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  1. AshenSwift

    TennoCon 2018 Digital Pack available now!

    Just curious, what's in the swagbag? I won't be able to make it to TennoCon itself (T_T) But if I bought the full ticket, would it be possible to have the goodie bag mailed to me?
  2. AshenSwift

    Warframe Builder

    Love the tool, just a quick note, the stats on the Flux Rifle in the builder don't match the stats in game. Builder shows 2.415 impact and puncture, and 18.9 slash, in game is 2.3 impact and puncture, and 18.0 slash.
  3. AshenSwift

    Update 17.2

    Why would you remove this? This was nothing wrong with it. I actually LIKED this functionality, because I don't want to have to hold the damn mouse button down while I line up another shot. Could you put that back in please, or some kind of option to remove the delay fire function, because that is painful.
  4. AshenSwift

    Phase 1: Melee Weapon Concept Submissions

    A while back, I mentioned the lack of Chainsaws in this game. So my submission comes with a new enemy idea as well. The Grineer by nature disregard their own safety, having no sense of self-preservation due to the fact that they can just be cloned and reborn. But even dying over and over can take its toll on their psyche, and combined with DNA degradation, some of the Grineer forces eventually snap and lose all sense of control or command. Not wanting to throw out valuable meat puppets, the Grineer commanders realized that these rage filled monstrosities could be a powerful tool. These monstrosities are called, Berserkers. The combined breakdown of mind and genetic structure has left them filled with nothing beyond murderous rage, an attempt to claw their way out of the cycle of death and cloning they've been trapped within for far too long. In both of the Berserker's hands are these, chainsaw blades, with wide edges for maximum reach and impact. Emphasizing the Grineer and Berserker's lack of self-preservation, they're as dangerous to the user as they are to the victim. The powered spinning sawblade is dangerous to flesh and armor alike, carving apart steel and tenno.
  5. AshenSwift

    Coming Soon: Livestream #13 On Sept. 4!

    So, I *was* trying to read the posts before posting, but in the time it took me to read one page, two new ones popped up. I only have one real question. Are there any plans to make the game more "tactical", I say this because of a conversation I had with my friend the other day about Loki. Loki is, over all, a weak frame. However, it is a very versatile frame. Able to get anywhere it shouldn't be, able to be invisible with a damage buff, able to move your team mates and your enemies around where you need them, or just able to get by all the baddies, kill the boss, and leave, before anybody knows what happened. Trinity is also a very tactical frame, played right, you make yourself and your team unkillable, while if you play it like Rhino or something, you'll be dead in a heartbeat without overusing the short lived Link ability. Frost is necessary in any defense mission for his snow globe. No Frost, and you all but lose automatically. Is there any plans for expanding play choice, as right now, it's mostly Run'n'Gun, or "one strategy to rule them all". Tower 3 defenses (as well as any other high level defense), while DOABLE else wise, are most manageable with Frost, Vauban, and Nova. It's rather frustrating looking at what Loki can do and having him be next to useless in a defense mission. Ambushing would be great with him. Also, any thoughts on "Cross-Class" skills, such as using abilities designed for another frame at a much higher cost to equip/use, or skills designed for multiple frames? Or even more abilities per frame, which allow you to customize a frame to your play style? I'm enjoying seeing helmets that change the way a frame can play, based on which helmet you pick. I just wish they were all balanced better (Rhino gets +25% health, -3% sprint speed, OR +25% speed, -5% power strength, while Nova gets +10% stamina, -5% shields? REALLY?) I find some of the helmets just don't outweigh their penalties. It's a very promising system, but the values just aren't right for any of it right now. Keep it up DE, I've been hooked, don't stop reeling! P.S. By the time I finished writing this, the page number from FIVE to TWENTY-ONE
  6. AshenSwift

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    If a mission is, say, 11-21, does that count? Or is it 15 minimum (say 15-27 or whatever)?