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  1. As you said;"subject to change" hmph Since the "I'm a founder" line doesnt seem to hold any weight anymore. How about this one. I've sunk enough money into this game over the last seven years to cover a nice condo and with more hours than that needed for a bachelors degree but here I am still reading that you have again broken your word to give us something worth while. It's on here a few times "you hyped us up to let us down" and truer words were never spoken so loudly just to fall on deaf ears. You show off this amazing system with reasons to keep playing and something to look forward to
  2. build version 2020. I've run into an issue where the look link option is ignoring secondary emmisive colors on mesh-altering skins. Repeatable and constant. This is the preview from Look Link This is the applied colors. Removing the secondary emmisive makes the arsenal view match the chat link. Thanks Momaw for helping narrow down the issue to the deluxe skins.
  3. Count me in - I've completed an Arbitration mission
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