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  1. christmas it's really disappointing to see the same stuff that didn't excite me last year with some feature creep added in. I get it. They couldn't just release it because then they couldn't go back and add this progression system to it after the fact. Though waiting all this time for a progression system really sucks. This is really an issue of Warframe finding new customers, which I'm sure they can do. It's not my responsibility to make myself excited for the game. It's just a progression system on top of railjack, some feature ripped out of shadows of mordor, and graphical upgrades.
  2. Please cut the audio line where Nora is talking about how 'even when you think you've seen it all there's always something more'. It just feels downright insulting during what is essentially a daily chore grind. Also these "hey get to x minutes/x waves" are going to be even worse with individual extraction.
  3. I realize you guys are trying, but this is just asinine. Do an auction house. edit: Just take a 5% plat tax on each sale
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