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  1. is there any way to save songs in your shawzin like you can with the mandacord?
  2. We can all agree that the metalic texture change is pretty bad, when it comes down to in game tilesets like LUA or the void it does look better ill give you that Steve, but for warframes and weapon textures they dont look so hot, entire skins and armour pieces were basicaly ruined especially tennogen and prisma armour sets/weapons. I was never realy into Fashion frame but seeing my warframes appearance being butchered like that is quite disapointing and unmotivating...
  3. before: this is the only screenshot i have on my new pc that can display the metalics right (i wish i could compare how nova with the corpara skin looks) after: the metalics are sticking out it looks like plastic or something me too man i know the feeling, the Nova corpara skin that I love is prob the one who got the worst treatment.... the skin is almost 100% metalic and now it looks like S#&$
  4. Rendering Upgrades: As part of the new rendering tech we showcased during TennoLive, we’ve implemented a few upgrades that are ready for your viewing pleasure! Metallic surfaces, such as gold and steel (etc), are improved across the whole game to respond better to lights and reflections. This boasts the detail and depth that were always there but hard to see. If you notice any areas or objects that are brighter than expected please let us know! ~official saint of altra: Update 25.7.0 patch notes I hope this is a bug, but if you read the full patch notes and see some of the screenshots used its seems like it is oficial and here to stay 😞
  5. On the tilestes and inside the ship the new tech looks amazing! But on warframe and some weapons it just feels wrong, it feels like the metal is sticking out more or that its made out of plastic... idk it was bound to be different but i dont like the way it looks (on warframes and weapons) now.
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