collected. Afterwards explicitly stating that they don't care that they caused us to loose out on the relic reward and that their only goal was to obtain the weapon components.

    So, yes, these are not set up in such a way that players seem interested in playing them for their relic cracking abilities. 

    In general what's the point of reactant in RJ, though. It was an AFK deterrent in normal missions, but with shared drops there is no reason for them to still exist.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Hobie-wan said:

    Also note that your MR has nothing to do with the daily login rewards. It is the number of days you've logged in getting higher that has more of an effect. For instance I'm at nearly 1900 days and if I get a booster, it lasts me for days now as opposed to a few hours.

    Are you sure about this? I'm quite certain the update to the reward scaling was for both MR and days logged in. Although, testing this alone is basically impossible. 

  9. 27 minutes ago, Xenotater said:

    Well I mean, the Tenno are generally NOT the good guys, no one really is. We blindly follow our enigmatic space mom commiting mass genocide without reason. The Tenno doing something morally grey or even blatantly evil shouldn't be surprising in the slightest.

    Indeed, if we were to judge based on the actions of the rest of the game, however that is due to how there needs to be conflict for there to be gameplay. This however is a scripted quest event where you can fly to the other side of the map shoot in the wrong direction and the weapon will still hit the corpus ship. 

    Having the rocket hit them does not contribute to gameplay, but is obviously giving the corpus more of a reason to hate us.

    Given how nodes on a map can be infinitely repeated I do not consider things happening in them to be lore/story, but this is a set event in the timeline. I don't think in any other quest have we been forced to destroy so much for no reason.

  10. 19 minutes ago, 16Bitman said:

    but they lucked out instead

    A bit off topic, but I'm not too certain it is luck, the whole ship is filled with granum gateways, that's the quickest escape possible.

    21 minutes ago, 16Bitman said:

    We are absolutely the bad guys in this quest, we side with something that has killed many innocents while it was on an endless mission it couldn't complete, when it was finally stopped by one of its victims, we attack them and then use the tempestari to send said victim into the void (which would've usually been a pretty gruesome death, but they lucked out instead).

    Yep, disappointed by the actions we were forced into.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Frohd Bek is arguably far worse in his pursuit of the Animo Project, risking devastating consequences if his machines ever ran out of control.

    I do not see this as that horrible, he might be playing the odds, quite similar to Alad, I guess. He's creating powerful machines and does not care about the risks, sure, might have devastating consequences, but he is not actively affecting the lives of others(as far as I know, only joined end 2016, so I wasn't around for lore before then, like the gravidus dilemma, I think that's what it's called). He's basically just letting a self adapting AI run free. Not the best idea for safety reasons, but if all you care about is making an effective combat proxy it's not too insane. There is a discussion about General AI safety in our world thus we have started looking into restricting AIs to prevent disasters, but this is still a new field, so I wouldn't fault Bek if he's the first to generate self learning AI in the WF universe that he does not consider these implications.

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Alad V, though the game has turned him into a "frenemy" of late, is still just as bad. Let's not forget that he was the one cutting up Warframes in order to stitch their pieces together and play mad scientist. He was the one toying with the Infestation to the point of getting infested himself.

    Same as Bek he is willing to take risks that most others would not, cutting up WFs doesn't seem as bad since the Second Dream since it's just deconstructing a machine, this machine just happens to be made of a biometal. Infestation and Sentients are indeed something risky to experiment with, but is not inherently a bad thing to do. Imagine if Alad instead discovered methods of easily dispatching of these factions during his research, he would be considered a hero to the solar system if he released such information. He is obviously more focused on weaponising all his research, but historically there have been quite a few things invented purely for warfare reasons that have turned out useful for everyday life.(I guess Glast gambit had a bit of a defense against the infested, but I never heard of that again)

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Ergo Glast is pretty much the only decent person among them, and even he has his faults - hubris being chief among them. During the Glast Gambit, he repeatedly banks on the heroes and loses, all the while attempting to project his influence onto an independent community. He certainly means well, but - and this applies to all the "good guys" in Warframe - isn't shy about exercising his power in blunt ways.

