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  1. "Dream. Not of where you are, but of where you want to be." Just A Dream is a humble Ghost clan on PC. Following the clan name and its rather unique ties to the lore, I found it important to have the dojo reflect this idea. I tried to create various dream-like, relaxing and atmospheric environments while not being too exaggerated. Realistic natural scapes with few twisting elements to separate them from reality. Whether it be the sound of flowing water, the rustling of delicate leaves or the crumbling of ice over tender snow, I'm sure there is something to send you to the next journey in your dreams. - TricksyRedMirage, Architect of Just A Dream - Showcase video on youtube below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsWkred4zjE&t= Clan name: Just A Dream Clan tier : Ghost Clan platform: PC My clan rank: Architect
  2. Maybe it's a mirror, or maybe you're seeing double. Whatever it is, it sure looks silly.
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