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  1. Hi its been very long time since last i played kuva survival but i tried it now because of nightwave task , normally i can stay 45min-1hour but now i can only stay for 7-15 minutes because of there are not enough enemies to kill and drop life support modules before where ever you are the enemies comes from 2 or 3 directions towards kuva terminal, that means you keep move around and you will always see enemies to kill before they kill the terminal now the mobs comes from only 1 direction and i had to walk to that direction to follow where they coming from to get enough mobs to kill and get that life support module, sometimes i had to leave the terminal 200m behind to look for enemies to kill i tried khora twice and the nekros but same result. its not about my gear or my play style, it's just i always ran out of life support and i had to leave the mission i was solo by the way ,
  2. same here (PC) the launcher is stuck on checking for update and i had to close and reopen many times to get to the login screen, but still i cant login because of "wrong info"
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