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  1. There's precedent for caches in low-level areas to have fairly good rewards, though: Earth Sabotage has Bite (Bite's price crashed but it used to sell for like 90 p) and a host of uncommon Kubrow mods with okay sell prices, and Stribog has Bullet Dance.
  2. I have noticed that Carpo, the Extermination mission on Jupiter, has resource caches. I might be in a minority here, but I like caches as a concept. They make you familiarize yourself with and appreciate the tileset, especially since the fixed cache locations help you distinguish between main rooms and adjacent hallways and dead ends. You all clearly worked hard on the gas city tileset to make it a big parkour heaven, but I'm still zipping through the tileset to get the mission objective done ASAP. Caches are therefore a good way to showcase the good work you've done, for more utilitarian play
  3. This is normal. Yesterday, the free roam sortie was really buggy, so they replaced it with an E Prime mobile defense so that people could complete the sortie. It seems that they are doing this again today, given that many of the free roam sortie bugs are still here.
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