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  1. thinking emoji no i dont want to use melee only as rhino no its not because i dont have hunters synergy or whatever its called its just im dont wanna be restricted. i wanna melee too, but not only. a tenno only using 1 weapon type out of 3? why would i be fully happy with that? "just put more health on rhino" ok man ur missing the point. make rhino have 600 health instead of 300 but his iron skin only 20k instead of 60k? seems a S#&$ty trade off.
  2. Dont agree. Not every frame needs to be an actively enganging one. Nekros is more of a support. Not every frame needs to be a (dmg) carry
  3. Hi, first of I wanna say this game is the best ever made. Anyway, we have invisiblity frames like loki and ash who make their companion invisible with their 2. But rhinos 2 doesnt make their companion any more tanky. Like everyone else, my rhino has low health but a strong iron skin. Why dont we make that apply to his companion too? This way, my 300 health kavat wouldnt die so easily. Makes no sense that a lokis cat survives infinite and rhinos cat dies instantly. Greetings, Protecttheplanet
  4. ur not fully updated bro. yea they toned down bramma for that but now theres a setting where u can turn down other peoples effects generally so the visual bramma nerf is not needed anymore. that is the whole point of this thread.
  5. Hello, first I want to say this game is so good. Anyways, its the year 2k21, why are Kuva siphons still "hidden" on the ceres tileset? U can do any linear mission type (capture, rescue etc.) and miss the siphon completely?? Still, this is the best game ever. Greetings, Protecttheplanet
  6. h-hey grineer are pretty cute... the moment before they meet death
  7. I love u lutesque u bring the heat but what do u mean? they fixed what exactly? because my bramma still looks like poop compared to before
  8. he doesnt know what hes saying. he didnt play with pre V I S U A L nerf bramma and cant compare. he doesnt know what hes talking about.
  9. yea well shader cache reset did thw opposite of help but whatever i can still play
  10. Thanks homeboi I have the exact same card btw :D I will try that fo sure. Btw how high could u clock? I have an asus with 1310 core n 1800 mem clock
  11. ye buddy thats not my point tho. now its not op anymore because riven dispo nerf and ur mentioned nerf happened im talking about why its just a bom and not a BOOM PEW BOW cruehsbshw
  12. Lool thanks for the help homie but why would i want to discard freesync, rst and afterburner when they work perfectly for every other game? i need freesync for that sweet pseudo 141 fps, rst because the ingame fps limiter doesnt let me cap 3-4 fps below my monitors refresh rate and afterburner for obvious performance reasons.
  13. Trolling dude? Because things like sporelancer absolutely overshadow it visually?
  14. Hi, first of I want to say this game touches my heart. I have 1.5k hours going strong. Anyways, remember when Kuva Bramma looked like firework? Remember when they gimped it because other people found it to be irretating when under fire of an allies Bramma? So now that we can change other players effects in the setting, ... PLEASE DE MAKE IT LOOK LIKE FIRST DAY
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