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  1. Oh blast procs. Remember when it use to knockdown enemies and players complained that they couldn't aim weak spots? Now that the game has (d)evolved into covering the whole level in your hitboxes, their previous effect wouldn't be as bad as we thought it was.
  2. People reads "reintroduce stamina" and immediately think how the game was at launch and not how the game would be if it evolved together with the stamina system after 8 years.
  3. I've had someone working in a call center while playing: his line was reserved to employees only though, and 9/10 of the people calling him where normal customers, so I had to hear him repeat the same line "this line is for employees only" over and over lol
  4. He's become my most used frame, and tbh, I was of the same idea of him being quite outdated. To some extent he is, but the fact that he is not (over)complicated like some of the recent frames doesn't imply he's bad. Of one thing I'm sure though, his 1 and 3 need to be merged, and he needs a new skill in the new slot. He's a frame that has received a lot of indirect tweaks: Rolling Guard, shield gating and the enemy response delay of 1 second when invisibility turns off makes the need of having invisibility recastable virtually useless. His invisibility isn't shockingly low, consideri
  5. I know the struggle you've been in, these past week were just a powering through the mastery fodder I had left to reach mr30. I just hit the mastery 30 requirement 30 minutes ago and immediately went in for the test. I didn't want to cheese it with Mesa or Saryn so I went with my favorite loadout: Loki, Fang Prime, Pox and Dethcube with Helstrum. I practiced it a lot as soon as I hit mr29 so I knew what to do... But I still had a meltdown and f'd up some things, so I ended up completing it with only 5 in the life support lol I feel I can finally take a break from the game and co
  6. Wait, I know about forced procs on Twirling Spire. What I wasn't understanding is why Yamazuki was saying there are difference between combos performed when you have a gun in your hand and those performed while you are in melee only mode (where you get manual block, to be clear). Then you chimed in denoting yet another difference that genuinely made me think some weapons perform differently (both visually and technically) depending on full melee mode or not. In Twirling Spire case, there no difference between the two modes: for example, if I hold my Tetra and tap melee in idle, I get the
  7. Does it work only on non-prime Guandao? Does that combo use different animations or is it just forced slash procs? And most importantly, if it does, does it look cool? I'm trying on Guandao P but there's no difference.
  8. Can you provide a practical example of the quoted part? Sorry but, by reading it without a proper context, it feels like you are playing with a version of the game that is stuck at melee 2.0.
  9. Or maybe the game's problem are people that ask either directly or indirectly for more power creep in a game where you already clear content with a button press and has become a second-job farming simulator, rather than a videogame where you are actually supposed to press buttons.
  10. About time honestly. I'm glad they're touching up speed in particularly, I love to see animations in a game and see how the frame has a seizure everytime I melee makes me a little sad tbh. @DudeeDew I did.
  11. Not directly, afaik. Except shield gating, that got added. Also, some warframe defensive buff do work on them (Baruuk daggers come to mind) while others don't (probably Chroma, or at least rate of fire given from poison ward doesn't apply on them so I guess it is also true for other elements, unless I got it wrong). AoE is the bane of them. Juno units are an immediate death sentence. Don't equip sentinels in new corpus ships.
  12. Info on the new Warfran and 2h Nikana stances? Info on the Mitosid mod set?
  13. A little bit of punctuation wouldn't hurt.
  14. While she doesn't fit that esthetic criteria, there's Valkyr already filling that role. Lance melee would be cool AF, though.
  15. Any info on the new stances for Warfans and 2H Nikanas? I remember the warfan one was ready when when Deimos Arcana was about to release... Or did I dream of it? lol Sorry if it's been asked already, I didn't read all of the posts in here.
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