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  1. magnussolidus

    Update 15.11

    Can we have more space for decorations on Liset? I'm out of space for more Noogles! =[ I have one of each, except the lancers wich I have 5 of then but I can't equip then all. The max cap actually is 20 Noogles and I have 21 to put. Such a shame. ;-;
  2. magnussolidus

    Blade And Gun Challenge: Aerial Ambush

    Ambush: Loadout: Limbo, Opticor, Kunai, Tipedo.
  3. magnussolidus

    Trinity: Energy Vampire

    It's a nice change, would make Trinity useful against whatever the level enemies are. EDIT: I mean in a damage dealer way.
  4. magnussolidus

    Coming Soon: Devstream #41 + Aftershow!

    Question: When the "Hold jump to wallrun" option will work? This is an old issue that begins when the hold jump to wallrun was introduced to the game (we are talking about 3 big updates or more here and hundreds of hotfixes...), since that day doesn't matter what you choose it's always set as "On". Would be great if the player option be respected cause if it don't it's pointless to have an option for that.
  5. magnussolidus

    4/15/2014 Connectivity Issues

    It would be beautifull! \o/ But I think we can do something to help after DE fix this. (send this motherf#&@%r into the sun! Ò_Ó) ----------------- EDIT ------------------ @Bibliotnekar Yup, I didn't try to login today yet, I checked the forum first, but I'm only one guy. We need all Tenno to cooperate but that's hard to achieve... the MMOBOMB contest showed us that we have only 1% active players that really help and try to make the game better.
  6. magnussolidus

    4/15/2014 Connectivity Issues

    Can we do something to help?
  7. magnussolidus

    Hotfix 13.0.4

    Nice! =D
  8. magnussolidus

    Hotfix 13.0.3

    Thanks for the fix! =)
  9. magnussolidus

    Update 13: Dark Sectors

    Finally! Thanks!
  10. magnussolidus

    New Contest: A Voice In The Void

    Heres my entry: IGN: magnussolidus (PC)
  11. magnussolidus

    Gift From The Lotus!

    Thank you Devs for bring this amazing idea to reality and do an awesome job making it only being better then before!
  12. magnussolidus

    Warframe Prime Time #24: Tonight At 7Pm Est!

    Can't wait to see the ODS! =D I'm a solo player 98% of time and I can answer you that, until now, the alerts are pretty easy to me. I just have to choose the right frame, if I don't do so it will be kind of difficult but still not even hard.
  13. magnussolidus

    New: Honoring The System Screenshot Contest!

    "It's time to rebirth..." IGN: magnussolidus Weapon: Reaper Prime Warframe: Frost Prime
  14. magnussolidus

    Update 12.6.0: Dex Furis (Limited Time Gift!)

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! =)
  15. magnussolidus

    Update 12.5.0: Helios

    Nice update! But I don't see the blueprint for the new sentinel. It's plat only this time? Or maybe he is in the dojo... (let me check dojo now!) EDITED: Yeah, he is in the dojo! \o/