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  1. Removing the up to 6 limit. Cast cost should be the nerf. Mag has a lot more powerful semi-direct damage tools at her disposal. Nyx needs a lot less cons vs pros to be brought back up to speed. I like the direction theyre going, yet I'm not seeing the frames persona yet, let alone a feel for what playstyle Nyx is intended to be. Right now, shes good at not dying and beat around the bush cc.
  2. Nyx is actually pretty well rounded, can't wipe low level enemies, but her ability to turn a battlefield into chaotic friendly fire induced hysteria is pretty good. Mostly when applied anywhere other than the more grindy mass murdery type missions. My feedback as of now as far as figuring out Nyx and a good way to make Nyx more of a well rounded frame. Step one. Remove the limitation for armor stripping, as Mag does this but 1000x better. Step two. Change the one mind control limit to 4-6 allowing a more consistent amount of converted "help". Step three. Chaos if fine. Step four. Give absorb innate assimilate 15%/30%/45% movement. By doing this you'll need to change assimilate and make people angryeryer. Ahh, I can already hear the fanboys screams. Like a symphony. Back to the feedback. Maybe nerf assimilate it's self being 15/20/25% movement. Maybe add an additional change, giving assimilate a base 5k dmg towards absorbs startup. Giving a baseline to the reflection damage, and giving the opportunity to increase movement with assimilate, making it optional.
  3. yeah just like Ember. These nerfs are gr8 for lvl 100+ content 👍🏻
  4. I just noticed recently, with Excal Prime, there is a prime parts toggle, but this function changes absolutely nothing. I have multiple skins that I've tested this with. Why is it there? Are there planned aesthetic updates to for Excal prime?
  5. I meant with Nyx's absorb ability lol
  6. The closed beta I played, in comparison to now, definitely tells me that yes they could easily drop and change an entire ability. It's more about what the majority of the community wants, if all of us keep saying "rework nyx, I hate her 4, she still sucks". They'll do it. Rhino used to be an entire level murderer with stomp. Especially with the old mod setups, I've seen people running 4000% power range. It was way too op so they completely changed it into a CC ability, in addition to changing the way mods worked. It got completely new "code", animations and the amount of damage done was lowered, not to mention causing enemies to float. DE built this game in house from the ground up, it would take maybe 4 guys and about 2 weeks to get Nyx completely reworked. The older frames are the most important frames to keep up to date.
  7. Nyx augment no give full movement yet? Y? Y it no do good thing? :C Oh and I'm excited to see the load out screen when I get home, you guys are awesome with UI's.
  8. It would make for a great event Syandana imo.
  9. Excess focus would be a good form of currency that could go towards getting new amp parts/cosmetics.
  10. Not the floofs. The inner tube. Wasn't specific enough, my bad.
  11. I want one DE. I. want. one.
  12. Try doing other things, like finding all the floofs, moving them around to specific locations on the map. Entertain yourself with friends or not. As long as you're ahead of the grineer, it's just fun in the sun.
  13. My thoughts on Nyx as a whole, is that DE needs to go back to square one. She is supposed to be a map altering Psychic-Like Warframe. The changes I'm about to suggest are just what I personally believe would be a better, and still give a psychic-like feel to Nyx. Passive: This needs to be a consistent and notable difference. It could be allowing Nyx's focus to be able to draw out an additional (25%) more energy? Or maybe have a 5% chance to cause an enemy in melee range(5m) to be disarmed and float. Perhaps, having the mental focus Nyx is supposed to have, get a 50% damage bonus to melee channeling. I agree with what was stated before, 20% accuracy loss to enemies is more fitting on a more agility/stealth based frame. Mind Control: Should be combined with the current Chaos and create a converted army at your disposal. With a cap on how many enemies get converted within a specified range, increased by mods. Possibly 2/3/4/5. 5 at max level, 6 with augmented mod maybe. Psychic Bolts: Should be changed completely to an AOE that destroys moral. Causing enemies to have a debuff on accuracy and movement for about 20 seconds at max level (20% debuff). With a small chance (5%) they go insane and desert the fight all together. Chaos: Being combined with mind control, could be completely changed into true chaos, amplifying team damage and and a 25% chance causing random enemies to become an additional conversion at a reduced duration (10 seconds), on cast causes blind (3 seconds). (Complimenting Mind Control) Absorb: Dropping the current use completely, this ability could be reworked into a new ability that uses telepethy with all dead enemies weapons, causing them to float and be used at your disposal by your mind. Automatically firing at all enemies within a certain range for a certain duration at a certain damage percentage. Of course all of this would need to be tested and balanced accordingly by DE. This would be a really great way to make Nyx way more fluid and currently viable Warframe, and give her abilities a not so comparable uniqueness. Personal thoughts: Nyx may or may not get a better rework in the future, but I'm pretty sure its not going to be for a while, and I really doubt it's going to touch on everything that we would prefer to see. I definitely agree with anybody asking/stating that Nyx does need to be brought up to speed with the game. She's one of a good few that have fallen behind a bit.
  14. Only reason I don't use Vauban often is because he looks like those fish dudes on Manaan in SW: KOTOR.
  15. I love her 1, 2 and 3 now. I'm just really disappointed they barely touched absorb. Her passive is also decent, but it would be better if it was something "mind" related. Like -"With Nyx's excellent mental focus channelling has an additional 50% damage increase" the 4th needs to be something that can bring her up to speed with every other Warframe. Played a couple fissures last night with a Vauban and felt completely useless. Literally just played around with the mind control every 35 sec or so to see what % I could get them to and that's it. Used absorb on last wave, everything got nuked before I was at 3k dmg build up. A horizontal-only shield that collects damage and multiplies it to a higher extent and allows 100% movement wouldn't even brake her. With that one change to the 4 she would still be maybe a B- Warframe, solely due to the fact you still have to build damage. But with full movement, you would at least be able to put the damage where you want it, instead of having to wait for enemies to find you again, without getting wiped prior to.
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