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  1. it seems that Alt + F4 is the only solution for fixing this.
  2. Just came back from my monthly holiday. It's good to know that DE still cares about their game...
  3. Fixed now. Everything is displayed back again 👍
  4. Hello, As of the new UI looks,the collected sabotage cache rewards are not showing at the end of a mission. There used to be "Identified" labeled at the each item discovered in caches in the previous UI. But with the new UI update you have to basically guess what item was in the cache,as it is not labeled. Sometimes ppl are asking in the game if it's worth for us to look for the caches,at which point i agree to look for them but am uncertain what items have dropped from the caches and if it's worth for them to farm them.
  5. In the preview only, yes.. But if you equip it it gets deformed. This bug has been on since decades. Anyone at DE that can fix this ?
  6. Hello, Every other Nikana seems to work fine with Shoulder Holstering,except for Sepfahn Nikana. It doesn't matter how i adjust it,it is always mounted on the Waist with deformed physics. Looking towards a fix soon !
  7. it's just a major scam in my eye. Like,everyone would buy blueprint and farm the resources for it,but at least try to measure platinum values in rushing builds and buying the desired item for platinum instead. Platinum price and real life money loose all their schemed value at this point.
  8. The people who spend platinum on Bronco cannot build Akbronco because they lack 1 Bronco,so in their mind it would be less platinum consuming to buy another Bronco for 190 platinum and build Akbronco which costs 225 platinum. I am just trying to decrease the platinum value on Akbronco since this seems unrealistic.
  9. Imagine spending 380 platinum for 2 Broncos to build Akbronco which costs 225 platinum just to realise there is Akbronco Prime for 13 platinum on market. Wtf ?
  10. Hello, The thing that got into my eye is quite simple: Single Bronco is sold for 190 platinum,but a full set of Akbronco (which requires 2 Bronco's) costs 225 platinum ? If one Bronco is 190 platinum,shouldn't the full set cost 280 platinum or so instead ? I mean,who in their rightful mind would spend 190 platinum for a single Bronco when they can buy Akbronco for 225 platinum which is way more powerful ?
  11. Has anyone received the Trivia poster or Statue/Weapon skin yet ? It's been a week now. I hope DE sorts this before Xmas.
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