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  1. AreaneR.


    Imagine that PoV scroll line in your settings just adjusting to your needs,mmh..
  2. AreaneR.


    I already said you can be able to switch to whatever PoV u feel like it suits you.
  3. AreaneR.


    Thats a good one,we are all joking here and all is fine. If you don't like 1st person you can switch to regular one at any time. Thats my point.
  4. AreaneR.


    I still see no reason why not.
  5. AreaneR.


    I am well aware of it. Though i have never experienced it before. The UT 2004 had a side roll and wall jumps as well,i never got dazzed by it,yet it worked so smooth.
  6. AreaneR.


    Why so? WF is a perfect example. PPL who get motion sickness should visit a doctor..
  7. AreaneR.


    I have no doubt people already asked before for 1st person "years" ago,i see no reason for making it impossible.
  8. AreaneR.


    Hello, This is not FoV that limits the graphics usage,im talking about PoV that uses different angles. For example,the standard PoV in WF is 2,in missions like Archwing,Plains of Eidolon,Fortuna, etc. i would recommend 3rd PoV which reveals more of the terrain and allows for better maneuvering. Another useful one is 1st PoV which is basically like in CS GO,Borderlands 3, etc. (1st person). I believe this would be an awesome feature in both ways: Players get better experience + better optimization to system performance. I am really anxious to see some new performances in WF besides shiny particles,it has been in a place for quite some time now.
  9. Hello, When are you going to fix the bug when i alt tab to get the arrow of doom ? Also when i alt tab for a moment the sensitivity drastically changes in game. It has become even worse because now i can't even switch to steam browser without getting arrow of doom. It simply locks you in place with an arrow on your screen that you can't even exit the game with. Please fix this soon if possible because it has been in the game for very long and now its even worse. Ty!
  10. So has the schedule been moved to tomorrow or have i missed the stream? I got the syandana though,seems cool. Mixer also seems like a cool platform. It's owned by Microsoft. Can't go wrong there. Looking forward to more of this cool stuff.
  11. Also it's kinda long to wait for full week for the missions to restart. Adding some medallions (like syndicates) to random missions would also be nice.
  12. Very nice ! But remember to implement some archwing missions as well for this to be fully sated. There are no alerts about it after all..
  13. Warframe Captura Duel: Nezha vs Flameblade For anyone wondering what are those floating pieces above the sword,it's the Pyra Sugatra. It just got a little glitchy in the process. Hope you enjoy!
  14. I don't know if i should say this here,but Frotuna is full of bugs. It has aslo been noticed in standard gameplay,since some of the mechanics are implemented from Fortuna to standard gameplay. I hope you will fix these bugs first and improvise on the previous part before releasing part II. We are not in a rushing,Vor is still inspecting the first transport, for the Queens! Wish you all a good luck and a very joyful stream!
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