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  1. Sounds like how I thought the Fortuna syndicates worked. Like you need to fight Profit Taker to get stuff to max Eudico...but to fight Profit Taker, you need to max Eudico.
  2. :sigh: It got to the point that I even suggested a 360-degree artillery out of frustration.
  3. AFAIK, they're completely autonomous and don't take orders. You get a window after they jump out, but the ship is moving before your artillery has a full charge.
  4. The hired crew as pilots are problematic if you're in the artillery trying to down a crewship. Quite infuriating to see a crewship, point Railjack at it, hop into artillery and power it up...and hired pilot moves Railjack. Some suggestions: 1) Artillery has helm control if hired pilot at helm. 2) Helm has artillery control if no player on artillery. 3) If artillery is aiming, hired pilot circles crewship or largest/slowest nearby target, keeping it in sight for (manned) artillery while dodging fire, and will only evade if enemy ships nearby.
  5. 1) Codex scanners are used for Botanist and Investigator, but having them on 2 different sentinels makes no sense to me. IMO, having them would both on Helios makes more sense as Investigator stops scanning things, but Botanist would be another reason (besides Deconstructor) to use Helios. Also, removal of the codex scanner's carriage cap. 2) Archmelee kinda sucks for fast targets and ability to hit them is player-subjective, so Astral Autopsy seems far less useful. Allowance of Sentinels in archwing, or at least their precepts (=Investigator) would fill in for Astral Autopsy if you cant
  6. Even the menu button won't work if it freezes. Backing out immediately after assigning a crew member might help. It hasn't locked on me...yet, but allocation/equipment I've not tried yet. Effectively, this is akin to (and looks like) I've not given it time to lock on me, but that doesn't mean this has eliminated the problem. For the moment, this seems to work. Worst case, and assuming the problem persists, I might have to purge my crew.
  7. I would be happy having a Faraday cage to keep me from getting+giving buffs. If cage is implemented and a Volt is trying their hardest to apply unwanted Speed to me, let 'em find out the hard way that cage is on.
  8. SYSTEM: PS4 TYPE: Cursor Lockdown REPRODUCTION OF PROBLEM: Access 'Railjack Crew' tab in Dojo to custom hired crew EXPECTED RESULT: Not what happens OBSERVED RESULT: Access of tab triggers gradual loss of cursor control and lockout of menu button, regardless of controller' battery state or being plugged in, ultimately resulting need to reboot game to regain cursor control. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% if you linger in crew tab, doesn't seem to occur with any other tabs.
  9. Parazon Mod: [Intruder] adds time to hacking. Also, Spoiler Mode? I think you mean Nightmare/Sortie, where ciphers are disabled, but Parazon still works.
  10. I didn't say you can't hack in Operator. I said that Parazon mods don't apply in Operator. If you don't know what [Intruder] does, it makes hacking a little easier.
  11. As I explained my dread of Volt to an understanding Volt player a few days ago (in more polite wording), I disliked Speed because the caster can ambush others, throwing off movement, and it must be timed out or manually removed. This is made worse by Volters who feel their gift must be given because they think that nobody doesn't want it and will stick near to constantly reapply (even to the extent of chasing others down) and sometimes ignoring the fact that you're flipping out of it LITERALLY right in front of them. If you got this in the middle of a jump and had range+speed added that threw
  12. Arthur: "Victory is mi--" Black Knight: (kicks Arthur in the helm)
  13. Still doesn't help. Parazon doesn't apply to Operator, so [Intruder] gets cut out, which is Limbo needlessly making it more difficult.
  14. Volt's speed is the only buff that screws with your controls. It is completely unpredictable, and some Volt players will constantly reapply it to any-and-everyone; the worst of those will see you shaking it off and hang atound you to reapply it despite you making every effort to stay as far away from them as possible. A Faraway cage should be optional -- other exclusive for speed alterations, or all buffs incoming/outgoing. For Limbo, his Rift needs fixing. Enemies are one thing, but it prevents teammates from opening lockers and using terminals. Case example, Sortie 1 (Rescue) yesterday
  15. As it is historically Nekros, yet folks seem to not like it actively cast (like back-to-back-to-back, etc.), I was thinking Shadows Terrifies on initial cast. And true on a good replacement.
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