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  1. Thoughts on Hydroid (or someone) increasing radials with bonus range, burn the bonus range having decreased status duration?
  2. Bunny ribbit ftw. Also, prehistoric animals? How's Tipedo Xoris Rex?
  3. Console can't upload screenshot, but the Arca/Quaro is the easiest to test.
  4. Better explained, thank you. Forgive me, sometimes a good description eludes me.
  5. Was gonna get back to it, but the Quaro Syandana was bugging me. It supposedly goes with the Quaro armor set as a whole set, but doesn't look anything like the armor pieces -- in fact, it looks like it should be with the Arca armor set for Warframe customization.
  6. Was trying to get a themed look with as many different zones as possible, and I found a few combinations: Arca armor set and Quaro Syandana A full set is a rare exception as I usually challenge myself to use chest/arm/leg/syandana pieces that are each from a different set, yet work together; very rarely will I use more than one zone from the same set. Lodestar chestplate, Syrinx shoulders, Atavist, greaves Lodestar chestplate, Saturn 6 shoulders, Syrinx graves Lodestar shoulders and Porta greaves Stemmed from throwing the Quaro armor and syandana onto a
  7. THREAD: "Hydroid needs Love" KICKBOT: "Love is not a valid linkable item." Also, his current passive is a built-in [Jugulus Barbs]. Passive 1: Tidal Surge integrated into his roll. Passive 2: Radial weaponry have increased radii when wielded by Hydroid, but bonus radii has decreased status duration (as tradeoff). Ability - Fog of War: Enemies suffer reduced accuracy, allies gain static damage reduction (for ability's duration) only in Hydroid's vicinity; armor gradually wears off when moving out-range of Hydroid. Can stack with other abilities/bonuses, but Fog must fir
  8. I made that joke once before, about Saryn mixing poisons...and managing to self-inflict. On another note, something like this might be cool for Volt's melees: https://youtu.be/DaPJuteodfs?t=117
  9. What about slight energy gain when fired upon? It'll be like eating bullets.
  10. You didn't. I did in regard to something else. Apologies for the confusion. --- Magnetic bubbles for sortie can be popped by any gun with innate/modded magnetic element.
  11. I'll try to get to it at some point. Also, [Intruder] is useless to your Operator. Works with your frame, but your Operator has no hack slowdown.
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