    Not too much of a corpus anymore, but perhaps that is due to their change in policies with the initial disappearance of Parvos.

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    The Corpus as an organisation strikes me as a magnifying glass onto one's innate character. If you're a scumbag, power makes you sleazy bastard - like Nef Anyo. If you're a self-righteous, arrogant know-it-all, the Corpus turns you into a power-hungry tyrant - like Frohd Bek. If you're an amoral opportunist, the Corpus turns you into a mad scientist - like Alad V. And if you happen to be a bitter, vindictive soldier with survivor's guilt, the Corpus turns you into a single-minded engine of revenge. Because the Corpus religion is one of excess without checks, people's worst instincts and most damaging behaviours emerge to the forefront.

    Perhaps this is true, basically the quote: "Power corrupts and Absolute power corrupts absolutely".

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    His ideology seeks to empower those with the power and vision to create while exploiting those who would only consume.

    Doesn't sound too bad to be honest. xD Except you can't really exploit those that only consume, you would first have to turn them into something that can produce. But hey, then you would have turned everyone into a productive member of society, quite literally.

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    That's part of why I liked the Deadlock Protocol as much as I did :) When DE want to, they can make compelling characters. It's just we get to see them so rarely as they do so little. Without much in the way of story content, it's just grinding missions.

    Yep a bit sad, the game's reaching 8 years and the world still feels very empty, we rarely receive quests that are about the history of the universe and loads of stories about individual characters. I guess it might just be DE's style to focus on singular characters. Open worlds get close to telling some history, but still have the quests being about a handful of people. Glast Gambit was nice before the open worlds as it was the first time it showed us that there were space colonies that were not overrun by the corpus or the grineer.

    I find Alad's frenemy status a bit weird, how many times have we helped him already? But, I liked Parvos's ambiguity as we meet him as neither friend of foe but only that we indirectly end up helping him, whereas Alad is first met as a foe on Jupiter then lots of stuff happens along the way. But, obviously not all characters should be made exactly like Parvos, it's just great that there are some that are not immediately friend or foe.

  12. 2 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    To join her sisters where she belongs

    I didn't see her as someone longing to end it, they obviously went that route with Sevagoth, but it felt like Cy made up a goal for him too quickly. He saw him once, read from some corpus databases and he instantly had the plan to give Shadow the chance to save someone. If Cy had this knowledge, wouldn't the corpus aswell?

    Her survival indicates to me that she didn't want to go down with the ship, where she ended up makes 100% sense. She's on a corpus ship filled with with granum gateways and she most likely has the ability to easily obtain granum crowns to enter the granum void. Going through the gateway might be more taxing on a human than a warframe, though, resulting in her collapsing at the end. We go through in warframes and all the others sent through have been Solaris test subjects.

    2 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Cy pleads with her to stop, this is madness, but she just spits it back in our faces and drives full speed ahead. With no other options left, we jump out, leaving her to die alone in the Void.

    Yes please, rather let them hate us for our inaction than our actions.

    2 hours ago, Steel_Rook said:

    The villain had a very powerful presence whereas our hero stand-in spoke like Microsoft Sam.

    Yeah, this might somewhat be due to the tendency most people have towards siding with the person/idea they discovered first. But, Vala was definitely more relatable than the shadow. 


    2 hours ago, VoidArkhangel said:

    I guess the tempestarii would dissapear after the funeral or something since it has no captain, after saying that tho Vala seeks revenge what do you think would happen if she founds that the ship is "dead" and we helped to pass away? Most likely she will start to chase us and so would ended the same way or even worse since if something bother us...

    I'd take this over what we got. I'd rather her seek revenge on us out of principle than out of hatred for our disproportionate use of force.

    But, we can always copy Cy's plan for the Tempestarii, it didn't disappear as soon as we blew up Sevagoth, so we could pretend to be it and suffer a pretend defeat to her. The ship won't be used again, so why not help her out the same way we did with Sevagoth.

