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  1. New emotes 😍 ~Thank you very much for those! 😊
  2. Ephemera not required but i will pay extra plat if the Lich has one. I'm not sure about the prices of liches but for 60% with Ephemera I'd be offering 400p as a starting point Message me if you are interested :)
  3. I farm a lot of Profit Taker for Credits and Toroids. Until "Update 29.10.0: Corpus Proxima & The New Railjack" my game never crashed during the fight. So far i have probably done ~20-30 runs after the update and I crashed twice! I didn't really notice anything special when these crashes happened. First Crash: Just before Profit Taker dropped her loot Second Crash: While i was flying with my Archwing to get to the fight location. When the second crash happened i know that i was the host of the squad and there were two other players with me. for the
  4. Buying: Filled Anasa: 8p per Sculpture Axi W1 Relic (radiant): 3p per Relic 6 Items per trade please (eg.: 4 Axi W1 Radiant + 2 Filled Anasa or 6 Filled Anasa or 6 Axi W1 Radiant and so on...) I'm also looking for a Zenith Riven! Stats I'm looking for: Priority 1: Multishot, Critical Damage Priority 2: Toxin, Electric, Damage to Corpus, Fire Rate Priority 3: Damage, Crit Chance Negative is not neccessarily needed but i would pay extra platinum if your riven has one of course :D Unwanted stats: Any Elements other than toxin and electricit
  5. I'm looking to buy Axi V8 relics :) I will only be doing trades with 6 relics Intact: 12plat each (72 plat per trade) Radiant: 15plat each (90 plat per trade) I can also buy exceptional or flawless and the price will be somewhere in the middle :)
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