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  1. Chain-finishing finishable enemies. Presently, you climb up one guy, kill him, climb down, walk over to the next guy, repeat. Climbing up one guy, killing him, then chaining to the next finishable/in-range guy without climbing down...
  2. I heard something recently to the effect that channeling was possibly being altered from how it currently is?
  3. Orokin Skywalker's defeat and the Hydroids he was Loki for?
  4. Much as I'd like this stat visible on the weapon card because it (lik chance or speed) can vary with mods, it currently isn't, so I'm forced to ask. What are the pre-mod ranges (in meters) of each weapon type, with exceptions noted?
  5. I'm joking. Also, Oberon Kenobi has the Hallowed Ground.
  6. Moa/Sentinel. Also, I think you gotta have the appropriate weapon type to equip it. That last popped up with a veiled Burst Laser riven I had to equip so its condition could be previewed (indirectly) in chat via the 'link weapon config'.
  7. Not sure what the problem is, but this is far from a new thing at this point. The issue pops up when squad is readying for mission deployment. Square is my interact button, works for consoles right away, but takes multiple presses to say I'm ready (at risk of accidentally force-starting the mission) -- or sometimes not doing anything. If I'm not the last one ready, I tell the team 'square button issue'; if I'm last and MULTIPLE squares do not work, I have to tell the team to force-start it for me.
  8. If you install Microsoft Windows on an Apple product, do you get iWin?
  9. Not sure if this is supposed to happen or if it's a bug, but I noticed this when trying to build an energy-efficient amp that the energy fire rate (EFR) number keeps changing when previewing different parts, or even simply changing part menus. The same part will (at this time) not show the same EFR number when returned to.
  10. Well, till it gets fixed, you've got 3 options: 1) type out (or recite) the unveil condition, 2) equip the veiled riven to an appropriate weapon and link the weapon config, or 3) send a screenshot of the veiled riven. Take your pick.
  11. So it doesn't count things like mods, or items like War Blade?
  12. Camera looking at whatever killed you, and allowing rotation when dead. IIRC, it doesn't do that, so trying to ID the enemy that killed you is maddening as it sometimes appears that you died for no reason. (Destiny does this, with bonus of highlighting your killer.)
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