    1 hour ago, Almxce said:

    For me I felt some sympathy for Vala and the trauma she went through but at the same time I've spent however many millions in creds and resources freeing Solaris members, some of whom also have children, I've also seen the Vent Kids and through other quests got an idea of what The Corpus do and have done to people for generations.

    Since the deadlock protocol I've been looking at them differently, the main bad apple among the corpus is Nef Anyo, owner of Orb Vallis, the Index and the one that would experiment on the Solaris to find the granum void. Alad V is a large player, but he always seems focused on improving the corpus tech, being willing to tinker with warframes, infested and sentient. Parvos has yet to show ill intent as far as I can tell and he basically disowned Nef, preferring a philosophy of self reliance and hardworking, he did start a pyramid scheme, but as far as I can tell it's all a personal choice to join it.

    Thus now that a new corpus figurehead comes along I can't instantly put the same guilt on them as Nef deserves. Thus, I would like them to be very grofit oriented and only having reason to attack us when we interfere with their goals, instead of having a reason to hate us which we gave to them.

    1 hour ago, Steel_Rook said:

    Rather than standing on principle and building off theme, we spend the final battle charging up for what amounts to a "Finish her!" style unwarranted fatality.

    Exactly all of this.

  13. 31 minutes ago, VoidArkhangel said:

    There was no other way, Vala wanted to destroy the Tempestarii and even could jump to our position in the middle of nowhere so maybe she would interrupt the "funeral", destroy the Tempestarii and take the body of Sevagoth.

    You see, Vala and the Shadow's goals intersect, not directly but still, and what happens when two opposite goals cross between? one should "loose", one should change the direction or make way for the other.

    Perhaps it could be seen that way, but based on what happened we can assume the Tempestarii was basically untouchable with its shields up, so there's little chance she would be able to destroy it.

    This is also the last voyage of the Tempestarii, getting decommissioned right after the funeral, so once Sevagoth is obtained there's no conflicting goal anymore. At worst the corpus could do research on a void affected railjack. Sentimentality over a warframe and railjack does not seem reason enough to blow that up.

    Vala's goal wasn't to destroy the Tempestarii, but that only changed when we escaped her captivity, I'm pretty sure it could change again once it was decommissioned and no longer a threat. 

  14. 24 minutes ago, dziellsGamer said:

    A Single Silver forma is a crappy reward, which is why I want this change, have silver forma become a 2x or 3x forma bundle that we can craft at the same time as normal forma would make it feel more worth taking, even if they were to make the bundle take longer to craft, it would still increase the production rate of forma overall

    Yep, was agreeing that silver forma needs to be changed, just don't have a preference what it should change to.

  15. I am in no need for forma, but silver forma is just a horrible reward, I've lately never made a radiant out of any relic that contains forma as an uncommon reward, as that just usually ends up giving you worse rewards for the investment.

  16. 19 minutes ago, Steel_Rook said:

    I say this is "unintended" because the mission resolves by us killing Vala Glarios as our final action, with her cursing us in hatred in her last breath. If a condemnation of hatred were the theme, then I don't think the story would have ended with a one-sided apparent murder. Now, she survives (and I'll get to that), but we don't know that. The Tempestarii's final act of salvation was - in terms of what was said - the recovery of Sevagot's capsule. In practice, however - in terms of the story beats - the Tempestarii's final act of salvation was destroying Vala's ship... And killing her. The story, however unintentionally, makes the point that trauma can be fixed with revenge. That's... I'll admit, not something I like. I'm also not sure that THAT was the intended takeaway, either, though. It's a mission, Vala's a boss fight and whatever beleaguered developer was tasked with making those missions just made the crescendo of the narrative a combat victory because they needed to ship it for console cert by next morning, or some such.

