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  1. Just as I'll never understand people like you. When it comes to balance discussions, it seems like it is always either black or white for you guys, with no shades of grey at all. "DE is about to nerf/revise this item in the attempt to bring it in line with other ite-" END OF THE WORLD, WINTER IS COMING, doom and gloom etc. I don't complain about having power, I complain about having too much power, to the point that this game is universally known as an AFK farm simulator and the gameplay is comparable to ones like cookie clicker's. And I don't understand the "it's an horde shooter" that gets brought up in every discussion like this: where it is implied that an horde shooter must have a non existant gameplay and must be all about efficient farming? Left for Dead is a horde shooter, but the moment you get back from a 5min AFK because you had to watch a video on youtube, you'll find that you and the whole team have died. On the CC part: I don't know why you bring up CC meta as if I implied that the game back then was balanced (or as if I implied it was better at all), but I can tell you that at least every frame in the team could have a role: if i brought a Trinity it was to support, a Mirage to deal damage and a Zephyr to do nothing. If you're ok with having end-all-be-all factotum dps frames/items that nullify entire game design features, then I don't know what to say. I guess that dealing a 8 digit damage number to a 3500EHP mob it's more important than having an actual gameplay.
  2. Then AoE abilities and weapon would be the absolute go to, exacerbating the already big gap between pin point accurate weapons vs AoE ones. And even worse, would encourage the use of AoE frames even more, and that also is already a problem that we have currently. Or, trying to flank a character that can literally jump everywhere is not exactly the best option, imho. And what about tanky frames? Even in the case an enemy managed to flank a frame, what would happen? An Inaros would shrug and shoot his Plasmor. Again, there is too much power that goes in too many direction at the player disposal in this game. EDIT: I forgot to mention the asinine enemy spawn points, that makes them able to spawn on top of your warframe: that's already a form of flanking, the main reason why taking cover behind level objects is basically useless... In this game there's always, or almost, an enemy behind you.
  3. In a thread complaining about the lessened gameplay, reading of someone that doesn't want to press a button made me genuinely crack up.
  4. That's the whole point I'm trying to make and the reason why I often bring up the development argument in "powercreep threads": you don't. You can't. Think about the Ropalolyst: we got the Super Mario "bash the enemy head 3 times" boss design because you can't possibly create anything challenging at the current state of the game. Starchart progression only lasts more than 20 hours because you are timegated behind the crafting requirements. After those, you can get easily carried by pugs. Or you could bring your very basically modded melee and chew through level, since the melee 2.9999 update made them completely broken for starchart missions. Funny that you mention Railjack because it's the content that took almost 2 years to develop and got completely trivialized the day after release by the presence of Amesha (and Cyngas)... another sign of how you end up tying your own hands as a developer if you let go powercreep (or let's just say "unbalances") unchecked for the whole lifetime of the game. Kuva leeches add nothing to progression, they are not needed to progress in anything. Fun it's not a good measure cause it's relative... I had lots of fun in TES IV: Oblivion by making "only fists runs" but this doesn't mean the game had no problems.
  5. Ok, but let's not mistake the inability (or just plain lazyness) in balancing as an intented quality of the game. You do need challenge: to make player progression and the development of the game itself meaningful. I have way more than 1k hours in the game and I didn't even bother in farming the most common arcanes (so much that many of my frames are hanging around without a single one) because it's pointless since I can clear everything even without them just fine. On the other hand, what's the point of developing content if most of the playerbase can trivialize it in matter of hours after the release. Smiting mortals might be fun for at max the 3rd time you repeat the same mission, after that you realize that you're left with absymal drop chances and countless hours of farming unneeded equipment ahead.
  6. Imo the problem lies in the community that wants this game to be the generic arpg à la Path of Exile, where you zoom around while passively releasing countless AoEs... I mean, I'd be all for your idea, I've been a fan of the MH series for 15 years and a fan of action games since forever, but with such unchecked OPness given to players, the need for bullet sponges and enemy invulnerabilty are necessary. With the typical firepower of a frame the powerful, telegraphed attack you talk about wouldn't even occur in the first place because the enemy would be dead immediately. Think about the eidolons... Without shield mechanics a Volt could bi-shot it in matter of seconds. Sadly, that's what this coomunity wants, big damage numbers and loot, no time for gameplay.
  7. I don't know if I hallucinated everything but I remember that initially it was some sort of flat wave-effect affecting the ground (which is still there, under the grass) but it was kinda difficult to spot so they added grass, also to match his affinity with nature. Frac, now I'm curious, was it real or am I creating memories? Btw, I guess that before a visual rework he needs an audio rework, as ALL of his abilities have the SAME sound effect.
  8. I don't honestly understand why a simple tweak should revolve around what's meta and what's not. If DE had to develop content based on what's meta and what's not, 3/4 of this game (quite frankly, much more than that) wouldn't have reason to exist. If they did, every warframe by this point would be a damage dealer because Mesa and Saryn exist. the changes I propose are because the mechanics they implemented on Baruuk are clunky and not too usable, while there's Gara that does it in a much smoother fashion in a much broader usefulness. Seriously, if I play this game is because I don't give a cent about meta.
  9. I wanted to open a thread for this but since there's already one I'll add up: change how his third ability works when you have allies around, meaning that daggers are not automatically shared with squadmates, and implement the following: tap the skill button to cast the ability, as it normally does; hold to share it in a 6m radius (iirc, it's the base value at lv30, affected by mods) half of the max charges with the closest ally. If more than one ally is in the range, pick one randomly; do not retarget an ally that is already affected by the skill (if there are more than 1 allies in range, of course). The visual effect could be half of the daggers swirling fast around Baruuk, in a larger orbit than the usual ones. This because I find bothersome to not have control over your charge number should you find yourself in a squad (90% of the time basically) since everyone in this game is slinging themselves from one part to another. More importantly, Baruuk has almost nothing to offer to his squad except his presence obviously and his very slowly-shared amount of daggers: in order to provide protection to a teammate you have to stick to them for at least 9 seconds, which is not that fun... Whereas you have Gara, that can literally go "you get a 90% DR, you get a 90% DR, everybody gets a 90%DR!!!" even on npcs and mission targets, with no need of any augment.
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