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  1. Could be a number of things. Lost internet during a download. Back drive disk or just a bad install. I'm not a tech person to know fully, but I would do a fresh install followed with a file verify and download optimize.
  2. Everyone learns in their own ways. While some excel at understanding from reading summaries, others need it explained in voice or just in other words. Other just need to be shown and they click instantly. Understanding that the game leaves this method open to interpretation is a big part of understanding how people approach it. If they dont know what they have access to, they dont know where to start. Suggestions of the wiki, video guides or even the discord should be encouraged for this very reason.
  3. Being a free to play model, the wait times are used to bring people back since no dev wants people to sit and play for endless numbers of hours. (im a horrible example of this). I get your menu analogy but if you look at how much content is in the game, the wiki is nearly required reading unless you like surprises and insist on finding your own way around things. Good on you if this is the case. There is nothing wrong with using 3rd party, player made info to navigate the twisted path that is playing warframe. There is nothing wrong with asking for help to reach resources you cant ge
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