    I think part of what affected me about this story is that I honestly felt for Vala Glarios. Blame it on the song, blame it on the damn good voice actress, blame it on the framing - I don't know. However, I liked Vala, while the story very clearly wanted me to like Sevagoth, instead. Vala is the enemy, Sevagoth is the ally. Cheer Sevagoth, boo Vala. And I went through these motions, certainly - it is a video game. But I went through these motions feeling disenfranchised and honestly alienated from my own allies. It felt like Cy was leading me down a path I didn't want to go, and I had no means of protesting. That sort of feeling is hard to describe, but I've gone through it with at least a few video games - most recently Ghost Recon: Wildlands. When my character starts saying or doing things that I fundamentally disagree with, it tinges the entire narrative in ways that can't really be taken back.

    Yep, commented something similar on another thread, we are forced to blow up Vala's ship without any reason behind doing it. All our actions up to and including escaping were justifiable actions, blowing her ship up just to enter the void had no reason behind it. We could have completed our objective without destroying her, since we just needed to get to the void. Deadlock protocol made Parvos morally ambiguous and Vala could have also been, but now we blew her ship up for no reason, giving her a good reason to hate us.

    You mention that she sings about losing her sisters and here we are just blowing up another ship filled with more of her people. If you want to go full on meta you could claim that the whole song is a critique of (most) players' desire to slaughter waves and waves of enemies. I'd wager to say that most player have tens of thousands to millions of corpus kills and much more if you include all those killed in the destruction of vital systems on ships. I'm honestly just surprised that any faction still thinks it's a good idea to be against us.

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  17. 18 hours ago, Oreades said:

    No UI
    No damage feedback
    and only sparse "press X to use an ability" suggestions(?)

    Joke's on them, I played the quest with the HUD disabled anyways (to get the cinematic experience) and only had to reenable it for the random "go to this random point in space" moments. I did have to replay to get the Mandachord fragments, as I only heard they existed after completing the quest. These were atleast way better than the Sacrifice fragments, where I had to replay it 6 times just to find them all.

  18. I get that this is supposed to set up Queenpins, but I'm disappointed in what our actions were forced to be in the quest. Deadlock Protocol set Parvos up as morally ambiguous making it seem like he has no feelings either way toward the tenno, but being willing to use them to his advantage. Our actions all the way till we enter the void could all be seen as justified:

    • Scavenging resources - non-agressive
    • Defending ourselves when the corpus attack for those same resources - justified
    • Stealing data about the Tempestarii - objectionable, but can be done without bringing harm to any of the corpus
    • Escaping the imprisonment - justified
    • Blowing up their ship just to enter the void, even though that could be done anywhere else - not justifiable as they were in no way hampering our ability to complete the objective at that point and all we are doing is antagonising them. (A bit more relevant on console as on PC we've been blowing up corpus ships for almost a month now)

    Sure, the corpus have always been an opposing faction, but they just changed leadership with the new leader decrying the path his empire went down without him. This could've been the best time for a diplomatic approach determining how goals can align, but instead we go and blow them up for no reason.

    Obviously we would never ally with them for gameplay reasons, but logically there is good reasons for us to ally. They don't loose Billions of credits each time we blow up their ships and we get to lessen their exploitative nature, improving the lives of those they rule over. And they are probably the most likely to invent new technologies that will improve people's lives or help against the sentient invasion whenever that were to happen (Alad's Alliance with the sentients is definitely a concern. This could be used as an advantage for either side, Alad's experiments will obviously help him better understand the sentients, which could allow us to better understand them. But this flows both ways, the sentients could also learn more about us and thus how to nullify us further than they are already doing.).

  19. 9 hours ago, Azamagon said:

    That's not your Tonkor specifically doing that. It's when you attack the Loki spectre's decoy, those decoys reflect damage back at the attacker if I recall correctly

    Yep, best thing they can be used for is crashing your game in the simulacrum. Spawning 20 of them they will each spawn their decoys and then link to all other Loki specters with a line, thus 780 connection lines are spawned, it is quite taxing, but at the same time spectacular. And yes, trying to melee a decoy has often resulted in instant death, even with lvl 1 specters.

  20. 36 minutes ago, KillerSiri said:

    Hmmm...okay then what about a Gauss and Volt?  Great, now I can't get the image of people street-racing their Gauss and using Volt's as nitrous...

