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  1. I'm not breathing correctly reading all of this craziness, but oh lord if I'm hyped. Can't believe this is coming so soon. Umph, breathe... I'm sorry if I offend someone in here but I don't give a F anymore so I'll say it: DE, nerf whatever you feel like needs to be nerfed without hesitation and deliver this holy piece of digital content to our lives.
  2. The only thing that bothers me are his opened up rear-thighs. They clearly clash on each other if he happens to keep his legs straight, how can he go that fast without destroying himself? Btw, that's really a minor thing, I even like his default helmet while everyone else seem to like his alt one better, for some reason.
  3. Cross play between X1 and PS4? Sure. Between console and pc? Nope. Don't want any bad Plat issues... Teeheehee Cross saves would be dope though. It might convince me to buy Switch.
  4. Four pages and only one post regarding melee 3.0. ... really guys? Anyway, yeah, any information about melee 2.9997 second phase? I don't want to know about manual block, or about the fate of channeling or whatever else... just melee 2.9997 second phase with its revisiting of Stances.
  5. How many of you guys have tried Wukong's Iron Staff since the rework? Jus curious.
  6. Vanilla Hydroid hands down. I have no idea about what I'm looking at when I see him. Is that an armor? Is that his belly? Where do his legs start? Is it inspired by a submarine?
  7. You're asking for melee 2.99997 second phase. Different attacks have different ranges... Es. Sparring weapons kicks have more range than punches, Wukong Iron Staff's Forward + Aim combo, etc... How would the actually handle something like this?
  8. Can we stop talking about Rhino in this thread and acknoledge the fact that we still know nothing about melee 2,99997 phase 2? Yes, I'm suffering.
  9. Any news on Melee 2.99997 phase 2? I know the complete melee update (3.0) is still far, but the second phase should be close right? I can't wait to see all the Stances reworked.
  10. Welcome to Warframe, where people shakes in panic at the mention of the word 'nerf'. Where overpowered things are actually welcomed by the community because they help with the grind... Instead of asking for balance among the characters AND some tweaks to the drop chances, people here just strives to have such an imbalanced status quo, making the game a boring chore rather than engaging and fun. Enjoy your first sessions in this game (imo they are the best) , and at the first sign of boredom play another game without thinking twice.
  11. Is Rhino and Nyx prime access not on PSstore yet? I can only see Nova and Mag...
  12. Increased drop chances, but... How much increased? I have no idea how to look at that linked page, the only chances I saw were the ones that were already here before the alert...
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