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  1. How did you get that pic? Where you there??
  2. So, me and my wife both play warframe pretty regularly, and last night I decided to get creative and do a little bit of a rp in our..... "after dinner activities". Things were getting kinda hot, like they do, and I told her that I was going to insert my "data mass" into her "console". That went over pretty well, got a cute giggle from it, so next I decided to tell her, "Im in Tenno, this may take a minute." .... She responded by saying, "Lucky me, thats a 59 second improvement." ..... My soul hurts... 😭
  3. OMG!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! That was so annoying! Please also do something about the heads popping on my screen to talk about random garbage that we ALL already know about. Example, Onko popping up to tell us how to use lures, Lotus telling us that the grineer are coming on a GRINEER tile... Really just the faces popping up is whats annoying, No need to take up half of our screens anymore, its not 2013.
  4. Warframe is on the decline, I hate to say it because I love this game, but as a wise man once said, "nothing lasts forever.". Unfortunately the devs have lost the magic they once had. Cosmetics are great, but if thats all a game has to offer, then it will fail, and thats where we are now. You know, when DE first made warframe everyone said it would fail. One company in particular said it would fail because it looked too good, and they wouldn't be able to keep updating it. It took about four years, but they did Indeed start slowing down with updates, now we are getting a single update a year compared to a couple years ago when there were three or more a year, and before that it was almost every two weeks there would be an update. I am guessing wf has another couple years in it, but unless they use that time wisely, the game will be dead by 2022 or 2023.
  5. Ahh no, but that might work. Let me get a knife ready for Ordis first. I should have done this a long time ago anyway.
  6. FYI-Ive restarted wf, closed browsers, reset modem, called isp, sent a letter to the wight house, made a deal with big Bubba from cell block C, and sold my soul... Still nothing...
  7. Watching WF partners is supposed to drop a color pallet, but im not getting the drop on twitch or mixer. Tried websites and apps, but still nothing... I am linked on both sites, checked and double checked. Any ideas?
  8. Same! Gonna be some sea salt for sure!!
  9. Can we get a useful drop for once please? Im tired of glyphs and displays.
  10. I so wish it was tradable... All I need is the bp. I would drop 200p easy just to put an end to that one grind.
  11. Ive been farming them for two years outside of raids... Still no brakk. GL
  12. When can we expect a full rework on the [PH]runningman's kit? Im hoping for more synergy between his 1 and 3, also his passive needs a buff please. Thanks!
  13. My friends just told me that Scott is removing Itzal... That is my favorite archwing... I thought they were going to make archwing better, what happened to that? If they remove the best one, how is that making it better? I love that game mode and always thought it was a shame that not many people liked playing those type missions. I was looking forward to railjack as it would give us all an excuse to do more archwing missions, but I guess Ill have to settle for the Odonata Prime... Its not a bad archwing, but it only sits at second best in my book. If they want to remove an archwing they should remove either the Amesha... It is by far the worst archwing in the game... I hate that one, take it instead.... Or even the Elytron... Its not as bad as Amesha, but still... Man, this blows... Who said anything bad about Itzal, and why would they remove it? So what if its fast... Volt is fast and he's still in the game...
  14. Why does Space Mom keep abandoning us?
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