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  1. Haha Im actually coloring my attachements differently than my warframe. But if even syandanas and cosmetic armor have different orders things get... more time consuming that they could be. It is still great and 10/10 fun to customize ur fashion. My idea would be a slight quality of live change tho.
  2. Oh well ok. I guess it wont be any more popular than kitguns and zaws but some people like them so I guess ur idea is... a 7+/10.
  3. Hi, U know it and I know it. Warframe is an awesome game and it is right now my fav game (after 1.6k hours on steam). Anyways, its 2k21, there are still things like the rattleguts kitgun where the metal is on color 3. if i use my warframe colors on it, it will look weird. >Of course< , its not the only weapon/attachement like this. 1) Why? 2) Please rework Thanks a lot, Protecttheplanet
  4. look man helminth doesnt break the game because the abilities u can extract have penalities like larva has reduced range. If u can build ur own frame everything else will be useless and the game will be broken. even if U wont make a frame with saryn 1, chroma 3, trinity 4 and saryn 4 1million other people will. its a bad idea to be honest. no hard feelings.
  5. Nidus is, playstyle wise, my favorite frame. Id leave everything how it is but buff his 2 and 4 range. 2 so he can compete with dps frames like saryn and mesa (not as in, be as strong, but at least dont be useless compared to them) and his 4 so he can actually support his teammates. Nobody wants to stay in a 10meter field to heal up except the one with larva. inb4 my build is the problem. my build is probably better than urs.
  6. Dude we are here for feedback not for how much u enjoy the game. At least add a tldr at the end... Saryn is OP and thats a good thing. If i dont want to be killed and kill a lot myself, I pick her. But her biggest strength is also her weakness. She gets boring quickly. Thats not just my opinion. I *very* rarely see saryns in public. She is fun and her OPness gets boring quickly. Try to argue against that and Ill see what I can do for you.
  7. bump one of the most fun weapons looks like poop even tho we have a setting now which makes the then needed visual nerf now obsolete.
  8. Hi, first of thanks for this amazing game. Anyway, please check my data. I bought a res booster just 2 min ago and it says it lasts for 2 days??? Greetings, Protecttheplanet
  9. No, the world doesnt spin around you. Im not gonna go out of my way to make a video or proof for u when I have 1,5k hours experience under my ass and have seen countless others melee acolytes with squishier frames beside me.
  10. lul i can melee with much squishier frames than inaros... against acolytes... and dont die... dont think they are too strong lol they are perfectly fine.
  11. Look at this dood. He mistakes my complain for visuals with power. He thinks because bramma was nerfed in its POWER it means it VISUALS need to stay gimped, even if we have a SETTING which makes the VISUAL nerf obsolete. Get it?
  12. thinking emoji no i dont want to use melee only as rhino no its not because i dont have hunters synergy or whatever its called its just im dont wanna be restricted. i wanna melee too, but not only. a tenno only using 1 weapon type out of 3? why would i be fully happy with that? "just put more health on rhino" ok man ur missing the point. make rhino have 600 health instead of 300 but his iron skin only 20k instead of 60k? seems a S#&amp;&#036;ty trade off.
  13. Hi, first of I wanna say this game is the best ever made. Anyway, we have invisiblity frames like loki and ash who make their companion invisible with their 2. But rhinos 2 doesnt make their companion any more tanky. Like everyone else, my rhino has low health but a strong iron skin. Why dont we make that apply to his companion too? This way, my 300 health kavat wouldnt die so easily. Makes no sense that a lokis cat survives infinite and rhinos cat dies instantly. Greetings, Protecttheplanet
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