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  1. iirc, having Microsoft started one generation later than Sony, they discarded that idea with the creation of 360. They were afraid that people that didn't know much about videogames would make the assumption "this is a PS 3, it's gotta be better than that Xbox 2". I mean, I don't blame them for that but jeez, those names could surely be a little bit different for clarity sake.
  2. The fact that the mech hard lands doesn't imply that you can't use ads button to counter it; the fact that mech have less fluid control doesn't mean you can't glide with the ads button. What I was trying to say with my post is we shouldn't be acting like DE came with a solution that no one ever heard of or conceived, when it's literally in the game and we probably used it 5 seconds before calling down the mech. 5 years, 4 months and change is still a lot of time for the community to spot a "bad control" issue and for the devs to take action and fixing it.
  3. While I do agree that having more choices in controls schemes is always better, I do not understand how something that worked for 7 years and no one was opposed to, is now a problem. I read about aiming mods, but that's related to another issue (possibly an oversight), not to the control scheme.
  4. So much no. We probably won't even get Deimos Arcana this year.
  5. How long have you been away from the game? Because there's been an update that lets you increase the FoV, you might want to try it. It won't resolve all the problem you're having but at least your frame won't cover 30% of the screen.
  6. Pretty much what I will always say in every thread about Wise Razor: the damn flippety flip at the start of the normal combo. Please, give Wise Razor a Tactical Combo and slap that move there. Please. Please. Please? It was so good when melee 2,9997 dropped and that damn move was at the end of the combo. Don't get me wrong, animation wise it looks amazing, it just doesn't sit right at the beginning of a combo. Please?
  7. It doesn't necessarily have to be "each warframe their own", DE could design some animation and make them available for every warframe. A good start would be to make all the custom dodge animations we have (Xaku, Hyldrin, Limbo, Protea) available to all frames. Also, "for very little actual gain"? Slap a plat tag on those and let's see if the gain is "very little".
  8. I like looking at character animations. It the reason why I don't play melee at prohibitive speeds. And why I stopped playing Destiny 2. I mean, if it doesn't affect normal development of the game ok, go for it. I'll stick to third person.
  9. Where do the "hold down" combos come from? There is a maximum of 4 types of inputs to perform combos, non of them needs us to hold down.
  10. Mesa - What do my 1, 2 and 3 do again? Saryn -Transfer all the data regarding me in a USB stick with no back-ups and throw it in a volcano.
  11. Pretty much everything in the title. Tried a quick search on the web but it's either never specified if the person is on pc or console or it's always from a pc user. Would be helpful to have someone who's had experiences directly comment on the matter.
  12. Something like 2 years ago tennocon, a fan asked this directly to the person in charge of such work but he didn't quite understand the question and answered with something that missed the point... Then Reb redirected him to the actual point, to which it was responded with something along the lines of "we'll try". That's what I remember at least.
  13. I bet the meta it's gonna be viral because of the usual backlash that this community does at every single nerf announced.
  14. The circular thing that hilights the relay is Nezha Prime's chakram.
  15. Spectrorage on Loki, replacing Switch Teleport. It's nowhere near being meta or something, but it sparkled my interest in playing Loki so much that I think I'm gonna main him. It feels like that skill was made for Loki and not Gara, fits thematically too. Usually those mirrors are too weak to sustain damage at high levels and that's what you should be using Radial Disarm for. And when you cast your fragile Decoy inside Spectrorage, the entire room diverts its attention to the decoy and runs at it (if disarmed) , only to get charmed by the mirror (the mirror aggro overrides the d
  16. Part of his appearance has already been leaked, imho chances are he will be revealed in the next devstream.
  17. Eh, granted that I don't use a frame if I can't fashion them, I forgot who I started with. It was probably Oberon, but rather than "all out" I just put some attachments on him and a fancy syandana, since I couldn't afford to spend too much plat as a new player. What I can tell you for sure though is the warframe that made me spend the highest amount of plat in one time: Garuda. To fashion her I spent 835p (I just needed one of those chest pieces) + 165 for the tennogen infested skin + 225 for her deluxe bundle, cause I just didn't want to wait for a purchase discount ticket.
  18. gr8 b8 m8. I won't bite though. I'm sorry, I genuinely don't understand if you agree or disagree.
  19. Uhm... What? I talk about hairstyles, you talk about species. That analogy doesn't hold up. Nezha is also often depicted with just two buns and no dangly ribbons, or with a single bun, or a decoration on the top of his head or even nothing at all. I'm not saying those long ribbons of his don't relate to him, I'm saying they could have gone for a different reinterpretation of his hairstyle. Especially since the normal helm already has those ribbons, that prime is "just" a more detailed version of his base one. Just in case you'd argued that all primes helms are just mo
  20. Tbh, I was hoping they would stray off from the Hatsune Miku/Sailor Moon tails...
  21. Reason #1 would be if you want to enjoy ACTUAL melee. #2, to enjoy something that's just not as busted as this bloody thing is.
  22. The most robotic Nidus would be the Technocyst tennogen skin.
  23. I didn't like M4D pre nerf and I wouldn't have liked old bladestorm back then. Problem is, all these ranting have "fun" as a staple argument, which is irrelevant because there are different conceptions of what's fun, you CAN'T cater them all. De should stick to whatever formula allows them to have a healthier development of their game, and sorry to say but room clearing, millions of damage calculator breaking numbers type of fun doesn't allow that. EDIT: and no, before anyone says it, LoS was a pretty weak drawback.
  24. So in your opinion Bedouin skin sucks? Ok, I'm out.
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