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  1. Please consider removing the forced forward movement in the Forward Combo. It's not needed as the every attack of the combo is also completely free movement.
  2. There is a bug that makes Warframes shorter, somewhat operator sized. Which makes sense, considering there are all sorts of problems with transference and lag.
  3. Rictus' Wraith Multipliers need to look at least like this: 400% - 300% - 300% - 500% Speed wise, the first hit seems to be on par with the first hits in the same combo type of both hammer stances, and both of those have 400%. The 100% on the second attack seems to be screaming "do not commit to this combo!" Ghoul Rush Pretty weird how this one behaves, and by far (for me) the party pooper. The attack moves you forward if you don't give any other movement input, but at the same time it is completely free-movement should you actually give an input. And more often than not, that forced forward movement results in moving past the target, missing the attacks and forcing you in a frustrating repositioning. PLEASE remove the forced movement on no movement input and let the attack be completely free movement (like the first 2 attacks of Cutting Thrice in Wise Razor stance, for example). That way it would be easier to approach the enemy by buffering two attacks and then plan on the successive attacks to use (just an example). Split each attack in 3 hits with a 50% multiplier each. It would help the feeling of using and actual circular saw, and help the weapon with a more reliable of getting status procs, other than using the Heavy attack, which would consume the counter. I can understand the low values, damage wasn't meant to go with Forward Combos. I don't think the hitbox it's as narrow or short as people make it to be, hits things at the expected distance (with Primed Reach, obviously). I'd say the hitboxes are the same or wider than the ones in the first attack of Vulpine Mask's Forward Combo. Rip 'N Ride Up the multiplier to 300% or 400% on the hit during the riding phase. Also people: you can roll out of the final slam, if you don't want to commit to it. Reciprocator Probably give it some buff to the second attack, to reward players that commit to it. The first attack is actually cool as it is, as it's a multi hitting 360° attack on a weapon with no restrictions on follow through. Heavy attack I'm not sure about this but I think not all hits share the same hitbox length. I tried with Primed Reach on, but it's difficult to tell if some attacks are missing, given the multi-hit nature of the attack. Jump attack Only one attack? Mitosid mod set when? Also, please remove the forced forward movement on Hold Back + Jump Attack, for basically the same reason aforementioned, except it's even harder to land hit because you're moving tri-dimensionally.
  4. Aesthetically she does fit, I even like her. Her animations don't though, and it's not only a thing that you could ignore by choosing a different idle animation because her kawaii stuff is in her casting animations as well. That's how the warframe behaves in the middle of the battle.
  5. Wow, calm down. So much for talking about people complaining... I'm not gonna say "Warframe is grimdark" because art direction went to literal dump a while ago due to all those thing that were already borderline (also who told you I'm ignoring that stuff?) and sorry to say, but Yareli (or better, her animations) surely landed the final blow. What I wanted to say is that art direction is important to some people, and it's not trivial just because you don't care about it.
  6. Because to some people that something is not freaking small at all.
  7. Honestly, Kubrows and Predasites are the only companions capable of taking down Steel Path enemies in a reasonable amount of time, their slash procs are melee heavy attack worthy. That is when they decide to NOT use the damn "step back and pounce" attack, which misses 90% of the time. And they do that A LOT. Panzers are overvalued af, countless times I wished I had equipped a sentinel with Helstrum + Primed Firestorm. Awesome companions given the circumstances, but still, overvalued. Smeetas: you only love them whem they give you the right buff (drops).
  8. At least for me, it was a mess. While I'm not by any means a trade focuses person, I do know the basics of trading and I can get through it without too much pain. And I never had any problems with toxicity... That before Guandao Prime dropped. I have no idea why Guandao precisely, but I've had the only worst experiences while trying to trade to 4 sets I farmed. People trying to "gaslight" me into thinking that it's not a worth weapon to sell and that I should have just handled them over for 30pl; full blown salesman speeches about how it's so much worse than the Fragor Prime; people faking insane undercuts in order to lead trade-newbies to further undercut the price, buy from them and resell at higher prices; organised groups where people would fake to trade only to check if I actually had the set, interrupt the trading session and leave squad with no explanation only to be then contacted by their friends (checked in their PS friend list) to receive one of the usual scam-speeches (I found it funny that they had to first check who actually has the set and who doesn't, made me think the aforementioned point of undercutting the price was so prominent that scammers incurred into each other, lol); various insults and even a form of sexual harassment The point is that it wasn't a just a random case, for each set I sold I had to face 4 or 5 of these kind of interactions which, again, have never happened to me before.
  9. A new stance for 2h nikanas is being worked on since... Well since they announced the new stance for warfans, whenever the heck that was. Yep, DE does indeed let things slide away sometimes... I'm still waiting for the Mitosid mod set :( That said, I love Wise Razor (after they moved the flip move back to where it belonged). I actually think it's one of the most usable stances, but that's just me I guess. The only thing I hate about it is how f_ing broken op forced slash procs are on heavy attacks (don't @ me). Also I love that Revenant skin. I thought it looked cool in the concept art, just some doubts about the head, but the 3d model looks amazing. And the fact that the shawl is removable AND a syandana just makes me a happy person.
  10. I don't think so, I've been removing armor from Sisters just fine with my Oberon (2 casts, 50% armor strip each).
  11. Oh, I know I'll love it. I'm spasmodically waiting for the pc release. For the stunlocking, I still remember carpet bombing with the bowgun... at least you got to see some fireworks 😆
  12. Yes yes, don't get me wrong, I agree. I was comparing World to its past chapters, where there were less cheesy stuff. But even with all that cheesy stuff, World will always be on a whole another level compared to Warframe, in terms of challenge and engagement, the comparison is almost not fair. I mean, just about anything is more challenging and/or engaging than Warframe, sadly... Regarding pso2ng, I'll pick it up, sooner or later. I don't know if it's gonna hold, but I did play pso2 and had a lot of fun.
  13. WoW : FFXIV Phantasy Star : Warframe, imho. They definitely share similarities: customize your loadout, pick a procedurally generated level, get to the end, repeat; balanced gameplay between melee and guns, power fantasy (lore wise), etc. Although PSO2 fares better from a balance perspective. Curiosly you guys ended up talking about MH, which, back in the days it was considered a PSO clone, lol. I love MH, been playing it since Freedom 2 on psp and loved World as well... But its battle pacing broke it for me, somehow. The way the game constantly wants you to take certain actions it's annoying: now use trap, now use op mantles on cooldown and now (with Iceborne) mount the monster and make it crash, now tenderize its body parts... Like, can I attack the monster as I want, please? Can you stop dictating the flow trying to get me to exploit the fight by having a monster constantly under the effect of some stun? It was great when you HAD to learn monsters patterns, know which attack/combo to use to squeeze as much damage during whatever opportunity, the best way to dodge certain attacks, the timing, the positioning... Again, I loved World, but I think the combat favored too much cheesy approaches.
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