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  1. He has been greatly buffed now in these new updates and can also dip out of mission after some time,just like the Stalker. One of the ways to deal damage and eliminate him would be to constantly stack melee combos and pop him that way. Stay out of his zoom when he attempts to swing his hammer or charge as it can be lethal to most Frames,which can result in restart of combo stacks.-Using operator in this case is good option. I prefer to call him "Terminator of S6",tough,his minions invincible and does not scale with players so good luck to all newcomers!
  2. There is a conclave PvP system already. Though the rewards are kinda lame as they suit no purpose outside of Conclave system.
  3. I am sure they will be in store later on.
  4. I never asked a question,i just replied. As for the Grinlok skin you can buy it off the market at any time. There is no need for rush.
  5. Go in Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis,there are plenty of 3 squad spawns there. Or in random missions even..
  6. And what should we care about it ?
  7. So what is stopping u from buying Grinlok skin as well ?
  8. You need Coolant Extractor for it to become your true loyal pet though
  9. I have to approve,since the Grineer units in submersive missions can drop Tellurium which is a rare resource,i see no problem with seeing Infested units drop Mutagen Samples which should be a common resource.
  10. Thats nothing,wait untill the Exploiter him self arrives for the stolen investments !
  11. So its x5 Nitains per single buy,my bad. I do not build these parts and i was sure it was x1 Nitain extractor per 15 Wolf Creds..
  12. Hello, I have been working with a lot of players to help them out on getting their new Primed parts for Warframes. Now 1 person has contacted me that he needs Nitain Extractor to finish his Warframe. I thought to help him out with that,but since Nightwave release the Nitain Extractor cannot be obtained through alerts and i cannot help them. Since they need the exact number of Wolf Creds earned through weekly alerts,there is no other way to farm Nitain Extractors. More than one Nitain Extractor is required to build a single Warframe part,and weekly alerts require some time to refresh. The Nitain Extractor is too expensive,or the Wold Creds are too low,considering there are other items to be bought with 50 Wolf Creds you earn. I require some essential parts such as Nitain Extractor to be tradable,or the price of it to be lowered for more than 50% of the Orokin Catalyst or Reactors.
  13. Doubt they will return the old melee system anytime soon,as it is not corresponding to the new one. They can only improve now on this new mechanic and add couple of more fixes to it. I really want that blocking and channeling thing to be binded,as well as weapon and stance switching.
  14. I usually find a group in 1 minute. The best way of finding a relic squad is to focus on newly released relics that are out of the prime vault. Otherwise if you are focusing on particular relics that are out of the loop,then you are better of hosting a squad on your own.
  15. I agree. Forma is very easy and cheap to come by,but by completing some radiation sorties,or dressing up properly for a mission seems to be not worth a forma.
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