    Now this sounds like a sight to see. A Gauss giving a Volt a piggyback ride to go at frantic speeds. Looking at the max we can do with a volt eg. 343 PS we can get this combo to go 190m/s or 678.75 km/h. The land speed record was already above this in 1964. This combo would be faster than any wheel based propulsion, but is still out classed by rocket powered propulsion. This is however 30-40% faster that the fastest road legal car that exists currently. Also, Nitrous seems to be legal(at least in the US) and the use is only seem to be restricted from road use due to emissions, nothing to do with speed it seems. Thus again due to warframe's lack of emissions this combo seems like it could still be legal.

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  21. 1 hour ago, (XBOX)Big Roy 324 said:

    Warframe needs moments that when a player fails they feel like they zigged when they should have zagged. Right now failure doesn't feel that way if you ever experience it. 

    What would resist Nezha in an SRU them catching the chakram making it a warding halo for themselves would be really epic (at 50% reduction of course)

    Although I agree that in general failures should only occur due to player neglect, I think your suggestion would sadly not work out too well. 1. I think the removal of all status effects would be what makes it stronger rather than the enemy having some DR, we already deal with enemies of different toughness. 2. The shakrum is not controllable enough for it being allowed to be punished.  It bounces uncontrollably between targets and using divine spears spawns even more uncontrollable shakrums.

    Enemies that counter very specific warframe abilities might get too easily avoided by just switching frames. The suggestion would disincentivise using shakrum as long as that enemy is near, but what we'd rather want is a disincentive to hit them specifically.

    So now that I've been negative enough, it would be nice for enemies to be able to react to specific abilities. This idea could still be viable if the unit is only able to catch the shakrum when it hasn't hit any other enemies yet and if the unit also has counters against atleast a quarter of all existing frames(even if it only counters 1 ability), these counters have to actually impact gameplay and not just nullify the ability. (Probably a lot of work would be needed to make such an enemy that doesn't just deactivate abilities, but also bends them in their favour. )

    But I think if we're ever going to see highly interactive enemies they would have to do things like this, having certain innate immunities or strengths and weaknesses are nice, but are just too numeric in nature. Numerics interact with your modding screen, but this suggested type of enemy would interact more with your abilities. Having to assess more carefully when and how to cast specific abilities would (hopefully) bring more intricate gameplay.

    One interesting example of this that already exists is one of the acolytes, I think it's Mania. They have the ability to polarize you, trapping all bullet in an bubble that makes them hit you again. This directly interacts with Gauss's 4, since he has heat sparks that fly off while he has it active he would damage himself by just having the ability active while magnetized.

  22. 3 hours ago, SRBvuk22 said:

    DE could implement enemies that are in between liches and regular enemies, posing unique and serious treat to players while for example to be killed they would need to be executed with parazon or by shooting a weak spot. The possibilities with something like this are endless and it would serve in fixing the melee/AOE dominated meta, as all of a sudden there wouldn't be 20 enemies in one room for melee weapons to instantly build max combo, and single target weapons would be preferable in dealing with these special enemies.

    Suggested something similar before but more focused around making our extreme parkour skills useful in combat. We would first have to get rid of Survival and ESO as they are gamemodes that force the game into a KPS race. Until we change the "horde shooter"/"(over)power(ed) fantasy" mentality, you won't get people saying they are willing to give up KPS for more complex enemy interactions. Enemy based drop chances also reinforce players' desire to murder as many enemies as quickly as possible.

    Currently enemies are quite pathetic, the whole starchart is within one-shot range, I personally find that SP is way more balanced for regular missions(things like index might be a bit overscaled). I found pre-enemy-nerf RJ to be at a good place.

    It is interesting how so many of the unbalanced things are so directly affected/caused by the high enemy density we have become used to, even my biggest disappointment with the new RJ could be solved with lower enemy density(main objective-RJ adjacent gameplay), I'm just afraid that WF might never get out of this mindset and thus ruin its chances at creating more interesting gameplay or enemies.

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