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  1. i actually like the new corrosive both from gameplay to lore or real aplication, especialy since back when you overstriped an enemy they didnt Lost their armor did they? no they were still using it so theres still suposed to be some damage reduction even if little. the change to magnetic seems eh, and your propousal is not too diferent the one thing i will agree with you is on viral, i like the old system, i like to see my enemies get sick and weak. and having a status effect that opens enemys to finishers seems really good gameplay wise. They dont need to be stunned or knell like you said (i think thats just way to much of a buff), just make them open for a parazon attack easier with each viral proc
  2. so does it work like a energy pizza like it used to or you guys added a duration and it now works like the zenruik bubble where it gives energy over time?
  3. this devstream today was a massive failure, i think most of its problems was cause rebb wanted to do a medium level mission with a rank 0 Railjack, and it just showcased the worst parts about railjack, the resource management part of railjack might be a cool gameplay feature in FTL type games but i dont think it fits warframe, or at least not on the way you guys implemented. best way to put it honestly. also another thing people are talking about is steve's response to the lich system, i dont care about the lich killing me, i mean you have 4 revives in a mission and you barely even get to use them, the problem is when you know all 3 requien mods you have to do waste a mission to see if they are in the correct order, and getting your lich to spawn is already a pain in the ass. once they are rank 5 you dont get kuva anymore from them so its just a waste of time spawning them multiple times.
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