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  1. True, and it'd give more opportunity to help and get help.
  2. If the defense area looks really small, check nearby caves -- the area might magnify. But hoverboards, definitely.
  3. Same, 20 waves on Hydron. If you select exit then try to abort after exit fails, you're told you can't abort because the mission has already been completed. I know that no keyboard for PS4 means there's no ESC(ape), but that is ridiculous.
  4. Dammit, @Aldain, cross-play nyet not yet a thing or I'd be glad to assist. Got half an extra set sitting in my inventory.
  5. Cross-check what you have with what you should have.
  6. My squad agreed to 20 waves, we all hit exit...yet still we remained, minus bars and swarm of enemies unaware of us. Abort had no effect, as stated above. Had to reboot the game.
  7. Like I said, prob my fault, and unsure if anything can be done since it was only 50p. But I appreciate the input, and filed it JiC.
  8. Maybe that's on me for assuming, for not paying attention, but sliding a rush in where most assume cutscenes can be skipped...yeah, bad taste here. Came out 50p lighter, not by choice, and I still had to sit thru the cutscene. It's probably pointless to file a ticket and try get a refund now since, minus the 50p and a day ahead of schedule, I started a second subsume. Bottom line, please separate option to rush from the cutscene.
  9. I thought Sausage Prime was the wurst.
  10. I thought vault/unvault was everything for Warframe, including the Twitch stuff.
  11. Ak/Prime = Tenno Dual/Vandal = Corpus Twin/Wraith = Grineer.
  12. Are Twitch Prime cosmetics early release and they return later thru Baro or something?
  13. For Wukong, don't use the Twin -- its kills do not count for some reason.
  14. @Grey: True, tho narrowly focused. @Bingo: Hammers are a definite no.
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