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  1. Another hotfix another day with Kuva Ogris still being worse than Ogris.
  2. Kuva Ogris is still way weaker than regular Ogris DE pls my baby
  3. Maybe this isn't the exact place since it's titled melee 2.0 and not The Old Blood as a whole but the Kuva Ogris is HORRIBLE. Just comparing the stats should show why. It does almost no damage, even with the bonus elemental damage gained from the Kuva Lich. Ironically, the description says that it does more damage than the Ogris, while at base pre-elemental boost doing barely over half of the original's damage, and the elemental boost doing very little to catch it up. Buffing the status also did not change much since it already had 30%, though it did increase flexibility, even if the damage was on par with the original Ogris. On testing the weapon as well, the semi-automatic trigger and slightly reduced reload time does not make it fire faster since the clip was almost cut in half.
  4. Excalibur's main build, being a life-strike, rage, and quick thinking focused set up, has become incredibly frustrating to use. It was already somewhat annoying when channeling was middle mouse button, but now that heavy attacks are so much slower he has a lot of issues utilizing life-strike to heal. Sometimes in harder content you just outright die before you finish the heavy attack. The heavy attack does not seem to extend it's range with waves of energy either, meaning it has incredibly short range on the heavy attack. Considering Excalibur builds don't use primed reach this is also exasperated further. If Exalted Blade's heavy was just made faster, even at the cost of a lot of damage, this would probably be less of an issue.
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