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  1. Not sure if anyone has suggested it yet, but can we get the red Disruption key/node changed to a different, non-red color? Red is the color of our enemies 🙂 I vote for purple! Also, one more shawzin string would be cool..
  2. Name: Inaros Age: 3,304 Occupation/trade: retired Tomb Protector and God of the Sands Height: 7'10' Eye Color: not applicable Hair Color: not applicable Weight: 67lbs/30kg Well-Enbalmed William Seeking Sand-Loving Sally Turn-ons: long naps under the beach, long socks, ice cream, sand art Turn-offs: ladies who dislike sand in places it does not belong, mummy puns, fire About Me (the 100 words or less part): My friends have said my best qualities are that I qualify as an antique and am infested with small bugs. If you're the right person for me, you'll be noble and articulate, won't be afraid to change my bandages and will have a healthy respect for tombs. My ideal date is relaxing in a padded coffin in the unforgiving deserts of the Sphinx Nebula (Sector A-6) with a combat-ready person by my side. While we're there, I may evaluate your human tissue, checking that you're up to my understandably high standards. Attached are several hieroglyphs describing my attributes.
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