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  1. the bodies dont seem to be connected to the fragments at all as ive found a few of each nowhere near eachother. as for them not showing up on radar, i noticed this too but that does force you to go looking for them a bit more than what youd be used to.
  2. Clockwork Tenno Shadow PC Founding warlord Heres a small taste, theres more to it and some that will be finished crafting by time this post is even seen lol You can see more here, but that's still not everything https://imgur.com/a/WTgX4i0
  3. It's been fun being a guide. I know I speak for many of us that we will continue to help those in need to the best of our ability ❤️ It's sad to see the program go but I have high hopes for the new system and it will be great to see the many others who step up to help get the recognition they so dearly deserve. I'll see you guys in game 🙂
  4. Aged Orokin mask, inspired by the broken pottery around Cetus and the Spirit Sail armor
  5. Clan; Clockwork Tenno Tier; Storm Platform; PC My role; Founding warlord. https://imgur.com/gallery/tY0Eequ
  6. Could you do more Poets of the Fall? Daze, Temple of Thought or War perhaps ^_^
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